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Federalism Shift Won’t Benefit Robredo or Bongbong Marcos as VP but Koko Pimentel


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Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo’s legal adviser, lawyer Barry Gutierrez,  criticizes the alleged plan to abolish the Office of the Vice President under the PDP-Laban-backed Charter change proposal. On the other hand, although there was a rumor that Bongbong Marcos is likely the Prime Minister and he thinks it’s a good system, he already said earlier that the country may not be ready yet to shift to a federal and parliamentary form of government.

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Senate President is Next in Line

The line of succession under Section 7, Article VII of PDP-Laban’s proposal does not include a vice president at all, the leftist leader pointed out. It says; “In case of death, permanent disability, removal from office or resignation of the President, the President of the Senate, or in case of his inability, the speaker of the Federal Assembly shall then act as President until the President shall have been elected and qualified.

Senator Koko Pimentel’s Say

Senate President Koko Pimentel, who is also PDP-Laban’s president, said that in the political party’s book “The Quest for the Federal Republic” a vice president is not necessary for their government form shift proposal.

OVP Take

Bongbong Marcos who challenges Robredo’s VP race victory said that he has to see a definitive government template yet.  The shift to a parliament must be efficient and acceptable to the people. Meanwhile, Atty Gutierrez of Robredo’s Camp stresses that the OVP has been in Philippine government system for 80 years. The only time that there was no vice president was during the late Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Root of Reaction

The OVP reactions happen after former Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares announces that the proposed Charter change of PDP-Laban may abolish the position of the VP. It is also not certain how Bongbong Marcos can be Prime Minister when he is not in the government right now. If ever he wins the electoral protest against Robredo, he will be in the same boat as Robredo. President Du30 urges Congress to put up a federal form of government. Particularly with a prime minister and a president. Prime ministers who are not Members of Parliament or Cabinet upon their appointment need to seek election to the commons as soon as possible.

Honest Answer of Bongbong Marcos on Robredo’s Achievement becomes a Joke

PH may not be ready for federalism — Bongbong Marcos

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Marcos Wealth is the Greatest Test for Senators and Congressmen’s Political Agenda


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Elena Grace Flores

Senators and Congressmen crumble over the news that the Marcoses are willing to turn over the wealth for humanity in gold bar certificates. Some are obviously playing dumb. Asking why only now? Little do they know that because of internet technology, people can already have access to digital evidence online. Hearings on the matter in the Senate were already conducted in the past. The public also knows that the late Ferdinand Marcos was rejected by the deceased former President Cory Aquino on his bid to explain about the wealth for humanity. It was more beneficial for her to spread lies – that Marcos was a thief.

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[VIDEO]: Lawmakers are urging the government to clarify issues about the Marcos family’s wealth before agreeing to any deal with them.

Yellow Regime Unsuccessful in Moving the Gold

Congressman Lito Atienza divulges in a press conference that during the time of the Aquino’s they tried to move the gold but they cannot. The late President Marcos made sure that the treasures will be used for the welfare of the people – even after his death.

Legal Proceedings for Wealth Movement

The deposits are under the World Bank-IMF agreement. Central Bank certification also points to the Marcos Foundation. Consent must be given by the Marcos heir and approved by Marcos’ trustee for the government to process any movement. If one of these components is missing, it remains in its current state.

The Government’s Move

The Presidential Palace’s spokesperson, Ernesto Abella announces; “We understand that certain parties indicate to the President that there may be an opportunity for the turn over of the assets from the Marcos family to the Republic,” Abella said in a statement. “As this matter becomes clearer, we will advise what further action will be taken to finally obtain justice.”

Public Service or Political Vendetta?

Senator Ping Lacson welcomes the offer for additional funds for the Treasury. Senator Koko Pimentel is the same and calls it a donation. Congressman  Edcel Lagman is more interested in its whereabouts. House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants all. Neri Colmenares insists that it is disadvantageous to negotiate because they were stolen that made the people poor. However, there’s no logic to this statement. LP supporters always accuse the Marcoses of alleged ill-gotten wealth but they always win any courts cases because of hard evidence in the past nor at present. If they really are products of Marcos’ gold trading before he became President, the government is only entitled to the taxes. The Marcoses want to give them all for as long as PCGG stops pursuing their personal wealth including pieces of pieces of jewelry and paintings of the former first lady.

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Koko Pimentel: No Problem to Impeach Robredo but she Needs to Put the Records Straight with UN


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Koko Pimentel said that a human being can make mistakes. Leni Robredo can still put the records straight with the UN. Robredo’s apology is crucial with or without impeachment for the good of the country. Like what House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said, her video message to the UN made the country looked bad. She’s like telling tourists not to visit the Philippines because it’s a dangerous country with her extra-judicial killings claim.

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[VIDEO]: Kumpiyansa naman daw si Senate President Koko Pimentel na makakakuha ng sapat na numero ang pinaplanong impeachment case laban kay Vice-President Leni Robredo. Pero may impeachment man o wala, dapat daw itama ng pangalawang pangulo ang pahayag sa video message na ipinadala sa pagtitipon ng United Nations.

Status of Impeachments for the LP

Deputy Speaker Romero Quimbo of Marikina said that lawmakers do not want the chamber to be used “for political infighting.” It’s not the right timing for impeachment complaint filings. Most Liberal Party or LP members believe that both the President and the Vice President and all elected officers are given at least a year to fulfill their promises, he explained. The House of Representatives is also on break until May.

One-Third Requirement in the House is Easy

Economic sabotage and treason are the possible grounds of impeachment against Leni Robredo from the Vice Presidential post. The administration has the super majority so to impeach Robredo is very handy. They can get more than enough number of votes that can remove her from the OVP.


Drilon for Robredo

Senator Drilon, as usual, would always defend his political party. He said that a video is not a sufficient evidence for the betrayal of public trust. However, Speaker Alvarez and Pimentel disagrees with this. Even Solicitor General Calida offered his office’s assistant to Alvarez whenever he sponsors the impeachment complaint against Robredo.

Rights under Democracy?

Just like in history, the evils of the world always use human rights reasoning to cover up their wrongdoings. Robredo is now an image of a power-hungry woman who would do anything just to claim the presidency. Nevertheless, she still has to prove that she won during the 2016 elections. Bongbong Marcos’ protest against her is still ongoing.

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Pimentel: The EU has no Rights to Manage Internal Affairs – Must Stop Calls to Release De Lima


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Senate President Aquilino Pimentel or KokoPimentel slams the European Parliament’s call for the immediate release of Senator Leila de Lima. This sounds like an order and not as a mere sentiment. De Lima is in prison for her alleged involvement in the drug trade in the national penitentiary during her time as justice secretary.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Pimentel hits EU Parliament call for De Lima’s release.

Crossing the Line

The EU Parliament has clearly crossed the line, Pimentel said. He explains that Parliaments are free to air their sentiments on many issues – but they should not interfere in internal affairs. Demanding the reversal of certain legal rulings taken by the court of sovereign nations is trying to show off that the country is under their command which is not the case.

Slamming the EU

He pleads; Please mind your own business and don’t ever tell the Philippine Senate on who should chair any of its committees.” Aside from De Lima’s previous ouster as Senate justice committee chair, the European Parliament which is the EU’s lawmaking body also condemns “the rising number of extrajudicial killings” in the drug war without the right data.


Sotto’s Support

Right after the Senate president told European lawmakers to step back, Senate majority leader Vicente Sotto III supports Pimentel’s plea and reminds the EU that it has no jurisdiction meddling in the country’s affairs. Sotto reiterates that the Philippines is a democratic nation with fully functioning laws and government.

Next in Line to the VP Succession

Pimentel as per the Philippine constitution is second in line to Vice President Leni Robredo. Her possible impeachment complaint about the UN video she sent making allegations against the Du30 administration is to be filed in May. This is on the grounds of betrayal of public trust as the second highest official of the land announcing unfounded claims critical of the President’s campaigns.

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Who Succeeds Vice President Leni Robredo When Impeached?

Leni Robredo

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The current line of succession of the Vice President based on the 1987 Constitution follows the order of first the President of the Senate and then the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Once Vice President Leni Robredo is impeached congress shall, by law, provide for the manner of selection of the person who is to act as Vice President.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Alvarez: Robredo involved in impeach rap vs DU30

Who are in the VP Line of Succession?

Upon the impeachment of the Vice President, the Senate President takes over which is Senator Koko Pimentel or in the case of his inability, the Speaker of the House is next in line which is Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. He will act Vice-President until the elected or the chosen one qualifies. If Bongbong Marcos wins in the electoral protest against Leni Robredo, he can immediately be installed in the VP post. Therefore, Pimentel or Alvarez’ take-over is expected to be temporary.

No Law can Put Cayetano in VP Succession Line

There are speculations that since Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, the president’s running mate during the elections calls for VP Robredo’s impeachment, he aspires to replace her. However, aside from his not into the line of VP succession as per the Philippine constitution, he is still not in the cabinet. It is however announced that he will be DFA Secretary after the one year ban in May.

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Bongbong Marcos, the Real VP

It may be true that Bongbong Marcos is indeed the real VP – but it is also a reality that the electoral protest takes time. So far, in the Philippine history, such protest reaches the final decision only after 4 to 6 years. Therefore, it is much faster to impeach her. Another way to get rid of her is to call for her resignation if the people can’t tolerate her shameful acts anymore.

Impeachment Complaint Underway

Robredo sends a video to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs criticizing the president’s anti-drug campaign. Alvarez believes, Robredo’s pronouncements before an international audience betrayed the public’s trust. This is an impeachable offense under the 1987 Philippine Constitution. The Solicitor General is ready to file a Treason case against her to aid Alvarez in the impeachment complaint against her.