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Will LP’s Brand Makeover Work after Du30’s Vietnam Warnings against Robredo, others?


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President Rodrigo Du30 reiterates his attacks against the European Union and other critics. This time, it includes Vice President Leni Robredo. He speaks before Filipinos in Da Nang City. The Filipino leader said that the EU aid comes with strings attached. It’s the result of Robredo’s wrong reports. Meanwhile, the Liberal Party or LP promises to have a total brand makeover for the party. It is crucial since it is the subject of criticisms by the members and supporters of the administration. Will it work?

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New LP Breeds

The LP, which ruled Philippine politics during the Aquino administration. It announces the oath taking of “new members. They mostly come from the ranks of the academe, youth, professionals, and non-government organizations.” Party chairperson Vice President Leni Robredo administered the oath.

LP Re-branding

The party is now regrouping and re-branding since it fell from power after the 2016 elections. President Du30 won with a margin of more than 6 million votes against second-placer Mar Roxas, the LP’s standard-bearer. Robredo was Roxas’ running mate whose Vice Presidential victory with a slim margin is challenged by the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake.

Transferring Ship

During the Aquino administration, the LP counted most lawmakers and local politicians as members and allies. Their numbers quickly dwindled after the 2016 elections. Many jump ship to the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan or PDP-Laban. It is Du30’s party. PDP-Laban now leads the majority in the Senate and a “supermajority” in the House of Representatives. Many local politicians who were once members or allies of the LP have also moved to the now-ruling PDP-Laban.

Typical LP Accusations

“This so-called Dutertism is a form of leadership that does not adhere to the limits of power, does not respect institutions, does not regard or follow processes, including the rights and freedoms in the Constitution, which is disregarded under this leadership,” said lawyer Raffy Aquino, representing the new batch of LP members. From this statement alone, no one can blame the President for his criticisms of the Party. As much as he wants to get rid of Robredo as his VP, he still has to adhere to the legal electoral protest procedure filed by Bongbong Marcos as a democratic leader.

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Who would Believe that Liberal Party Got Nothing to do with Marcos-Farinas Conflict?


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Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, LP chair, demanded an apology from Gov. Imee Marcos even after she did so already during the July 25 hearing. Deputy Speaker Romero Federico Quimbo, the highest-ranking Liberal Party (LP) member in the House also cleared Noynoy Aquino from any political conflict between the Marcoses and Farinas’ clan saying that he has got no reason to be involved in the proceedings as an ordinary citizen of the Republic.

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[VIDEO]: An LP official asked Gov. Imee Marcos to clear former President Aquino from the anomalies she’s involved in.

LP is Out

Quimbo did not take part in the inquiry but addressed Marcos on behalf of the Liberal Party. He said Fariñas was the last person LP would help for decimating its ranks. Former President Noynoy Aquino must not be dragged to whatever political competition they have. He even joked that even in the Congress, they are discriminated. He was only given 2 minutes to speak but raised to 5 after his complaint.

Fake News or Coverage?

“Of all issues being raised against the province, against you or whether there is animosity, I hope the party will not be made fodder as far as making the story more interesting. In this era of fake news, this is absolutely ultimate fake news,” Quimbo said. Actually, Manila Time’s coverage cannot be called a fake news because the source of the story was identified as well as the writer. It was a mere write-up on the governor’s disclosure. True or not, then the LP should bring this matter to court. How about a libel case against Gov. Marcos?

Gov. Marcos’ Apology

“I apologize. It was my mere suspicion and given that the source is uncertain, I withdraw the accusation to the integrity and the honor of the House that P100 million was circulated. That was not true, and I asked for forgiveness for hurting some of the members of Congress,” Marcos said. If this is not enough for Drilon, he can always resort to legal means if he can dispute the allegation of the governor against his Party.

Political Drama

Quimbo assures Gov. Marcos that Farinas is the last person to help the Liberal Party because he was responsible for the diminishing number of LP members. Farinas moved to the ruling Party of the President PDP-Laban with some allies. The Liberal Party is now down to 27. However, who would believe that Farinas is not anymore loyal to LP?

Imee Marcos finally testifies, escapes contempt

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Imee Marcos is Sorry to Hurt LP Congress Reps on 100 M Bribe Tale


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Governor Imee Marcos is apologetic to some members of the Congress particularly the LP members on her statement that their Party masterminds her possible detention due to political reasons. She is very sorry to hurt them, he said. Rep. Rudy Farinas also thanked her for clearing the issue out.

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[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos might be apologetic to the Congress but doubts over the 100 M LP bribe loom.

Non Disclosure in Congress

“I apologize to the congressmen if this is an offensive accusation that a bribe happens. I think, my source would not want to be revealed,” Marcos said. She adds that her source would not want her to name names. The confession is based on secrecy. So, she can’t reveal them

Heavy Accusation

“For the last time, I will move to cite you in contempt if you do not reveal the person. Your accusation is very heavy against the Liberal Party,” Fariñas warned. I do not mind if it affects only me but what about my colleagues who are also affected? He added.

Swallowing her Pride

Marcos then admitted that it was only her suspicion after a short break. “I apologize for my statement. It is my mere suspicion. And given that the source is uncertain, I withdraw the accusation to the integrity and honor of the House that a P100 million is circulated. It’s not true,” Marcos said


Fariñas thanked Marcos for clearing the Congress of the allegation. He is happy to score in this round to prove that Marcos was responsible for spreading the negative news. However, the fact that she only swallowed her pride to avoid detention also weighs heavier than Farinas’ temporary advantage. It’s like confessing with a knife poked at her neck for the many people watching the probe.

Imee Marcos says sorry for bribery tale against lawmakers

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LP Members are the Masterminds of Black Media Propaganda, Not the Marcoses


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Judge Bonifacio Pascua’s denial of a $2 billion indemnity package awarded by a US federal court to alleged Filipino martial law victims is the latest and most significant assertion of Philippine sovereignty against the United States. The court points out that the alleged torture, summary execution and disappearance of the claimants cannot be joined into a class suit. It is because “no two persons can suffer the same nature and degree of injury and damage.” It is only during this administration that Filipinos are free from the US interference that was influenced by the LP’s black media propaganda against the Marcoses.

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[VIDEO]: Sen. Risa Hontiveros distributes “Never Again” books to public senior high school students, reminding the youth not to repeat the mistakes committed during martial law.

Foreign Rules Have No Place in the Constitution

The most significant part of the recent court’s ruling is the final judgment of the Hawaii court that is “null and void, for want of jurisdiction,” and therefore “may not be enforced.” “Rules of comity should not be made to prevail over our Constitution. We cannot allow foreign impositions to trample upon our sovereignty,” the court said.

Aquino Stopped Marcos’ Truth

When the late Ferdinand Marcos was flown to Hawaii in 1986, revolutionary President Corazon C. Aquino barred the Marcoses’ return to the Philippines. She did not want them to answer charges against them for crimes they were accused of. Marcos died in Hawaii in 1989, and Imelda Marcos was finally allowed to come home in 1991. This was after winning her high profile case in New York.

Stateside Anti-Marcos Propaganda

The late Cory Aquino remained determined to let the US courts handle some human rights cases against Marcos. This was a clear abdication of Philippine sovereignty.  Cory Aquino was unprepared to run the affairs of a sovereign state. They then launched an anti-Marcos black propaganda that twisted public opinion heavily against Marcos. This went on not only in the country but also in the US. The US political leadership in 1986 even supported the ouster of Marcos behind his friend, former US President Rondal Reagan’s back.

The Undemocratic LPs Are Busted

BBC anchor Stephen Sackur of HardTalk grilled a Liberal at heart Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Here, Sackur disclosed that Trillanes is actually not for democracy because he does not respect the will of the people. This goes the same with Rep. Rudy Farinas who just transferred to the President’s PDP-Laban Party but still displayed the nature of a yellow stalwart with his dealings with the Ilocos 6 to discredit Gov. Imee Marcos. Another LP Senator Riza Hontiveros also distributes Marcos Never Again Books to students to brainwash them. However, the books are nothing compared to the outrage via social media who are mostly from pro-Marcos supporters. They call them Trolls but they just cannot accept the fact that the truth finally sets the Marcoses free. Most people are even looking forward to another regime of a Ferdinand Marcos or Bongbong Marcos for that matter.

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People Can Attest that Ferdinand Marcos’ Golden Era was Real for Law-Abiding Citizens


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Current Philippine president Du30 declared martial law in Mindanao and now seeks for its extension. The military rule nationwide is not yet discussed but people who rebelled against the Marcos government are haunted by alleged abuses of the PC under former president Fidel Ramos. Despite the Liberal Party’s propaganda against martial law and the Marcoses, Du30 remains a popular president. There’s no panic or concern at all. The people’s pro-Marcos sentiments are even evident on social media especially the testimonies of the golden “agers”. They cannot be Trolls because they seem to last forever mostly with real identities.

Youtube video from; GovPH
[VIDEO]: Speech of President Marcos during the termination of Martial Law, January 17, 1981

The Reality According to the Golden “Agers”

Some people may still be under the influence of the Liberal Party media propaganda against the Marcos. Nearly 30 years after Marcos’s death, the true voice of the people overwhelmed social media in favor of the Marcos family. They themselves continue to correct the twisted views on history by the yellow rulers in the past 2 regimes. No one can dispute Marcos’ “golden age” in the Philippines because aside from government records, most of those people during those times are only in their late 40’s and above. They are alive and kicking with a very powerful tool at their finger tips to attack the biased mainstream media. Figures don’t lie as well. According to another recent SWS survey, 78 percent of Filipinos are satisfied with PDu30, a Marcos ally.

Supreme Court Gave Way to Martial Law

The Philippines Supreme Court previously upheld Du30’s imposition of martial law in Mindanao. It ends any claims from the opposition parties over its constitutionality. The president’s allies, who have a majority in Congress, overwhelmingly support martial law. Though opposition groups have organized anti–martial law rallies, mostly in Manila, they have done little to shake Du30’s goals.

Importance of Martial Law

Du30’s spokespeople say martial law is necessary to protect national security. They have repeatedly called for unity during the crisis and promised that the military would be kept in check. The AFP also swears to be vigilant not to allow military abuses from their side.

The Rise of Another Ferdinand Marcos

The president made it a point that the son of the namesake also called Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. or Bongbong Marcos assumes the Vice Presidency as soon as possible by not giving him a cabinet position as rumored earlier. He wants him to concentrate on the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo who is from the LP. He said that he wishes to retire due to old age if Marcos is his successor. This is the reason why Gov. Imee Marcos, the president’s choice sister is now under attack by Liberal Party stalwarts in the Congress.