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Bongbong Marcos to Aquino, LP: Vengeance can Hamper the Nation’s Unity


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Elena Grace Flores

While the Liberal Party and Aquino-loyal politicians and supporters try to highlight the bad outcome of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ leadership rather than the good, Bongbong Marcos never expresses hate towards them. In fact, he swears that if he wins, going after them can’t be the nation’s policy. Marcos will stand strongly against prosecuting Noynoy Aquino or any leader for whatever anomalies because it can hamper unity among Filipinos. It is just counter-productive for the country, he said.

YouTube Video by;  ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Despite the decades-old political rift between their families, Bongbong Marcos believes that the administration should not run after President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III over alleged railroaded budget allotments.

Golden Era becomes the Dark Age

Martial law under the Marcos patriarch continues to stir up debates. After 45 years, his heirs gain back national influence. This triggers alleged human rights victims to seek justice for money. Bongbong Marcos said that their family’s history is “still being written.” The current history is the propaganda version of their detractors. The Aquinos’ two-term in power made that possible.

Disputes on Statistics

Gross domestic product or GDP  growth peaked right after Marcos’s declaration of Martial law in 1972. It reaches nearly 9 percent in 1973 and 1976, partly driven by a commodity boom when the prices of major Philippine commodity exports like coconut and sugar went up. However, it was also under his leadership when the country hit the worst recession in history: a 7.3-percent contraction for 2 successive years in 1984 and 1985, as his grip on power waned. The anti-Marcoses stress on the times when the LP’s destabilization efforts already took a toll on Marcos’ administration.

Traitor of Both Sides

On the other hand, the Aquino patriarch, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino wanted the Americans to tell Marcos anything that can provoke him to declare Martial Law. It was necessary to fully instigate the ideal time for an anti-Marcos revolution. He believed that could catapult him into the presidency. At the same time, he divulges what the communists were up to. He wanted to get America’s trust to get their support. It is a way to legitimize a revolutionary government. He must demonstrate to them that he can betray his communist collaborators once he becomes president. That’s most probably why he said that if he were president like Marcos, he would also not hesitate to declare martial law.

No Unity when Hate Exists

Bongbong Marcos’ family remain as the image of a Filipino status symbol. They care about the welfare of the people. Their characters show that there’s no place for hate and revenge. This is despite the projections of tyranny against them. Most people realized that already. It is just a matter of time that the nation’s culprits can repent.

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Bongbong Marcos Expects Electoral Protest Recount Result in December 2017


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Bongbong Marcos responds to Erwin Tulfo’s question about the update of the electoral protest that the Supreme Court already made necessary preparations for the recount. The PET also orders to retrieve the ballot boxes from the pilot provinces identified by Marcos. He basically expects the recount to start in November. That should produce a result already in December 2017.

Youtube video from; Erwin Tulfo

[VIDEO]: Matapang na diskusyon at straight to the point na mga sagot mula kay former senator at vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr o BBM sa mga kontrobersyal na isyu ngayon sa ating bayan. Erwin Tulfo at BBM, 1 on 1! Panoorin at pakinggan ang kanilang naging usapan!

Smartmatic Pays Bautista

The signed affidavit of Patricia Bautista, estranged wife of COMELEC Chair, Andres Bautista that says he indeed receives a fee from Smartmatic is already against the law. This fact alone already gives an impression to the public that there was indeed manipulation in the 2016 election results.

First Course of Action Not Relevant to Protest

Since the PET already ruled that the first course of action in Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is not relevant anymore to the recount, Bautista’s case can just die down. The focus is already on the wait for the start of the recount. November is fast-approaching so, the people are anxious for it to start. This is with the hope that at the end of the year, the case is resolved. That the real winner for the VP post can already assume by 2018.

Bloody Drug War

Marcos also explains why the President’s drug war is quite bloody. He said that the streets are already tainted with blood even before the start of the drug war. Naturally, it takes a bloody method to stop a bloody crime. It’s a choice between the criminals and the authorities to perish.

Collateral Damages

The OFWS are important to the economy of the country. There is an indication that the enemies of the administration are using their influence to discredit the President. The series of deaths among teenagers who are mostly children of OFWs follow a pattern that can create hatred among overseas contract workers to the President. The September 21 rally at the Luneta against the administration also follows the same procedure when the detractors of the late President Ferdinand Marcos staged violent events to blame them to the Marcos regime.

PET Orders Recount in Bongbong Marcos’ Pilot Provinces First

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Bongbong Marcos is Heading Towards the Election Recount Now


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that he now prepares for the recount of votes in connection with his electoral protest to the 2016 vice presidential election. Leni Robredo claims her victory despite his protest on the anomalous hairline margin. Marcos is confident that the discrepancy can easily be wiped out through a recount that can be done in one and a half month.

Youtube Video by; News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Kampo ni Bongbong Marcos, may mungkahi para mapabilis ang pagsuri sa mga balota.

Organizing the Election Recount Revisors

Bongbong Marcos said; “I have started organizing the revisors, or those who will open the ballot boxes and count the votes,” said Marcos during the Marcos 100 Forum at Mariano Marcos State University.

Action of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court that acts as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal also prepares the gymnasium at the SC compound. This is where the recount will be conducted, Marcos added. There are also two other venues in the SC grounds that can serve as storage places for the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia.

Recount Amidst Propaganda

It can be observed that massive media propaganda from both the pro and anti-administration factions are ongoing. Nevertheless, Marcos concentrates on the recount despite Robredo’s continues attack on his father’s legacy as his family celebrates the fallen President’s 100th birth anniversary.

Over in Less than Two Months

Marcos said that once the recount begins, it would be over in one and a half months. News on the truth about the COMELEC Chair and the wealth for humanity favor Marcos greatly. Not to mention President Du30’s utmost support. This triggers the LP to bombard the current President with various allegations just like what they did during the Marcos regime. However, they tend to forget that they are not anymore in power. Their dirty tricks before can easily fail now.

Bongbong Marcos: We are preparing recount

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Leni Robredo Wants the Marcoses to Confess Sins in Lieu of Immunity


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Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo displays her obsession over the Marcoses again – just to discredit her rival to the Vice Presidency, Bongbong Marcos. It is clear that she cannot judge fairly because she already has a verdict before the proceedings begin. This is in connection with the turnover of the wealth for humanity to the government. The President thinks that the Marcoses should seek for immunity. This is to avoid lengthy trials or even imprisonment. Although she does not oppose that, she insists that the Marcoses should admit that they stole the treasures first.

Youtube Video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo says the Marcos family must admit their sins first before any discussions on the government granting them immunity in exchange for the alleged ill-gotten wealth.

God-less Reasoning

Robredo explained; For me, before we can even begin talking about immunity, there should be a confession of sins first. It’s hard to forgive a person who does not admit his or her mistakes. The VP cannot even think that her sins were forgiven like any other human beings by God even before she asked for forgiveness. Perhaps, it is difficult for her to be God-like.

Lawyer or Judge?

Robredo does not share the same view with the President on his alliance with the Marcos family. The Vice President was a human rights lawyer before her affiliation with the Liberal Party that aims to block Bongbong Marcos from the disputed post. She said that the Marcoses may end up escaping punishment over their alleged ill-gotten wealth if they are granted immunity. She obviously does not understand the logic of Du30 that no one would like to disclose anything if a prosecution is likely.

An apology from the Dead?

She added that; There will be no healing and no immunity should be granted as long as they’re not admitting their sins. Because what that means is that they only want to escape the legal repercussions without confessing, she clarified. As a lawyer, she should know that a crime committed by a patriarch if there’s any cannot be inherited by the wife and children. Perhaps, she would like the late President Ferdinand Marcos to visit her in her sleep.

Panicking as Recount Nears

The Vice President portrays herself as a staunch critic of the abuses under the Marcos regime. She is currently facing Bongbong Marcos’  electoral protest. It was just announced recently that the Supreme Court has made preparations for the recount. The retrieval of ballots from the key provinces is also being ordered. This is her way of surviving from her downfall – even if she again expresses her notable dumb principles. Is it hard to think that the Marcoses do not need to turn those gold bar wealth over to the government if they have sole access to it?

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Bongbong Marcos: Recount and Annulment of Election Results Continue after First Course Rejection

Bongbong Marcos: Recount and Annulment of Election Results Continue after First Course Rejection

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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos welcomes the directive of the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. This is to order the retrieval of ballots. It is necessary for his poll protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. Contrary to the reports of the mainstream media, this is actually a favorable circumstance for Marcos. The rejection of his first course of action that questions that integrity of the 2016 election actually paves the way for the immediate recount to happen very soon. That is basically his ultimate goal.

Youtube Video by;  News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Election protest ni Bongbong Marcos, magpapatuloy. Ibinasura ng Presidential Electoral Tribunal ang mosyon ni Vice President Leni Robredo na layong ipa-dismiss ang election protest ni Bongbong Marcos.

Immediate Recount

The Marcos’ Camp said; “We have the case exactly where we wanted it to be, the conduct of manual recount and judicial revision and the presentation of proof,” Marcos’ legal spokesperson Victor Rodriguez confirmed. Aside from the rejection of Marcos’ first course of action, the PET also denies Robredo’s motion for reconsideration to not allow Marcos’ protest to proceed. The Tribunal already upholds Marcos’ protest’s sufficiency in form and in substance.

First Course Rejection is Favorable to Marcos

Marcos’ protest is now limited to revision or manual recount of the actual ballots and annulment of election results for the position of vice president after the first cause of action rejection. This is for the provinces of Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, and Basilan on the ground of terrorism, intimidation, harassment of voters and pre-shading of ballots.

Hairline Margin

Marcos only lost to Robredo by 263,473 votes in the May 2016 elections. Marcos’ Camp is very confident that the results of the recount from the pioneer provinces selected could easily surpass the questionable lead due to the alleged fraud. As always, Romulo Macalintal has a different interpretation of the circumstance. This is taken as a desperate mind conditioning effort from Robredo’s Camp.

Retrieval of Election Ballots

Currently, Marcos pushes for the retrieval of ballots and decryption and printing of ballot images in the pilot areas for the recount. Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental. The tribunal grants this as per August 29. Gone were the days that the people just believe what the mainstream media say. Now, it is evident that most of them are biased.