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Bongbong Marcos Reveals the Ultimate Goal of Robredo’s Delaying Tactics

delaying tactics

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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos does not take the recount for his election protest sitting down. He prepares his team of experts to cover developments, enhance his social media presence, and most of all, speaks his mind out when asked directly. As per the video coverage, he confirms vehemently the ultimate goal of the delaying tactics imposed by VP Leni Robredo’s Camp. Her lawyer tries to influence him to run for Senator in 2019. He firmly declined, to their dismay because he’s already the Vice President, he said.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos discloses that Robredo’s lawyer pushes him to run for Senator in 2019. This is his reply.

Delaying Tactics

The electoral protest against Robredo involves the unending filing of motions for reconsideration for every move of the Marcos Camp. Robredo, in fact, filed a motion for reconsideration even for the recount. She claimed that the allegations made by Marcos were not enough to open ballot boxes. Marcos’ spokesman, Atty. Vic Rodriguez disputes this by saying that if Robredo really has nothing to hide, she should not resort to delaying tactics. She must allow the proceedings to continue if she is not guilty, Rodriguez added.

Justice Caguioa’s Hand

Marcos slams Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa who handles his election protest for his injustices. He cites paying the Tribunal P7 million upfront to decrypt the ballots but he is still waiting for its progress. Whereas, it grants Robredo’s access to their soft copies as soon as she files a motion. The cost is still running for ink, paper, and others. The PET deprives Marcos of the documents that the tribunal required him to pay “only to grant them to Robredo for free.” Besides, Marcos is the one who moved for the decryption and Robredo even opposed it

Push from Robredo’s Lawyer

Marcos discloses earlier that Robredo’s legal counsel, Romulo Macalintal suggests that he should run for Senator in 2019. He is surely the number one, Macalintal added. However, Marcos knows that the protest will be rendered moot and academic if he does so. It shows his disinterest in the case.

Bongbong Marcos’ Firm Reply

Marcos is now simply reclaiming the seat that is taken away from him through fraudulent means. However, unfavorably to them, Marcos vowed to fight until the very end. He knows that he is the rightful Vice President and he is about to unveil how he was cheated.

Bongbong Marcos is Determined to Finish the Protest against Robredo, Win or Lose

How does Fraud against Bongbong Marcos Violates the People’s Rights to Democracy?

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Sereno’s Supreme Court Influence Weakens in Time for the VP Recount

Supreme Court

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Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court may have grant VP Leni Robredo’s request to avail of the decrypted ballot soft copies without explanation – but it also has a major pro-Marcos ruling. There seems to have a power struggle within the SC’s en banc. This is very obvious during the impeachment hearing of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Four justices testify against her. Bongbong Marcos’ supporters hope that the LP CJ’s influence finally diminishes within the judiciary as the VP recount is about to happen in February 2018.

Youtube Video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Justices testify against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno during the impeachment hearing.

2017 Supreme Court Review

There are many controversial issues within the judiciary in 2017. There’s no denying that President Rodrigo Du30’s mandate affects them. The Supreme Court also dealt with relevant issues like the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Pro-Marcos Ruling

In July, the case of “Ilocos 6,” on the alleged misuse of P66.45 million in tobacco funds to buy vehicles under the watch of Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, reaches the high tribunal. Also in July, the CA junks the enforcement of the $2-billion award by a US court, in 1995. This is over the estate of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, to the so-called human rights victims during Martial Law.

Strong En Banc Force

Earlier, the court approves with finality its final disposition on the case of Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or Heroes’ Cemetery. Majority of the magistrates dismiss the petition to exhume his remains.

Recount Hope: Anti-LP – Pro-Bongbong Marcos

Sereno, an LP player, faces an impeachment complaint. The Supreme Court allows the release of all documents against Sereno. They include her Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth, foreign and domestic travels, and bulletproof luxury vehicle, among other pieces of evidence. It grants the plea of lawyer Lorenzo Gadon for their release. Witnesses present from the Supreme Court are Justices Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Noel Tijam, Francis Jardeleza, and Arturo Brion. Pro-Bongbong Marcos? Perhaps, the SC is just becoming fair.

Controversies hound the judiciary

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News Agencies Dying Due to Credibility – Is it because of Anti-Bongbong Marcos Stunts?


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Elena Grace Flores

A local publication picks up on the news that nine European press agencies call on internet giants to be to pay copyright for using news content for huge profits. It comes as the EU debates a directive to make Facebook, Google, Twitter and others pay for news articles they allegedly use or link to. In the country, many stay away from watching news from the mainstream media because of credibility. Many people believe that most of them are biased. This is obvious with Bongbong Marcos. The black media propaganda on his father resurfaces every time he confronts VP Leni Robredo as the election protest continues.

Youtube Video by; ALAM MO NA BA?


Facebook becomes the Biggest Media

“Facebook becomes the biggest media in the world,” they said. “Neither Facebook nor Google does not have journalists who cover such events. Just recently, press people question the accreditation privilege laid out by the government for social media practitioners. They thought that to have 5,000 followers is easy to reach via FB. The palace corrects this by saying that aside from the community requirement, they have to prove that they publish original news regularly.

9% Profit Drop

Catching up with family and friends for people to log onto Facebook is a priority for most users. News only comes second. Social Media profits reach $10 billion or 8.5 billion Pesos last year. The news agencies accuse online platforms of reaping vast profits “from other people’s work” by soaking up between 60 and 70% of advertising revenue. Google’s jumps by a fifth in a year. Ad revenue for news media fell 9% in France alone last year.  This trend is a disaster for the industry.

Social Media are the People’s Medium

The quality of journalism in the country is very questionable. Like for example, fake news on the Marcoses seems like a priority. Real updates on the Marcos siblings are often ignored. Social media practitioners fill in the gap made by mainstream journalists. Anyone who has internet access can post any event witnessed. However, the so-called online journalists gather all the facts with evidence and promote them via social media in a news article form.

Credibility Issue

In fact, some commercial media publications are quick enough to report on December 8 that Edilberto del Carmen uses the alias Angel Ferdinand Marcos to pretend as the son of the late Ferdinand Marcos while doing illegal things. On the other hand, there’s hardly any mention of Bongbong Marcos’ efforts during the  Marawi City visit last December 4, 2017. People who realize this kind of incompetence by the traditional press would rather get vital information from their handy gadget in real time. They have lost not only their credibility but also reliability. Besides, who made martial law look bad?

Why Do Commercial Media Report on Ferdinand Marcos’ Legacy Fakers, NOT on its Realities?

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Macalintal Challenges Bongbong Marcos’ IT Experts to Prove that Smartmatic Cheated


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Elena Grace Flores

In a face-off interview with Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer Atty. George Garcia, Robredo’s counsel Atty. Romulo Macalintal retaliates that there’s no cheating ever found involving Smartmatic’s machines. Macalintal recalls that some IT experts claimed that there were anomalies in the server’s behavior when the sudden lead of Robredo over Marcos happened. Marcos explains this himself in an earlier interview. Therefore, the veteran election lawyer challenges those professionals to prove the fraud even with just one vote.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Robredo’s Macalintal Challenges IT Experts to Show a Ballot that Proves Smartmatic Cheated.

Belittling IT Experts

Macalintal mocks the IT experts who give their expert opinions on the transmission trend and server behavior when the immediate twist of fate started on the night of the May 16, 2016, VP race.  This is in contrast with Clean Elections advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong’s statement that says that the fraudulent activities during the latest national elections were not only manual but digital in nature. Aside from being a lawyer, he also has some IT background.

No Cheating by Smartmatic?

VP Robredo’s lawyer insists that Smartmatic did not cheat and there was no cheating during the 2016 elections as far as the PCOS machines are concerned. He admits that there may be some manual cheatings like the traditional vote-buying, harassing voters and all – but never involving the election machines.

Loyalists Witnessed Digital Manipulation

Many Bongbong Marcos supporters went to bed nicely late night after monitoring the VP election results on May 16, 2016. He was over one million votes ahead of Leni Robredo. Only to be shocked with nightmare upon learning from the early morning news that Robredo has the slim advantage. Such sudden twist of fate could not have happened if there’s no digital manipulation according to IT experts.

Recount is a Must Regardless of Who Wins

Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. George Garcia explains that they are open to the possibility that there’s no revision of the vote counts after the recount. The important thing is to measure the performance of Smartmatic earlier before the 2019 elections. If they are wrong, they wholeheartedly accept defeat. But for now, the immediate recount is a must.

You’ll Cry Too if You Hear the Sentiments of Bongbong Marcos’ Supporters

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Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest NOT Enough to Get Rid of Smartmatic for 2019



Elena Grace Flores

Filipinos are not over with the Smartmatic nightmare during the election in 2016. However, it might still be the same provider in 2019. Bongbong Marcos’ plight seems not enough. Section 33 of RA 9369 states that the JCOC  must monitor and evaluate the digital election system within six months from the date of the election. Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the AES technologies must be the basis for the appropriate recommendations to Congress.” The Comelec Advisory Council or CAC never failed to submit its report to the JCOC or Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on time since 2010 until 2016. This is when Marcos questions its integrity in his electoral protest.

Video by; GNN HeartbeatLive


Compliance is Overdue

The JCOC has not convened yet to deliberate on the performance of the automated election system or AES after 18 months. Therefore, the AES technology for 2019 midterm elections stays the same. Most of the stakeholders like the AES Watch, Tanggulang Demokrasya, Philippine Computer Society Foundation, Solidarity for Sovereignty, Nationalist Filipinos Against Foreign Intervention, Citizens National Guard, etc. are now urging the committee to act on this.

Accountable People

Ex-JOCC Chairman, Sen. Koko Pimentel and former Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista were reminded of their obligation to promulgate the IRR. Unfortunately, no such action has been done yet. It is also not certain if Pnoy appointee Acting Chairman Christian Robert Lim will do something about it. This is despite clean elections advocate, Atty. Glenn Chong’s noise regarding the 2016 elections fraudulent activities that are not only manual but digital in nature.

Diversity Suggested

Former DICT Secretary and CAC Chair Rodolfo Salalima said that the CAC “envisions the creation of an ecosystem of interoperable. This is where multiple and mixed technologies providers can reasonably participate in election technology in the country’s elections. CAC encourages more diversity. He notes that in the past three elections, the Comelec uses the AES technology from only one vendor which is Smartmatic.

Smartmatic Monopoly

Bautista’s six options for 2019 are all from Smartmatic. Option 1 is 2010 and 2013 PCOS. Next is the purchase of VCMs on lease in 2016. The third is to combine both. Option 4 is the lease of new optical mark reader Smartmatic machines or OMR. Option 5 is the usage of other systems besides an OMR technology. They are still Smartmatic’s DRE technology. Finally, option 6 is to combine any of the five options. Unless the JCOC convenes, these options remain regardless of the progress of Marcos’ protest against Robredo’s victory.

Bongbong Marcos Responds to Robredo: 8,000 Witnesses are Election Officers from BEI

When will the JCOC convene?