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Hontiveros Aims to Discredit Du30 on No Election, Bongbong Marcos on Wealth Issues


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Elena Grace Flores

Senator Risa Hontiveros questions the “sudden talks” on a no election scenario in 2019. She stresses on Du30’s term extension with Du30’s Federalism goal. The proposal to enter into a compromise deal on the alleged ill-gotten Marcos wealth also did not escape her prying eyes. She said that the government tries to measure the public by “mind conditioning” that her political party is famous for. Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos explains that the compromise deal by the late Ferdinand Marcos estate’s lawyer, Oliver Lozano got nothing to do with him. He doesn’t need immunity because he has no particular case on this issue.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that immunity is not necessary for him because he’s never accused of anything.

No Election Scenario, Wealth Issues

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez floats the idea of a no election scenario.  Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III also said that it is possible to extend Du30’s term with the federal form of government if necessary. However, the administration’s spokesperson clarifies this by reminding the public that the President is looking forward to retiring very soon. This even worries his detractors more because the likely successor is Bongbong Marcos when he wins his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Thus, the reason for the wealth issues to resurface.

Hontiveros vs. Social Media

Hontiveros further said the Du30 government tries to push its “twisted political projects” with the help of fake news. Hontiveros recalls the President’s “revolutionary government” threat. Then, dismiss his own idea days later. The LP members even made a media stunt to call on Facebook. They assume that it supports Du30’s campaigns. Not to realize that the people’s passion is the ultimate component of a news to become viral.

LP Street Protest

This quote from the bewildered Senator just proves how out of tune she is with current events: “If anything, this regime bows to strong public opinion and pressure. Let our voices be heard. Let us show our strength in the streets. The fear of public opinion by authoritarian leaders points to the potential of our voices as a force of good. We must not be intimidated and silenced,” Hontiveros said.

Hitting Two Birds in One Go but to no Avail

The Senator can only frustrate herself. Despite the success of the old LP black propaganda on cha-cha against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it’s not working. Then, the revival of the alleged hidden wealth versus the late President Ferdinand Marcos to hopefully discredit the son, but still, LP fake news-makers cannot nail down President Du30 and Bongbong Marcos. The irony is, they blame social media for their own wrongdoings. This clearly shows their ignorance of its functionality which is a big shame for politicians in their rank.

Why is the Bongbong Marcos – Du30 Governance Good for the Country?

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Villar: Bam Aquino, Hontiveros Use Social Media Blog to Destroy Pro Admin Senators

social media

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Elena Grace Flores

Villar names Senators Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros who are avid social media users as the ones out to destroy them. Aquino earlier said that in practice, there was no need for a resolution to get the signatures of many Senators. This is why the online accusations are a bunch of lies because the seven pro-administration senators did not even see such resolution to investigate extra-judicial killings.

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[VIDEO]: Emotions ran high during the Senate session on Wednesday as some senators, who were criticized for allegedly not signing the resolution calling for an end to the killings, decried demolition job by certain individuals..

7 Senators vs. Senate Prostitution

Seven senators protested the “prostitution” of a Senate resolution. They allegedly did not sign it. It also urged the government to stop the spate of drug killings in the country, especially of children. Except for Sen. Gregorio Honasan II who did not take the floor, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, and Senators Manny Pacquiao, Cynthia Villar, Richard Gordon and Juan Miguel Zubiri made it clear that they were not aware of Senate Resolution No. 516. It was signed by mostly 16 of their anti-administration colleagues.

Unmasking the Social Media Senate Snakes

The Senate tasked the committee on public information and mass media chaired by Sen. Grace Poe to investigate the matter to resolve the issue. This is after the complaining senators demanded to unmask the people behind the misinformed blog. Sotto said he was not taking issue with the resolution. it’s “how the resolution was projected on  social media.”

Name Calling

Sotto was angry because the blog called him a “rapist, plagiarist and bigot.” He called the people behind the blog “stupid idiots,” and said he would resign from the Senate if they could prove that he’s a rapist. Sotto asked Pimentel to order an investigation into “the prostitution of the resolution.”“The resolution is being used to destroy us,” he said, adding he would bring a cyber libel case against those behind the blog.

Stupid Online Propaganda

Pacquiao said the resolution was apparently circulated to “select senators,” as it did not reach his office. He called those behind the blog stupid. Zubiri sought to “put the foul bloggers in their place” while Gordon slammed the blog as “cowardly.” Villar said she and the six other senators “were not asked to sign” so “we did not refuse to sign.”

7 senators angry at ‘prostitution’ of Senate resolution

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PAO Chief Acosta Clarifies that the Patterns of Teenager Killings Aim to Discredit the Police


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Elena Grace Flores

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Chief Persida Rueda Acosta denies Senator Risa Hontiveros’ statement that PAO said there are “patterns” in the killings. Acosta clarifies that the similarities in teenager killings actually discredit the police force. They are all children of OFWs, good looking, and have stores in front of their house. It is likely the works of the enemies of the government who are out to destroy the President’s drug war.

Youtube Video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Chief Persida Rueda Acosta denies Senator Risa Hontiveros’ statement that PAO said there are “patterns” in the killings.

The President’s Promise

POLICE officers involved in the slaying of teenagers in Caloocan City will be held accountable if results of the investigation will prove that they commit wrongdoing, President Rodrigo Duterte assured Wednesday. “I really said we will protect the soldiers and policemen. No doubt [about that] but always, there has to be the element of the performance of duty and you do not kill defenseless persons,” Duterte said.

No Order to Kill

“I really said we will protect the soldiers and policemen. No doubt about that but always, there has to be the element of the performance of duty and you do not kill defenseless persons,” Duterte said. “I’m sorry but I will pursue the case against the police and [if] need be, they will go to jail. I did not order to kill a child or an adult, and even the enemy on bended knees. That’s not the norm or the rule of democracy,” he added.

Acosta’s Testimony

Acosta cites the many cases PAO handles that defend various men and women still serving jail sentences. They include men in uniform whose cases are either ongoing or disputed. She begs in tears to have pity on the hard working police officers who are pre-judged. The PAO Chief specifically calls on Hontiveros to refrain from making accusations.

Out to Destroy the Du30 Administration

It is evident that the “yellow” faction follows a familiar process to destroy their political enemies since the Marcos regime. As what Atty. Madrid said on Trillanes who just spews propaganda to get back at the President. The out-of-tune Senator wants to strip Paolo Duterte in public to see his Tattoo to prove his alleged TRIAD affiliation. This is for not choosing him as his running mate in the 2016 presidential elections. Hontiveros who has been anti-Marcos is also critical to the current administration for favoring the Marcoses. The public asks; Does the LP mastermind the killings?

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Discrediting Bongbong Marcos: Who Wrote the Wrong History that the Young Anti-Marcos Protesters Believe?

Bongbong Marcos

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Listening to the young protesters tell their side and even a teacher who only rely on textbooks as the source of their martial law era history knowledge prove to show that these official educational materials are used to ruin the Marcoses. Who can possibly do it? It can be traced back of course when the textbooks are published and under whose administration? That would be the answer to the question who launched the anti-Marcos black propaganda designed to discourage voters not to allow a Marcos to return to the highest position in the country.

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Groups opposing the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani held a vigil in front of the Supreme Court on Friday, November 4. The decision is anticipated on Tuesday, November 8.

Aquino Administration

There were two terms of the Aquinos when the books were released to schools. In fact, up to this date, Senator Risa Hontiveros is still promoting it to schools. Why are they propagating wrongful and malicious information against the strongman? Are they afraid that the general public will know the whole truth? That’s why they are against the Bongbong Marcos Vice Presidency or Presidency for that matter?

Social Media Battles

The anti and pro-Marcos supporters bring their grudges via social media after images were posted during the encounter at the Heroes Cemetery during the burial of the late president. One older pro-Marcos commented a somewhat sexual message to the younger girl who is an anti-Marcos. The media made it a big headline that Pro-Marcos people are threatening to rape the Anti-Marcos. See the problem? That’s what happen during the old days.

Digital Method vs Print

The existence of the online tools nowadays and the evolution of media providers are favoring the Marcoses. If you are a bright student who is into innovation, you just don’t believe what you’ve read or heard from the textbooks or media. You are inclined to make your own research and decide with your own conclusion.

The Marcoses did not steal nor kill

If only, one would be so rightful to know the truth, it is very easy to know that the Marcoses did not steal. In fact. their inheritance was stolen from them by the PCGG. Up to this date, the country benefits from the gold reserves deposited by the late Ferdinand E. Marcos at the World Bank since the 1960s. Even his own family cannot withdraw that because it is documented as the property designated for the welfare of Filipinos. As per the martial law abuses, research about the Philippine Constabulary cases that former President Fidel Ramos was responsible for.