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Answer Enrile & Know Why Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership is Best for the Country


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Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the trouble with the country starts with influencers’ sense of entitlement. They use the word “people” to make the public believe that their idea is the Filipinos’ will. No one can tell Enrile that he revises the martial law history in favor of Bongbong Marcos’ upcoming leadership. Enrile is not only present during martial law. He’s also its orchestrator. No government detractors would want to answer his questions. They would find themselves corrected as the election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo leans towards Marcos’ favor.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile cites the achievements of the late Ferdinand Marcos for the country during martial law.

Revisionism by the Oligarchs

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ image went down to the drain because of the black media propaganda against him by his political enemies. They carry this out through their network of oligarchs owning major businesses including media platforms.

Enrile’s Questions about the Late President Marcos

Enrile advises people who have doubts about Marcos because of the negativity around to answer his basic questions: 1. Who introduces democratic education to all Filipinos? 2. Who initiates the irrigation project for farmers? 3. Who brings rural electrification all throughout the country? 4. Who starts the nuclear power plant for cheaper energy sources? In his 51 years of political career, Enrile sure has a lot more questions to as if someone from the opposition dares to have a debate with him.

Faking his Ambush?

It’s true that the former Senator denied that he was ambushed. The media wants to project that he faked his own ambush. The truth is, no need to create stories that could have trigger the martial law declaration at that time. It is so because when the alleged incident happened, martial law is already in effect. That’s the simple truth as per Enrile.

Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership

As soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes Vice President, he is only a step away from the presidency. As a man of his word, it is likely that President Rodrigo Duterte would step down for him. In fact, he’s looking forward to doing that pretty soon. He has more worthwhile plans to do with his grandchildren when that happens. Enrile said that if that is the choice of the people as per the manual recount results, then be it.

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Ferdinand Marcos’ Last Surviving Sibling is Gone but Not Her Words


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Soon after Bongbong and Gov. Imee Marcos’ controversial appearance at the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Incorporated event where their popularity can’t be measured, this news came. Fortuna Marcos-Barba, the youngest sibling of the President Ferdinand Marcos, passed away on Saturday, March 3. Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos confirmed the death of Barba in a Facebook on the same day. Many criticisms are made public when it comes to the highly misunderstood President who is so far the greatest leader the Philippines ever had. However, these statements of his sister will linger only from now on.

Youtube Video by; The Lazy Boy’s Journey

[VIDEO]: Fortuna Marcos-Barba, youngest Ferdinand Marcos sibling, pumanaw na

Last Interview

In Lola Fortuna’s last interview with the media, she speaks highly of her brother. She said that he deserves to be buried in the Heroes’ Cemetery. He is a hero as a soldier and president. She is very happy that finally, one of his wishes in his Last Will and Testament is granted.

Marcos is a Hero

Through the eyes of the former President’s youngest sibling, the late President Marcos is indeed a hero. This is consistent with the disclosure of the current President, Rodrigo Roa Du30 which is at par with the law of the land. The great Marcos did not wish for something not due to him.

Loving and Kind

Mrs. Barba reminisces the loving and kind nature of her brother. She said once that there is no evidence that links him with the alleged atrocities during the martial law years. This should not be the basis for the detractors to discredit him and his clan.

Vice President Bongbong Marcos

It is now a trend calling Bongbong Marcos Vice President in various events. Take the instance when Imee and Bongbong spoke at a program in Burnham Park. Imee said credit should go to her father for Baguio landmarks like the Marcos Highway, Baguio Convention Center and Baguio Botanical Garden. This is after she introduces her brother as Vice President. Filipinos are known for family values. A sister’s love to her brother is unconditional. Like Mrs. Barba, Gov. Imee Marcos is there to support Bongbong in any way she can.

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If Du30 can Give Ferdinand Marcos a Hero’s Burial, See what he can Offer to the Son Despite Martial Law Criticisms

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It is not surprising for people who know President Du30 why on the eve of the so-called EDSA People’s power, he hails the late President Ferdinand Marcos as a hero. Knowledgeable Filipinos can relate to this because the only reason why EDSA was peaceful is that, the former President had the heart of preventing a bloody defense by stepping down. Nonetheless, Du30 can be irked by unmindful protests. One example is the alleged Martial Law survivor Boni Ilagan’s urging students from the College of Mass Communication. He advises them to “create their own First Quarter Storm.” This is after the President threatens UP students to give their slots to Lumad or native candidates if they continue to engage in walkouts for protest activities. Du30 skips its annual commemoration again for the second time.

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[VIDEO]: President Duterte in a speech addressing the Ilocano Soldiers, he brings up Marcos’ legitimacy as a hero. “If the Ilocanos want Marcos to be their hero, give it to them.” He asserts that Marcos is both a soldier and a lawyer and is deserving of a hero’s burial.

Dictatorship Misconception

Another rebellious act in Tacloban City, Lianne Ponferada of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines describes President Du30 in three words: fascist, dictator, and anti-poor. In Metro Manila, students from different universities organize individual activities at their respective campuses before gathering in Morayta, Manila with the rest of the protesters. This proves that a concerted effort is initiated to destabilize the government using the supporters of the opposition. The yellow media made minor rallies larger than life in their coverages. Whereas individuals reveal the truth like Dr. Chinel Monares, Executive Director, Save Me Movement.

Baseless Accusations

Thousands of protesters march the streets in various cities around the country to slam Du30’s alleged repressive policies against the poor. They also chant their fight for press freedom and human rights. However, fact-checking can ultimately dismiss these accusations. If the President is really a dictator, he would fast-track Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. He does not even interfere despite the Supreme Court PET chairman’s delaying the recount.

Misleading the Youth

It is evident since the beginning of the President’s term that the Liberal Vice-President overwhelmingly influence the Filipino youth through her speeches as she travels nationwide. They even distribute Marcos, Never Again books. This highlights alleged martial law abuses. Therefore. thousands of students, artists, and activists went out to the streets on Friday, February 23. Some of them are from Luzon to Mindanao to protest against the pro-Marcos president.

Prophetic Prediction

The anti-administration rally organizers said that the nationwide protest seeks to raise awareness on several issues. They include press freedom, human rights, Charter Change, mass transport, extrajudicial killings, and martial law in Mindanao in their campaign. Collectively, the protesters show their concern over the assumed looming dictatorship of President Du30. The same scenario as to the event leading to the fall of President Marcos. The yellows seem to forget that they are destabilizing a very popular leader. In fact, since the evidence against Robredo is logical, we can just wake up one day that our new President is already Bongbong Marcos. As the prediction says; hail the pearl of the orient now has a new leader. His name symbolizes the sound of a bell…bong, bong, bong.

Bongbong Marcos Answers a “Very Serious” Question Despite Gag Order

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Why Bongbong Marcos is Suddenly Popular for Vice President as Recount Nears Despite EDSA?


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Bongbong Marcos remains popular from the pre-election surveys until now that there are some groups from the opposition that are instilling to bring back the EDSA revolution myth against his ally, President Rodrigo Du30. A yellow media even reported that the former Senator has yet to withdraw all pending motions to help expedite the process of his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. It implies that Marcos is the cause of recount delay set anew on March 19, 2018, contrary to all facts present. Despite the attacks against him and the President, he continues to empower the millennials while the Filipino leader concentrates on installing discipline in all areas of governance in the country that irk non-compliant citizens.

Youtube Video by; ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: Political analysts believe that vice presidential bet former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ popularity from the pre-election surveys until now is an effect of what they call ”EDSA fatigue.”

Support from the Golden Agers

Avid supporters of Marcos are from ages 50 and above or a little bit younger than that. They are the ones who experience the golden age. It is evident via social media that they do not cease in spreading their views on the truth. The charismatic and efficient approaches of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos are just hard to forget.

PET Crisis Management Effort on Recount Delay

The recount has now been set for March 19, instead of the supposed initial February 8 date. The Supreme Court (SC) that sits as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) allegedly gave Marcos 10 days to inform the body if he intends to file a motion to withdraw all pending motions to accelerate the proceedings in his case. Marcos’ Camp has yet to respond to this but it is not certain how they would do that considering the order of the PET to both camps not to talk about the electoral protest.

Wooing the Millennials

While Vice President Leni Robredo tries to influence the millennials negatively against the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos speaks highly of them. He considers them as the majority demographic of the Philippines. This is the reason why they should get involved. He urges them to speak out and help in revising the inefficient system of government if there is. The former senator’s backing among these young group of Filipinos is secured through the influence of his sons. In fact, they often overpower his popularity in gatherings.

Deciding Factor on the Popular VP

Analysts stress that the millennials are the deciding factor in the VP race. They are the voters up to the 35-year-old bracket. They did not experience the golden age. Most of them took part in the EDSA days. However, due to its failure to improve the country which they refer to as “Edsa Fatigue,” it’s likely that the massive number of millennials favor Marcos. That could be the deciding factor of the 2016 VP race and can be determined only through the recount.

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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law Compensation is the Government’s Jurisdiction


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos earlier said in an interview with CNN’s The Source, that it has been the family’s intention to settle cases regarding the wealth of his late father. However, when it comes to the alleged Martial Law Human Rights victims’ claims, it’s the government’s jurisdiction. Recently, the court denied claimants of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government.


Youtube Video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: CA, kinatigan ang pagbasura sa petisyon ng Martial Law victims na ibigay sa kanila ang $2-B

Compensation Using Sequestered Wealth

The government is working on awarding compensation to claimants using the $10 billion in Marcos wealth awarded by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in 1997. This was the account transferred to the Philippine treasury by the Swiss Federal Court in 2004. This follows after the Supreme Court here ordered to forfeit the Marcos family’s Swiss deposits in 2003.

$2 Billion Motion Lacks Merit

Thousands of human rights victims under the rule of former President Ferdinand Marcos are again denied of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government. The Court of Appeals in its January 3 decision junked the martial law victims’ motion for reconsideration of their claim, for lack of merit. In its July 7 decision, the Court of Appeals rules that the 1995  U.S. Hawaii District Court $2 billion award for damages to the alleged 10,000 victims of human rights abuses under the Marcos’ regime cannot be enforced in the Philippines. The Makati Regional Trial Court said the same thing in 2013.

PCGG Knows Better

The only son of the late President Marcos stresses that with regards to the overall amount of these cases, PCGG ex-chairman Andres Bautista knows better. The former Senator also said that the government can have what they can find.  He suggests asking ex-PCGG Chairman Andres Bautista to account what they have sequestered. He floats the idea that the Chair deposited some big money in small rural banks under the watch of his allies.

Cases Over 30 Years

Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) Acting chairperson Reynold Munsayac reveals 282 pending cases against the Marcos family and cronies. Bongbong Marcos believes that these are dragged for over 30 years now due to political reasons. These cases must be settled with the cooperation of all parties involved. Although, he rejects the idea of immunity because he’s not the accused here. It’s also a case of double jeopardy if the heirs face a criminal trial. Double jeopardy is a defense that prevents the accused from another trial on the same charges and on the same facts after a valid acquittal or conviction. It’s the settlement in the case of the Marcoses.

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