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Macalintal Cannot Believe Bongbong Marcos’ Victory Claim as he Refuses to Run for Senator in 2019


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Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal cannot believe it when Bongbong Marcos said; “I don’t see any reason why I would change my mind. Why would I run for senator, I already won as vice president.” Marcos vows to  “finish”   his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. Macalintal disputes this because according to him, nobody wins yet after a recount. They will just tally what the machines generate, he said. Perhaps, Marcos is dreaming, he added.

Youtube Video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos, tatapusin ang electoral protest vs Robredo

Presidential Endorsement

Marcos is certain that he would stand by his decision even if the President endorses him, or if he would be included in the slate of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban). That won’t stop him from pursuing the protest.” There seems to be some kind of understanding between Du30 and Marcos. It is remembered that President Du30 wants him to concentrate on his protest. The Filipino leader also told Marcos to trust him on this.

Election Protest Recount in February

The manual recounts are the actual counting of the ballots in comparison to the tallies from the server. This is contrary to Macalintal’s description that it is just a mere digital tabulation. Perhaps, he was caught by surprise when Marcos shows extreme confidence that he is the real winner of the VP race in 2016.

No for Senator 2019

To the dismay of the Robredo camp, Marcos does not follow the footsteps of his late running-mate, former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, and Senator Loren Legarda. They both ran for their Senate seats, thus abandoning their respective electoral protests.

The Quest for the Real VP

Marcos, on the other hand, is more concerned about knowing the real results of the VP elections in 2016. He is also determined more than ever find out the real winner. He is not quitting and ready enough to pursue the case especially now that he has the support of most Filipinos – that is very obvious via the social media.

‘I am not running for Senate in 2019’ – Bongbong Marcos

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Bongbong Marcos: Supreme Court Commits Grave Error

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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos asks the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to reconsider its decision to provide VP Leni Robredo with the decrypted copies of the documents for his pilot provinces. Marcos said that he paid all the expenses. Robredo must also shoulder some expenses for the process if she wants them. He calls it a grave error on the part of the SC. Her lawyer, Romulo Macalintal commented that if Marcos wants to resolve the electoral protest faster, he should not have filed a motion on this.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PET committed a grave error in allowing Robredo to secure copies of ballot images said, Bongbong Marcos.

Hefty Pay

Marcos who for the cost of decryption and printing of ballot images from the pilot provinces that amounts to P2,974,075. “With all due respect, Robredo did not contribute any share in the expenses and supplies for this undertaking. It is unfair, unjust and inequitable that PET allows her to obtain soft copies of the decrypted images of the ballots, election returns, audit logs and other relevant documents for the pilot protest,” the motion stated.

Justification to the Move of the Supreme Court

Macalintal in response to Marcos said to him that he should avoid filing motions that only lengthen the proceedings. “By doing this, they have no one to blame but themselves for any delay,” he said in a statement. It looks like he found an opportunity to blame to Marcos the many delays his camp caused.

Pay First

Macalintal assures Marcos’ camp that Robredo gives them copies of reports if she needs to ask for decryption. The question is, can they afford it? As per record, their 7 Million Pesos balance for her counter-protest is not yet paid. Marcos only has to show lost votes that can cover her 263,473 lead. That can come very handy during the February 2018 recount.

A Grave Error by the Supreme Court

Despite the somewhat clear injustice done by the Supreme Court at this point, Marcos is still careful with his words. He never accuses the PET of any manipulation even if most people assume it. It is evident that his confidence in the justice system is still high. Sometimes, they seem to let Robredo win in some aspects of the protest to perhaps justify their main and final decision.

Bongbong Marcos Noted the Supreme Court Lapse but Still Believes in Filipino Unity

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Supreme Court: VP Winner be Determined by Recount, Bongbong Marcos’ Election Integrity Motion Junked

Supreme Court

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Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal PET junks Bongbong Marcos’ first cause of action for the electoral protest. “If Protestant succeeds to prove his first cause of action, it won’t mean that he won the position of Vice President. This can only be determined by a manual recount of all votes in all precincts,” the decision stated.

Facebook Video by;  Rappler

[VIDEO]: SC junks Marcos’ motion questioning integrity of 2016 polls

The Supreme Court’s Reason

The SC decision was dated August 29. Leni Robredo lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Maria Bernadette Sardillo only released a copy recently. The SC feels that it’s not relevant to pursue Marcos’ first course of action anymore. It said; “If this is a relief Protestant has clearly stated he is not praying for, then, to allow the first cause of action to continue is irrelevant. It would be an exercise in futility and would have no practical effect.”

COMELEC Included

Since Marcos questioned the credibility of the whole elections, the PET includes the Commission on Elections as a party to the case. It also rules that ballot boxes will only be retrieved in the 3 provinces Marcos identified. It is where initial recounting of votes will be held to determine if his protest has merit. These are Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental. This has been very clear from the start as far as the Marcos Camp is concerned.

Deferred Action

The PET also deferred action on Marcos’ request to conduct a technical and forensic examination of all ballots from the provinces of Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur. These are the provinces where he wants votes nullified due to alleged election fraud.

Don’t Celebrate Yet

Macalintal announces; “We are very, very happy with the results of this resolution of the PET because, from this resolution of the tribunal, it only shows that indeed, the protest of Marcos has no basis. It is only based on some speculations and conclusions,” said Macalintal. ‘We look forward to an early dismissal of the case of Marcos,” Macalintal said. Nonetheless, it is a trend in the SC ruling that initially they don’t favor Marcos but in the end, he will emerge victoriously. Remember the case of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ Hero’s burial?

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Macalintal’s Bullying of Bongbong Marcos Not Working after the Bautista Scandal


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VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal seems to have lost his appeal as a veteran election lawyer. This is after his bullying against Bongbong Marcos. He calls Marcos boastful after he changes his pilot cities and shortlists his witnesses. The changes follow the Supreme Court guidelines. Robredo’s counsel also said that Comelec Chair’s referral fee from Smartmatic is not an evidence to dispute the integrity of the 2016 elections.

Youtube video from; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista accuses wife of extortion. This is after her allegations that he has hidden wealth.

Comelec Chair as Victim

Comelec Chair Andres Bautista can dispute the claims of his wife all he wants but he is definitely not the victim here. The fact that he does not provide for his family financially anymore is already a big social offense. Denying his estrange wife what is legally due to her because of his inaccurate records is another family injustice.

Macalintal’s Bullying

Macalintal backs Chairman Bautista that the referral fee he receives from Smartmatic is not for cheating during elections. Therefore, it cannot be taken as such. He forgets that government officials are not allowed to accept any donations or gifts from anybody in relation to their job. The veteran election lawyer once again shows that he is biased in favor of his client, Robredo. But his bullying against Marcos is not working anymore.


Not Convincing

Bautista’s family may be rich as he said. It is seconded by his brother but according to the records, they do not keep proper bookkeeping as required by the BIR. This is when it comes to their wealth. He can immediately declare the amount due to his wife if there’s proper accounting. By saying that they will divulge everything in due time does not help. Justice delayed is justice denied. They are obviously buying time.

Dragging Marcos into the Scandal

Bongbong Marcos can only say this amidst speculations that he is behind the fighting spirit of Mrs. Patricia Bautista; “I’m watching what you are reporting. That’s all I know. The Palace can confirm also confirm that his wife arranged the meeting between Mrs. Bautista and the President.” Nevertheless, most people are not interested if he’s involved or not. Chairman Bautista must be investigated fair and square.

Bongbong Marcos puro ‘yabang’ lang! – Macalintal

No basis to doubt poll results amid Bautista couple’s spat—lawyer

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Vic Rodriguez: Macalintal cannot make own Rules – Robredo Violates Rule 33


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Atty. Romulo Macalintal and Atty. Maria Bernadette Sardillo said that the P66 million only covers the 36,465 clustered precincts and not the 92,509 clustered precincts in Marcos’ protest – but Bongbong Marcos made sure to comply first before asking to lower down fees. Very unlike Leni Robredo who refuses to pay and violates Rule 33 of the electoral protest.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Marcos, nagbigay na ng P36-M na paunang bayad para sa kanyang election protest vs. VP Robredo

Rule 33 Argument of Macalintal

According to Rule 33(b) of the Tribunal’s 2010 Rules, each precinct needs P500 cash deposit to bring back poll documents needs a cash deposit of P50. Thus, in all 92,509 precincts under the protection order Marcos should pay P185 million, said Macalintal.

Vic Rodriguez’s Response to Macalintal

The PET resolution also odered Robredo to pay P15.4 million cash deposit for her counter protest with the initial P8 M to be paid latest last Monday, April 17, 2017 but Robredo failed to pay. Therefore, their counter protest must be dismissed as per Rule 33.

 Macalintal’s own Rule

Macalintal maintained that they will comply with the payment when the need becomes necessary to retrieve the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia in the clustered precincts mentioned in their counter protest.

Comply First before Complaining

Marcos really shows a good quality for a leader. He already deposited P200,000 upon filing of his protest. The P36 M has also been paid. P30 million is payable on July 14. Marcos also asked the PET to defer the order for payment of the remaining deposit pending resolution of their plea to finally set the case for preliminary conference. Instead of further complaints and demands, Marcos has tried his best to comply first despite the tremendous financial burden laid upon him by the Supremem Court