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Answer Enrile & Know Why Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership is Best for the Country


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Elena Grace Flores


Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the trouble with the country starts with influencers’ sense of entitlement. They use the word “people” to make the public believe that their idea is the Filipinos’ will. No one can tell Enrile that he revises the martial law history in favor of Bongbong Marcos’ upcoming leadership. Enrile is not only present during martial law. He’s also its orchestrator. No government detractors would want to answer his questions. They would find themselves corrected as the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo leans towards Marcos’ favor.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile cites the achievements of the late Ferdinand Marcos for the country during martial law.

Revisionism by the Oligarchs

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ image went down to the drain because of the black media propaganda against him by his political enemies. They carry this out through their network of oligarchs owning major businesses including media platforms.

Enrile’s Questions about the Late President Marcos

Enrile advises people who have doubts about Marcos because of the negativity around to answer his basic questions: 1. Who introduces democratic education to all Filipinos? 2. Who initiates the irrigation project for farmers? 3. Who brings rural electrification all throughout the country? 4. Who starts the nuclear power plant for cheaper energy sources? In his 51 years of political career, Enrile sure has a lot more questions to as if someone from the opposition dares to have a debate with him.

Faking his Ambush?

It’s true that the former Senator denied that he was ambushed. The media wants to project that he faked his own ambush. The truth is, no need to create stories that could have trigger the martial law declaration at that time. It is so because when the alleged incident happened, martial law is already in effect. That’s the simple truth as per Enrile.

Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership

As soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes Vice President, he is only a step away from the presidency. As a man of his word, it is likely that President Rodrigo Duterte would step down for him. In fact, he’s looking forward to doing that pretty soon. He has more worthwhile plans to do with his grandchildren when that happens. Enrile said that if that is the choice of the people as per the manual recount results, then be it.

Sandro Marcos Plans to Work Abroad – Not running for Any Election?

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VP Election Recount Plea: Loyalists Hail Bongbong Marcos’ Dream while Detesting Robredo’s Shade Excuse


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The loyalists of Bongbong Marcos ask Vice President Leni Robredo’s supporters why they can’t simply follow the procedures on how to shade the egg-like circle in the ballots during the 2016 election. It is very strange that only her alleged voters are affected by the 50% ruling of the Supreme Court. The arguments go around social media as Marcos mesmerizes on his NASA experience. His dream to be an astronaut remains as this happens.

Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos narrates his experience at NASA, Florida.

Why Only Robredo’s Supporters?

Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo submit to the Supreme Court on a petition with 10,000 signatures in support of her plea to lower the threshold percentage in the manual recount of votes in the poll protest case lodged by former Senator Bongbong Marcos. The ruling is effective to both camps. However, it is only her supporters who seem to be guilty of the under shading. What is common to them? Marcos loyalists asked.

Election Recount Petition

The current threshold is at 50 percent. Robredo urges the high court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to lower this to 25 percent. She argues that the current threshold “disenfranchises” voters.

Comelec Connivance?

The signatories to the letter-appeal are from Robredo’s home province of Camarines Sur. They reiterate her position that the 25 percent shading threshold was used by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the May 9, 2016, synchronized local and national elections. However, it’s the Supreme Court that has the power to decide for the final ruling.

Out of this World

One does not have to be an astronaut to figure out that Robredo’s plea is out of this world. She is simply guilty of election fraud. Worse, this is through digital means. That is why most of her votes are only up to 25%. The marking can never be as solid as the official pentel pen used during the election.

Sandro Marcos: Too Young for Senator but Not for Congressman or Governor?

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Villar’s NP Bet for Senator, Imee Marcos Recruits Bongbong’s Son to Run for Public Office


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The Marcoses are having a hard time looking for successors who can continue the family’s political lineage. The clan’s younger members are not interested in running for public office, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said. The governor is banking on Bongbong Marcos’ son Sandro Marcos to get a position. She said this after Nationalista Party mate, Senator Cynthia Villar confirms that she is one of the 3 senatorial candidates of NP.

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[VIDEO]: Villar confirms Imee Marcos and Pia Cayetano will join Senate race

Reluctant Dynasty

The problem with my family is that it’s a very, very reluctant dynasty. The young ones are too lazy to join public office. We really can’t find anybody who’s willing to run for office, Gov. Marcos explained.

Young Marcoses in Public Office

The Ilocos Norte governor, however, mentioned that her son, Matthew Marcos Manotoc is part of the provincial board as a Senior Board Member and “some cousins who are also in politics,” but the family is trying to convince more members to join politics.

The Winning Senator Recruits Brother’s Son

We’ve been recruiting Bongbong’s son. So if this goes on, let’s see who else we can bully or appeal to, or who else can be convinced by their grandmother. Perhaps, former First Lady and now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos may have to shed some tears to persuade them to follow their footsteps. They actually have better chances in national posts just like her.

Sure Win

Marcos, the governor, is now on her last term as the provincial chief of Ilocos Norte. Senator Villar attests that her chances of winning can only deteriorate if both she and her brother vie for the same position. Otherwise, it’s a sure win for her.

Bongbong Marcos Urges the Supreme Court in Confidence to Determine the Real Vice President Faster

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Marcos Loyalist Movement in Bohol Shows Force Prior to the INC’s Guinness Record Breaking Charity Walk


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There is no denying that Bongbong Marcos’ supporters are real people contrary to the claim of his VP rival, Leni Robredo. Out of the 1.2 to 1.5 million followers present, around 23,000 INC members formed the words “Proud to be a Member of Iglesia Ni Cristo” at the Quirino Grandstand. Their leaders inquired to the COMELEC where their votes went as many precincts nationwide with their churches had zero votes for Marcos despite their block voting policy.  The Guinness world record event is part of INC’s Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty. Prior to that, Bohol’s Marcos Loyalist Movement, also occupy the whole gymnasium during Marcos’ visit in Tagbilaran for the Saulog Festival which he considers as an impressive world-class event.

Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Heal Boracay, Behold Bohol

Saulog Festival

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is “hugely impressed” by what he saw in Tagbilaran City for the Saulog Festival. He witnesses the street dancing competition among 15 barangays there with their extravagantly creative costumes that are incomparable elsewhere. It reveals their unique cultural heritage.

Community Betterment

“Saulog 2018 was a testament to what a people united can do for the betterment of their community. I know that it will only get bigger and better in the years to come,” said Marcos. “Thank you to Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, Mayor Baba Yap and his wife Jane for having me. Congratulations to all the people of Tagbilaran City and the province of Bohol for a fantastic job!” he added.

Largest Photo Mosaic

The Iglesia Ni Cristo or INC on the other hand set a new world record for the world’s largest human sentence—and may have gotten another for largest photo mosaic. Last Sunday, the church also set forth to gain the record for world’s largest picture mosaic. Many netizens wonder why the Catholic faction cannot stage such gathering that can make the country proud while staging a massive assembly for their cause.

Real Show of Force by Marcos’ Supporters

Due to the PET’s gag order, Marcos and Robredo cannot disclose any progress with the ongoing recount for the VP race. However, Marcos loyalists never stop to stand behind their bet while Robredo’s camp just criticizes the latter’s popularity. The latest rumor heard from a PET insider states that revisors observe that the manual vote counts of President Rodrigo Du30 in Camarines Sur are actually higher than the 2016 digital election results.

Can Robredo Insist that Marcos Supporters are NOT Real after INC’s Longest Human Sentence Guinness Record?

Tagbilaran’s Saulog Festival impresses BBM

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Is Democracy Abused? VP Robredo Decides to Get Even with the People’s Hate Sentiments Against Her


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Acting Workshop

Freedom of speech and expression is one privilege of democracy. However, in the Philippines, there’s a current rage between Vice President Leni Robredo and the people using social media. The VP can only blame her rival, Bongbong Marcos for these hate campaigns. Although, digital marketing experts can vouch for mass sentiments – or else it won’t work. Passion, originality, style, and content are vital in making such posts viral. Only an individual who speaks from the heart can manifest this.

Youtube Video by FILIPINEWS
[VIDEO]: Vp Leni Robredo pumalag sa mga fake news at banta sa buhay na natatanggap nila.

Eyes on the Ball but Bring it On

VP Robredo surely has good intentions when she embraces the saying; Eyes on the ball but bring it on. She means that she continues to do her mandate while retaliating against detractors. She can hire a team of keyboard warriors for this but that is insignificant. What she needs is a reputation management company that can help to build up her image. There’s only so much she can do when the majority of the Filipinos are not for her.

News or Rumors

Due to PET’s gag order to both Marcos and Robredo camps, the people cannot get daily updates on the progress of the ongoing recount for the Vice Presidency. They rely on social media to get a glimpse of what’s happening inside the Supreme Court. The current rumors online imply that the slim lead of Robredo during the 2016 elections went down drastically. Robredo’s camp takes this as fake news.

More Anomalies

PhilStar publishes that revisers found ballots that appear to have been soaked in liquid chemical as well as jumbled election documents during the fourth week of the ongoing recount, according to an insider. They take note of several damaged ballots that had a chemical smell – particularly from Canaman and Garchitorena towns. The insider, however, would not say if these latest findings could be evidence of tampering of poll results, explaining that their task is just to conduct the manual recount and such conclusion should be left for the tribunal to decide upon.

Democracy Rules

Robredo leads the VP race at only 263,473 votes during the 2016 election. It is now down to 242,000 votes according to the revisors through Atty. Glenn Chong’s posts. There are 1,300 clustered precincts more to go in Camarines Sur and 4,000 clustered precincts in Negros Oriental and Iloilo for the revision of ballots. If the trend continues, the 243,000 votes of Robredo in the 3 pilot provinces will go down to 20,000 votes left. If the people won’t know these developments, whoever is the winner of the recount will surely divide the nation. So, transparency is needed on the recount.

Bongbong Marcos: Why Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator?