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Logical Views on the Attacks Against Bongbong Marcos Using Martial Law

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Elena Grace Flores

Just like the plight of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, President Du30 and preferred heir to the presidency Bongbong Marcos are the targets of the continues media propaganda here and overseas using the alleged Martial Law human rights violations. In terms of corruption, one can simply ask the accuser, who is not corrupt with the kind of government system the Philippines has? Some big investors might attest that to be able to get a contract from the government, they must give a percentage under the table. Is this not the case in most Asian countries as part of the business culture? What they failed to check is how the “donation” is processed or used. Some call it the Robin Hood strategy.

Youtube Video by;  Tawanan and Balita PH.


Transparency in a Corrupt System

Is it hard for Westerners or to some biased Filipinos to analyze why the negotiators of leaders like the late Marcos or even the former Vice President Jejomar Binay needs a foundation to take care of their people? There are cases that their representative negotiates a certain percentage that would go to their supported projects. Why can’t they be transparent? Once a business or property tax is determined, it goes to the government coffers. From the BIR department alone, some anomalies can already be undertaken. Let alone in the local distribution channels that pass the governors, mayors, and barangay captains. When the funds reach the people, they are not sufficient anymore to fund quality projects. This is merely a strategy for the people.

Ultimate Proofs amidst Martial Law Criticisms

Just look at the situations of these leaders’ constituents compared to others who are just noisy of accusing their political colleagues of corruption. No president can ever beat what the late President Marcos provided for the people during his time that is still useful presently. This is in terms of infrastructure and government services. Look at also the Binays in Makati. Their constituents are the so-called privileged Filipinos. Ilocos Norte under Bongbong Marcos and sister Imee Marcos is very progressive. They have advanced technology, good harvests, and flourishing tourism programs.

Brainwashed by Media Propaganda

People who are against the Marcoses are mostly the relatives of unlawful people during the Martial Law era under the late Ferdinand Marcos. They are the same people who are attacking the current President. The law is simple. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you live well. If you are an unruly activist or a criminal, you have to face punishments or unfavorable circumstances. However, media propaganda is a major influencer but once people seek for the truth, they can easily find the logic of things in this regard.

The Best President Ever

Biyaya ng Dagat or the so-called Blue Revolution is a program under the Marcos administration. The country’s fishery resources are improved. Fishermen get loans to improve their fishing capabilities. Masagana 99 meanwhile, is the agricultural counterpart of the Biyaya ng Dagat. It was popularly known as the Green Revolution. It was a program that promotes the planting of Green Revolution varieties of rice developed by the International Rice Research Institute. The program enables the Philippines to become self-sufficient in rice and even became a rice exporting country from 1977 to 1978, said the President.

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Lagman Disputes the President’s “Sinless” Human Rights Remark on Imee and Bongbong Marcos

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Elena Grace Flores

The President could not simply absolve Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos and former Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. and describe them as “sinless” for alleged human rights abuses. They continue to benefit from the ill-gotten wealth of their father, late Ferdinand Marcos, said opposition lawmaker Albay 1st District Rep. Edcel Lagman said Saturday.

YouTube Video by;  ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman insists the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 are not discriminatory.

Adult Siblings

“Although they were teenagers when martial law was declared in September 1972, they attained the age of majority shortly after the proclamation of martial law and they were already adults during the height of the martial law regime,” Lagman said. In an interview over state-run PTV 4, Du30 said that someone should not be held accountable for the sins someone else committed.

Old Enough

Lagman, a martial law victim, said that Imee and Ferdinand Jr. celebrated their 18th birthdays in 1973 and 1975, respectively. They were “old enough when the documented atrocities and plunder were committed. They were allegedly by the late Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.”

Murder Accusation

The lawmaker recounts that Imee heads the Kabataang Barangay. It is the Marcosian counterpart of today’s Sangguniang Kabataan. That was accused of involvement in the 1977 murder of Archimedes Trajano, a Mapua Institute of Technology student. Trajano questioned her credentials. On August 31, 1977, he asked during an open forum at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila her capacity to lead the national youth organization. She is only the presidential daughter, he added. Trajano was found dead two days later with signs of torture.

Human Rights as an Excuse

The Hawaii District Court awarded $4.16 million to the Trajano family in 1991. It was affirmed by the US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Court in 1992. Lagman said the effort of the Trajano family to enforce in the Philippines the foreign judgment was quashed by the Philippine Supreme Court. This is a mere technicality of a defective substituted service of summons to Imee. She claimed that she was then a resident of Singapore when the summons was served at the Alexandra Homes in Pasig City, her known address at that time. Perhaps Lagman forgets the rights for innocence until proven guilty.

Lagman says Imee, Bongbong partly accountable for martial law abuses

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Jessica Soho Presses Bongbong Marcos on Family’s Political Agenda


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Elena Grace Flores

In this past interview of Bongbong Marcos, Jessica Soho tries to intimidate him by throwing repetitive questions. She presses for the political agenda of the family since three of them are in public office. As usual, he handles them with dignity even if he sometimes shows gestures of disbelief how pathetic the questions are. Bottom line is, he looks forward to revealing the truth about his father’s legacy. He claims that he knows his plans for the country.

YouTube Video by;  GMA News

[VIDEO]: On the new GMA News TV nightly newscast “State of the Nation,” anchor Jessica Soho interviews Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on the legacy of and allegations against his father, the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos when he was still a Senator.

Political Propaganda

The Marcoses’ reputation is painted worldwide in black. Bongbong Marcos said that these are the works of the propaganda against them. However, Soho disputes that thousands were victims of Martial Law, their bank accounts were frozen, and there were actual corruption cases filed. Marcos gave her an example that if a policeman got drunk and hurt others, she can’t blame it on his father. The frozen accounts are not even 1 to 10% of the publicized amounts. Acquittals are the only verdict in most cases. So, they are most likely propaganda for political purposes.

Staggering Amount of Money

Where is the money? Bongbong Marcos asked. Accusers only know how to throw a staggering amount of money propaganda but cannot prove it. He said that he has not seen such amounts of money that they own. Even the wealth for humanity is not for them to handle. They only have shipping documents of the gold bars.

Final Settlement

On paying a final settlement for Marcos when he was still a Senator, he firmly discloses that they respect the court’s decision. It has nothing to do with them anymore. Substantial amounts of their assets were already sequestered by the PCGG, so the negotiation is the discretion of the government.

Human Rights Violations

Soho said that the fact that the alleged human rights victims are paid a small amount of money, it is an admission of guilt. Marcos never denies that there were human rights abuses but they never were never ordered by his father. Marcos said that if his father was not ousted, the Philippines is another Singapore. This is contrary to Noynoy Aquino’s opinion that if the late Marcos did not step down, the country is another Libya.

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Bongbong Marcos to Aquino, LP: Vengeance can Hamper the Nation’s Unity


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Elena Grace Flores

While the Liberal Party and Aquino-loyal politicians and supporters try to highlight the bad outcome of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ leadership rather than the good, Bongbong Marcos never expresses hate towards them. In fact, he swears that if he wins, going after them can’t be the nation’s policy. Marcos will stand strongly against prosecuting Noynoy Aquino or any leader for whatever anomalies because it can hamper unity among Filipinos. It is just counter-productive for the country, he said.

YouTube Video by;  ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Despite the decades-old political rift between their families, Bongbong Marcos believes that the administration should not run after President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III over alleged railroaded budget allotments.

Golden Era becomes the Dark Age

Martial law under the Marcos patriarch continues to stir up debates. After 45 years, his heirs gain back national influence. This triggers alleged human rights victims to seek justice for money. Bongbong Marcos said that their family’s history is “still being written.” The current history is the propaganda version of their detractors. The Aquinos’ two-term in power made that possible.

Disputes on Statistics

Gross domestic product or GDP  growth peaked right after Marcos’s declaration of Martial law in 1972. It reaches nearly 9 percent in 1973 and 1976, partly driven by a commodity boom when the prices of major Philippine commodity exports like coconut and sugar went up. However, it was also under his leadership when the country hit the worst recession in history: a 7.3-percent contraction for 2 successive years in 1984 and 1985, as his grip on power waned. The anti-Marcoses stress on the times when the LP’s destabilization efforts already took a toll on Marcos’ administration.

Traitor of Both Sides

On the other hand, the Aquino patriarch, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino wanted the Americans to tell Marcos anything that can provoke him to declare Martial Law. It was necessary to fully instigate the ideal time for an anti-Marcos revolution. He believed that could catapult him into the presidency. At the same time, he divulges what the communists were up to. He wanted to get America’s trust to get their support. It is a way to legitimize a revolutionary government. He must demonstrate to them that he can betray his communist collaborators once he becomes president. That’s most probably why he said that if he were president like Marcos, he would also not hesitate to declare martial law.

No Unity when Hate Exists

Bongbong Marcos’ family remain as the image of a Filipino status symbol. They care about the welfare of the people. Their characters show that there’s no place for hate and revenge. This is despite the projections of tyranny against them. Most people realized that already. It is just a matter of time that the nation’s culprits can repent.

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Repeat of Plaza Miranda: The President Warns of Sabotage on Sept. 21 Anti-Government Rally


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

On August 21, 1971, at the Liberal Party campaign rally in Plaza Miranda, the square became the scene of two simultaneous grenade attacks. This was considered as the most blatant assault on free speech. Many quarters believed it to be masterminded by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. It led to increased opposition to his administration. The same coalition stages another protest of such kind on Sept. 21 in Luneta which coincides with the Martial Law declaration under Marcos. The President declares it a non-working holiday for government students and workers for their safety.

Youtube video from; Philippine Government Media

[VIDEO]: President hints on possible sabotage against the government’s campaigns from drug war fatalities to Trillanes’ allegations just like the late President Marcos’ time.

LP’s Dirty Technique

The Plaza Miranda event itself guaranteed that democratic rights at the time were respected by ex-President Marcos. This is similar to Du30’s move in declaring Sept. 21 as the National Day of Protest. However, just as when Senator Gerardo Roxas, Liberal Party President, was proclaiming his party’s local candidates for the City of Manila, the grenades exploded.  Among those seriously injured were: Roxas, Osmeña, Senators Jovito Salonga, Genaro Magsaysay, Eva Estrada-Kalaw (Nacionalista guest candidate of the LP), and senatorial bets John Henry Osmeña and Ramon Mitra, Jr. Three months later, the polls resulted in a Senate sweep by the Liberals, with only two Marcos allies making it into the winner’s circle. The President’s alter egos. Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Secretary of Labor Blas Ople were among the losers.

National Day of Protest is for the People’s Safety

Roxas blamed the late President Marcos responsible for the attack at Plaza Miranda. Du30 is very much aware that it can happen again knowing the nature of the yellow faction. Thus, the declaration of the “National Day of Protest” on Sept. 21 which is for the people to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and to seek redress for their grievances against the government, past or present.” No one can accuse the President anymore in suppressing these rights. But the choice is up to the people. They can stay home to be safe or be one of the insurgents if ever.

Rally Safety Measures

Law enforcers are under strict orders to stay away from mass actions and to exercise maximum restraint. They are only to intervene when the rally becomes violent. Emergency assistance near protest sites is also installed just in case. The President’s major concern is mainly for the people’s safety. If this turns out bloody beyond the authority’s control, then it must be a sabotage.

Drug War Sabotage Indications

Du30 speculates that a possible sabotage is happening when it comes to the drug war. All killings related to it or not are now blamed to his tough order for the policemen to defend themselves when their life is at risk while arresting illegal drug offenders. The series of teenager killings where one’s head was covered with masking tape is highlighted in the propaganda of the “Tindig” coalition’s call to join the said event. 3 of these killings also follow the same pattern to discredit the police force.  They are all OFW children, owns a store, and good-looking. These are enough to trigger a public outrage.

New group seeks end to drug war