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Nieto: Du30 Follows Marcos Rule Book to Drag Bongbong to Succession Line as Supreme Court Reorganizes

Supreme Court

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Elena Grace Flores

Thinking Pinoy’s Joseph Nieto laid out his thoughts based on the theories he got from alleged reliable sources on the scenario that the LP tries to get rid of President Du30. January to April is crucial for the Filipino leader to stay in power or perhaps survive an assassination attempt following the Marcos’ rule book. This is to prevent the LP to rule the country again. Once Du30 gets through this stage, his appointees can dominate in the Supreme Court. Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against Leni Robredo can then progress speedily. Therefore, it is given that Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake’s VP post take over is likely to happen before the end of 2018.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos VP na sa 2018! | LP MAY 2 OPTIONS LABAN kay PDU30

Du30’s First and Second Supreme Court Appointees

Supreme Court Associate Justices Samuel Martires and Noel Tijam re the first and second appointees of President Du30 to the high court. They both came from the San Beda College of Law where the Chief Executive also graduated. This event coincides with RJ Nieto’s initial theory.

New Comelec Chair

Comelec Commissioner Sheriff Abas breaks many firsts in the poll body. He has yet to pass the Commission on Appointments to become the new Comelec chair. If so, he can be the first Comelec chair from Mindanao where the President is from. He has studied at the Ateneo de Davao University. Abas, 38, then becomes the youngest head of the poll body. Absolutely the first Comelec commissioner to become Comelec chair. By the look of it, he can be more loyal to the President than to the former President Pnoy who first appointed him as commissioner.

Abas’ Appointment Coincides with SC Changes

Abas’ nomination comes as Duterte pushes for a federal form of government. The movement requires a plebiscite run by the Comelec. Besides, the lower house is already at the back of the President with the supermajority. The remaining SC retirement replacements around the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2018 should give the ruling party the majority votes during en banc sessions.

Fearless Analysis

As a legitimate blogger, Nieto has the right to convey his analysis of the scenarios that might happen given the facts that he has access to as an avid supporter of the President. Both the administration and its detractor must play the game both in politics and through the media. It is noted that Robredo receives more favorable rulings from the Supreme Court than Bongbong Marcos nowadays. That can change drastically after the first quarter of 2018. When that happens, Nieto can be right that there is an intention for Marcos to be VP next year that can make the President safe from bad intentions.

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Yellows not Behind Fake News? Why is Bam Aquino Irked by Blogger’s Senate Request?


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Elena Grace Flores

A visibly irked Senator Bam Aquino slams the administrator of the “Thinking Pinoy” blog. This is because Rey Joseph Nieto requests a Senate session to divulge factual information about the alleged individuals behind the “Silent No More” blog. It involves using Google Adsense verification. Nieto’s research points to the “yellows” as the ones behind the “Silent No More” blog. It tags seven senators as “Malacañang Dogs in Senate.” This is allegedly for not signing a resolution against the drug war speculated killings in the country. These senators denied receiving such document for their signature.



Bam Aquino Busted by Senator Grace Poe

Senator Bam Aquino is furious; “I don’t think he’s being cautious at all, after all, he’s been mentioning individuals already, he’s mentioned me already so, where’s the caution there? Why won’t he just tell all? Aquino presses this to perhaps accuse him of libel. Senator Kiko Pangilinan clarifies Nieto’s request for an executive session. Senator Grace Poe said Nieto “just wants to be cautious.” “The names mentioned are just based on his research. It’s not libel. A Senate session is necessary to investigate such finding,” said Poe, chair of the Senate panel hearing the issue on fake news.

Blogger’s Research

During the Senate committee on public information and mass media hearing on the fake news, Rey Joseph Nieto of “Thinking Pinoy” blog reveals that according to his research, a certain Edward Angelo “Cocoy” Dayao and Niña Zialcita are behind the “Silent No More.” The blog tags seven senators as “Malacañang Dogs in Senate.” They mock the solons for not signing a resolution against the spate of killings in the country.

Noynoy Aquino’s Hand

Nieto also alleged that his research shows that Dayao was a former Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) officer of former President Benigno Aquino III. Zialcita was a former political communications officer of Senator Francis Pangilinan and Senator Bam Aquino. “Cocoy Dayao is the administrator of the blog but it doesn’t mean he also creates the content,” Nieto clarified.

Senate Session Requested for the Revelations

Senator Vicente Sotto III asks Nieto if these names are verifiable through Google Adsense, Nieto said he is willing to reveal more information in an executive session. “That is possible but I can only answer that in an executive session. I don’t want to break laws,” said Nieto. He also clarified that he does not want to implicate Dayao and Zialcita. He is just simply stating what he found out through his research.