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Analytics Stakeholders taking Action after Jeff Sauer’s Talk

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Jeff Sauer’s creating very useful analytics content and resources that can benefit our industry involves his in depth knowledge on content creation. Timing also is essential based on Google Analytics data that can be the kick off in any business that can take this matter by heart.

These are all gifts created by Google Analytics / PPC guru & dear friend Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics, one of the most authoritative and actionable measure blogs in the space.
He also routinely delivers his extensive expertise to worldwide audiences and is a sought-after speaker on the analytics conference circuit. And in this episode, he brings his pragmatic philosophy on creating stakeholders that truly believe in your work and careers that fulfill your aspirations. Check it out here:

Lea Pica added: Kill your bullet points! Use more imagery to maintain your audience’s attention. Ensure that your data serves a clear purpose and doesn’t only confuse them. And make it super actionable!


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