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US Media Must Learn Factual Reporting from CNN Philippines on Ousted Chief Justice


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Elena Grace Flores


Filipinos via social media criticise The New York Times article entitled “Philippines’ Top Judge Took On Duterte. Now, She’s Out.” It gives unfounded opinions in line with Liberalism’s black media propaganda against popular leaders like the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte and the late Ferdinand Marcos. The highest court votes out its chief justice recently. It removes a fierce critic of the President and his brutal war against drugs. However, the comment “which has left thousands dead” can give a wrong perception to the reading public.

Youtube Video by PRRD News
[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court voted to oust Maria Lourdes Sereno as Chief Justice, its spokesperson Ted Te said.

Democratic Ruling

Voting 8-6, the Supreme Court justices out Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. It approves a petition by Solicitor General Jose Calida that questions the validity of her appointment. The ground that clearly disqualifies her. Not filing the SALN that discloses her wealth is unconstitutional.


Sereno is a constant irritant along with other Liberal Party members like the questionable Vice President Leni Robredo. They publicize the alleged increasingly autocratic rule of Duterte even if they are the ones doing undemocratic actions. They question the validity of the President’s list of public officials who are drug suspects. The opposition also blocks his declaration of martial law in the southern Philippines. However, the majority of the people hail Duterte for drastically lowering the crime rate. The martial law also made Marawi very peaceful now.

Show of Force

Only hundreds gather on the streets to protest what they called a “blatant ploy” by Duterte to speculatively wrest power from the judiciary and figuratively undermine the independence of the courts. On the other hand, millions demonstrate their support to the Duterte administration especially to his chosen successor, Bongbong Marcos. In fact, the INC breaks the record of forming the longest human sentence recently. They are asking where their vote went for Marcos.

LP’s Dictatorship using the Media

The Liberal Party should know that when the rights of Filipinos are not respected, they know where to go – their government. In the digital era, the voice of the people cannot be claimed anymore by the power-hungry Liberals. They can express individually via social media. One can easily measure their intensity through Google Analytics. The New York Times is certainly biased if their only source is LP’s Senator Risa Hontiveros. Take it from CNN Philippines.

Democracy Rises: Leni Robredo Knows that Her Days are Numbered as Vice President

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Gov. Imee Marcos Reminds People of her Father’s Heroism: ‘History is not Done with me Yet’


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Acting Workshop

Cheap headlines like “Bongbong, Imee Marcos slammed for gatecrashing, ‘politicking’ Panagbenga Festival” is no match for the true character of the Marcoses. The former First Lady and Congresswoman Imelda Marcos can’t be smitten by a fake figure. The late President Ferdinand Marcos is simply a war hero. His daughter, Gov. Imee can only relay his heroic nature. He said to them upon landing in Hawaii in 1986: ‘history is not done with me yet.’ He accepts to suffer from all the wrong accusations. The truth can free them all. His children will continue their story because of his good seed.

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The former first lady Imelda Marcos would not be attracted to the late President Ferdinand Marcos if he was not a real war hero.

The North Remembers Speech

Gov. Imee of Ilocos Norte laces her speech with references to the Game of Thrones saga. It tells the story of noble families vying for the Iron Throne. “Indeed, if the North remembers, winter has not come yet for the legacy of FM,” she said, using her father’s initials. She compares her family to the northern House Stark, whose upright and honorable head Eddard Stark was executed by the vicious young King Joffrey.

Power Lady

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos is busy on tours. She is one popular topic in social media. Pro-administration bloggers back her up. The power lady definitely prepares for the Senatorial race in 2019. She has an obvious alliance with President Rodrigo Du30. There’s no measure for her support to brother Bongbong’s electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. She admits that due to its slow progress, next in line to run in a national level is her.

Fake News No More

The Filipino people just have enough of fake news. The last 30 years after the 1986 EDSA revolution are proofs that the detractors of the Marcoses are not for nation building. They do not prioritize public service just like the Marcoses. This is why President Du30 won a landslide during the last elections. Filipinos are fed up with the incompetence of the two Aquino Presidents.

The Tide is Turning Back

The supporters of the Marcoses are vigilant in the upcoming March 19 recount. The Supreme Court silences both camps with a gag order. This is why individuals are taking their sides via Facebook most of the time. The yellow supporters even bash personal posts in favor of Bongbong Marcos using mostly fake accounts. However, they should understand how digital marketing works where passion and truthfulness count. This is the reason why Marcos is back on top.

How is the Shoe Industry after Imelda Marcos’ Collection Scandal?

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Bongbong Marcos Contradicts Robredo’s Media Spread of Darkness Rumor with Message of Honor


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Elena Grace Flores

Many Filipinos are in disgust after hearing Vice President Leni Robredo who claims that darkness envelops the country. This happens during the 72nd anniversary of the Liberal Party recently. She calls on members of her group to continue fighting for their beliefs. As usual, the LP’s loyal media made some major stunts internationally after their past fake news did not work locally. Publications in the US and Japan primarily picked up her statements that put the country in a bad light. This is contrary to Bongbong Marcos’ message of honor, patriotism, camaraderie, and service to the people during the 3rd anniversary of the Mamasapano massacre that the previous administration of Robredo’s party is responsible for.

Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The Untold Story of the Gallant SAF 44

History Repeats Itself

Robredo also laments that history seems to repeat itself, noting that the party’s membership declines similar to the time of her rival’s father. Several LP members are already in Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan. This is the party of President Rodrigo Du30, who won a landslide victory in the 2016 presidential race. She remains insecure to Bongbong Marcos whom she only had a hairline margin in the VP race. The process of the recount for the questionable post is now ongoing. Ballot boxes from Camarines Sur, her bailiwick are about to be transported to Manila.

Out of Touch with Realities

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque disagrees with Robredo. He says that the vice president’s remarks are “completely out of touch with the existing realities.”  Roque cites Gallup International polls that suggest the Philippines as the third happiest country in the world. It is also the fifth highest country in the economic optimism index. He also cites Social Weather Stations surveys that indicate 96 percent entered the new year with hope and fewer Filipino families consider themselves poor.

Majority of the People’s Approval

Roque said the results of an SWS survey conducted last quarter indicated that more than eight out of 10 Filipinos trust Du30 while a Pulse Asia poll suggested that the President is the most approved and most trusted among the country’s top officials. Satisfaction with the current administration remains excellent based on the SWS poll recently conducted, he added.

Never Forgotten

Unlike Robredo, the former Senator inspires Filipinos with their own sense of values. He stresses that the gallant SAF44 may be fallen but they are not forgotten. Their demise must remind the people that without the peace process, civil war is likely. Filipinos killing their own kind is the most painful thing to watch, he said. Marcos’ patriotism appeals to the public greatly, making Robredo the most hated VP as she continues to ruin the country’s image with her unfounded conclusions. February 2018 is a much-awaited event for the start of the recount.

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos Pursues Mamasapano Case, Verifies Chain of Command Lapse

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Media Fiasco Aims to Overshadow Ballot Retrieval for Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest


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The ballot retrieval for the election protest of Bongbong Marcos initially from Vice President Leni Robredo’s bailiwick, Camarines Sur starts January 23, 2018. As this date nears, pro-Liberal Party media brought out stunts of freedom suppression allegations against Marcos-friendly President Du30. This has reached the international scene as foreign media criticized the Filipino leader. There seems to have a power struggle in the Senate and Congress also. They pursue Federalism in their own way. Senate President, Koko Pimentel and Speaker of the House, Pantaleon Alvarez are both in the Presidential line of succession. Meanwhile, as these politicians are busy with the fiasco, Marcos headed out to the streets  of Manila to formulate strategies with his team of experts on how to ease traffic congestion in the capital

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos prior to the recount inspected Manila streets to create strategies on how to solve traffic jams.

Traffic Congestion Study

Bongbong Marcos leads a team of experts during the survey of common factors that lead to traffic congestion in Manila. He hopes to craft policies that would help alleviate the people’s sufferings while commuting. Automotive journalist James Deakin, architect Jun Palafox, and Brandon Vera, a Filipino-American mixed martial artist were with him.

Source of the Problem

The bottom line always with traffic problems is the attitude of not giving way to others, said Bongbong Marcos. This is why policies must be crafted to improve not just the transportation infrastructure but also the mentality of the daily commuters. Discipline is still needed in the Filipino society.

Nature of Rappler

Shortly after the publishing of Deakin and Marcos’ Metro Manila traffic problem discussion in a video, Rappler posted a blog using netizens to publicize their own sentiments. According to their article, Netizens said that Deakin should have known better than to associate himself with the son of the late Ferdinand Marcos. This just shows that the defunct online platform is more into gossips than real facts. It only published something about the retrieval to urge Robredo’s supporters to watch out for the ballots.

Back to the Recount

All the noises created by the Marcos detractors cannot hide the fact that the tide is about to turn to his favor very soon. It’s a “wait and see” game over the net these days. Professional media practitioners would wait for credible sources to confirm before publishing. All of them are getting ready to cover January 23, 2018, ballot retrieval as mainstream media ignores the plight of the possible future President of the Philippines.

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Why do the Oligarchs Try to Demonize Bongbong Marcos like his Father?


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Elena Grace Flores

The oligarchs hate leaders like the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos Sr. is an anti-oligarch during his regime. It was when the Philippines is rich but the oligarchs suffer. Influential families like the Aquinos demonize him as a “Dictator.” They ride into the EDSA mutiny. Convert it as people’s revolution through media propaganda to overthrow him.  Marcos and his rule become so black, that overshadow his accomplishments. To date, the political prostitute of such powerful faction even has the nerve to tell Bongbong  Marcos to refrain from filing a motion. This is after riding on his ballot decryptions without paying a single cent. The VP recount is due in February 2018. Filipinos must know this scenario to understand why the Marcos detractors have to taint his whole family as the tyrant, corrupt, and inhuman they portray their patriarch to be.

Youtube Video by Christopher Familoan

[VIDEO]: This video clarifies why the oligarchs in the Philippines hate President Rodrigo Roa Du30.

Oligarchs versus Du30

Many of the Filipinos are brainwashed by these oligarchs. They reign during the terms of the Aquinos. This paves the way for selective economic progress, widespread criminality, illegal drugs trade, and corruption. Until now, these bias media are still in existence to attack and destroy the same type of leader as the late Marcos in the person of President Du30.

Demonization of the Marcoses

There is a practical reason for Marcos’ demonization. It was a major project by both the Communist Party of the Philippines and the oligarchy. This advanced their respective agendas. The communists’ objective was to expand the organization and get sympathizers in a country which is extremely anti-communist. The only way to achieve that was to portray the Marcos regime as a ruthless, fascist state. They are doing it again with the Du30 administration.

Why Include Bongbong Marcos?

Why would the oligarchs want to demonize Bongbong Marcos also? By doing so, it can conceal the greedy class rule if they can prevent the return of the bloodline of their number one enemy. It prevents people from looking at the real basic problems of the nation if no leader can emerge who knows the real score, which is the oligarchs’ unequal hold over productive assets.

Caution to President Du30

President Du30 once referred to oligarchs as the nation’s problem. He seems to have a good grip on the country’s situation. However, as powerful as they can be, he knows that Bongbong Marcos can do better to balance their interests for the welfare of the country as a whole. That’s why their detractors are trying to do everything they can to block this.

Helped by communists, oligarchs demonized Marcos to conceal their rule