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Elderly Bongbong Marcos Supporters Approve the President’s CPP-NPA Judgement



Elena Grace Flores

The President terminates the peace negotiations with the communists. Du30 said that he senses that they want to form a coalition government. It’s leader, Joma Sison calls Du30 a liar for saying this. However, it’s clear that communism was rejected by the people since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He declared Martial Law to save the country from their terrorist acts. Nowadays, the current President threatens to declare the Communist Party of the Philippines as a terrorist group. Communist leaders who are out on bail due to the peace talks should surrender. Bongbong Marcos’ elderly supporters who were witnesses of the CPP-NPA cruelty back then, back the Filipino leader up.

Video by; Kenneth Mico Panganiban

[VIDEO]: Enrile: The communists do not believe that people have souls so they just slaughter them like chickens.

Reality Check with the Elderly

Most of Bongbong Marcos’ supporters are the elderly. They are the ones who can testify how progressive their lives were during Martial Law. Only the elitists and business people who do not want to stop contractual laborers are against the namesake of the late President Marcos.  It is not a surprise why millennials think that the younger Marcos is cool. They believe their grandparents more than the most mainstream media.

Democratic Process

Martial Law was not declared by one man only. The majority of the members of the Congress and the Senate voted in its favor. This is not a dictatorship but democratic process. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Indonesia already have civil war during those times because of the forceful propagation of communism. Only the Philippines in Southeast Asia had the least number of casualties because of military rule. The rest of the countries followed suit.

Something to Thank the Late Marcos For

The opposition continuously defends the communism ideology. They said that they are not terrorists despite the damages they caused. CPP-NPA is like Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism. They are for equality of status. No rich or poor. That is why Filipino priests like Father Balweg and Luis Jalandoni were also attracted to it. This kind of radicalism infected the world during the Marcos era. Almost 75 million people have died around the world because of the fight to stop the communism recruitment. The Philippines did not become a communist because of the great leadership of ex-President Marcos.

Media Propaganda Against Marcos

The older Marcos rises into extreme popularity that made him unbeatable during elections. Presidential aspirants have to resort to media propaganda to malign his good reputation. Most media entities influenced by the Liberal Party have been fooling Filipinos for more than 30 years now. The rebel with the death penalty and who was conniving with the communists to topple Marcos was referred to as a hero. As a media man himself, the late Ninoy Aquino can only use his media connections to blame the soldiers for Martial Law abuses to discredit the President they served. His supporters even made Marcos liable for his death. If so, why can’t his wife and son find his real killer after their two consecutive terms as Presidents?

Marcos’ Golden Age is Enhanced by Aquino’s Dysfunctional Performance

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How Does Glenn Chong’s Promise on Trillanes Avenge Bongbong Marcos’ Election Plight?


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Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong announces that the cases that they filed against the critic of President, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV  are the following as per his group’s promise:

  1.  Art. 142 of Revised Penal Code for inciting to Sedition
  2. Art. 136 of Revised Penal Code for Proposal to Commit Coup d’etat
  3. Sec 3(e) of Republic Act No. 3019 for graft and corruption.

He also explained the basis of the cases against the Senator. Aside from this development, he launches a campaign to call on the government not to use Smartmatic in 2019 after what happened to Bongbong Marcos.

Video by; Mentong Tiu

[VIDEO]: How do you solve a problem like SmartMatic? Dahil ang SmartMatic po, kung wala tayong magawa upang mapigilan ito, ay ang ‘syang magbibilang nanaman ng boto sa 2019. As our guest, Former Congressman Glenn Chong, a Clean Elections Advocate, would describe it, it is a dreadful prospect.

Congress Support

Most loyalists believe that the key to the Du30-Marcos tandem realization is to give fake newsmakers like Trillanes a lesson.  This can even stop any destabilization efforts on a big scale. Cebu Representative Gwen Garcia who wants the truth to come out on the 2016 VP race also suggests running after the resigned Comelec Chair, Andy Bautista aside from the measures to manage Trillanes’ bullying.

Backing Bongbong Marcos

Lawyer, Atty. Glenn Chong earlier discloses to the Former Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes that the Liberal Party falls into his trap. This is to solely determine the party’s connivance with the Comelec. Therefore measuring the fraud committed against Bongbong Marcos. Just recently, Chong’s group fulfills its promise to make Trillanes liable for inciting rebellion. His negative remarks on the President are just harmful to the administration.

Privilege Speech Gone Wrong

Chong said that Senator Antonio Trillanes incited a coup in his Senate privilege speech on October 13, 2017. He also did the same violation during his speeches at the Tindig Pilipinas launching in University of the Philippines.


Not Protected by the Constitution

Chong said that Trillanes’ privilege speech is not protected by the constitution. He can be held liable for what he said against the President. He also gave an example of a U.S Supreme Court Case where an American Senator had faced charges for allegedly accepting bribes in exchange for his vote in the Senate. According to the U.S Senator Brewster, his speech was protected by the U.S Constitution, but the Supreme Court justices ruled that he committed a crime and accepting bribes is not protected by the law. In the case of Trillanes, Atty. Chong said that the critic of the President violated Article 142 and 136.

Pro-Bongbong Marcos Lawyer Glenn Chong Aids in Trillanes’ Sedition Case

Lawyer and 2 former CHR commissioners file sedition raps against Trillanes: We kept our promise

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Former VP Binay’s Human Rights Significance in the Du30-Bongbong Marcos Alliance


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Elena Grace Flores

The presence of former vice president Jejomar Binay during the procession to the People Power Monument recently raises some eyebrows. This is among the Du30 and Marcos loyalists. Some are quick enough to judge. They probably don’t know the significance of it. Binay is no doubt an ally of the President because he is for the people. He is a human rights lawyer at that. The Detractors of the President and Bongbong Marcos who accuse them of human rights violations can never question Binay’s human rights role in the country. Even before the 1986 revolt. Binay’s alliance with the Du30-Marcos tandem can prove that they are not guilty of such accusations.

Youtube Video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Marcos, Binay share laugh in Yolanda commemorative walk in 2015.

The President Supports Constructive Dissent

Roque stresses that President Du30 allows constructive dissent. Those who have grievances have space to protest. “The Church was very clear. It wasn’t political,” said Roque. However, this homily statement of Archbishop Socrates Villegas casts shadows over his non-political claim: “No politician lasts forever; only God does. Turn to the Lord and turn away from destructive politics. Peace to you all! We respect you. We call you Honorable. Be worthy of it,” he said.

Du30’s ICC Case

The case against Duterte before the ICC was filed amid the spate of killings linked to the government’s war on drugs.The complaint alleges that Duterte and at least 11 senior government officials are liable for murder and calls for an investigation, arrest warrants, and a trial. Roque, the only Philippine lawyer allowed to practice law at the ICC, nonetheless expressed openness to take on yet another role and assist Duterte if ever the latter would need his help.

Marcos and Martial Law

Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, inherits the black media propaganda effects against his father. The late President Ferdinand Marcos is widely known as a dictator. He is allegedly guilty of martial law human rights violations. But he has no single case in that aspect. Most of all, the ill-gotten wealth false publicity. That ends up to be the wealth of humanity. The President already directs the Senate and Congress to look into that.

Binay’s Influence on the BiHoMaDu Alliance

The political assassination stints on the Binays still continue despite the Binay’s patriarch’s retirement from politics. He is now the Dean of the University of Makati. However, it is not a secret that his kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon is one of the advisers of President Du30. When some DDS supporters are not for Marcos as VP, they are supplemented by the many Binay-Honasan supporters who are solid Bongbong Marcos for VP crusaders. The BiHoMaDu alliance that stands for Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 gears Bongbong Marcos to be president someday.

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Treason More Likely: Senator Rubio Learns the Art of Dealing with his President Unlike Trillanes


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Elena Grace Flores

Treason is the crime of betraying one’s country. An attempt to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government is an example. Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that he only presented facts about the situation in the Philippines. This is during his meeting with US Republican Marco Rubio in the United States. What he probably did not know is that – in spite of his US counterpart’s influence and drug war criticisms, he has made amends with the American President.

Youtube Video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Sen. Trillanes, nakipagpulong kay U.S. Sen. Rubio na tutol din sa war on drugs, ayon sa Malacañang

Rubio Found the US President’s Soft Spot

Rubio’s allies believe he has struck a difficult balance on his dealings with the US President but he actually achieved it. On some issues, the gentleman from Florida remains openly critical of him. On others, including Cuba policy, he has found a way to partner with the president to pursue his own priorities. “He seems to have found a sweet spot, or maybe I should call it ‘the art of dealing with Trump,’ ” Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, and friend of Rubio, said in an email. “He works with the US leader on what he can, issues like Venezuela and Cuba, that Marco and our community care about enormously. But he still manages at times — distances himself from the President and criticizes him when he goes off the rails.”

Factual but Anti-Du30

Trillanes denies that he tried to convince US lawmakers to persuade the US President to cancel his planned visit to Manila in November. This is for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit (ASEAN) and other Meetings. “I would like to confirm the information that I met with senior US government officials to include Marco Rubio. As mentioned in the tweet of Rubio, we talked about enhancing RP-US relations, corruption, and the human rights situation in the country,” Trillanes said.

Trillanes can’t Fool the US

“To be clear, I did not try to stop the state visit of President Trump since these things are carefully planned and cannot be stopped on the mere say-so of a Philippine lawmaker,” Trillanes explained. Malacañang earlier expressed hope that Trillanes did not give “biased” information to US officials that would “adversely affect” the ties between the two countries. He denied this and insists that he just presented factual information. After all, no one can “fool” the US government on the status in the Philippines, he added. Filipinos, however, already know that his perception on the President is damaging to the country, just like VP Leni Robredo’s UN message in a video.

Removal of a Senator

Trillanes assures the public that he did push for the country’s interests. He also stresses that it is not the same as what the President wants. “Be assured that I pushed for the interests of our country. But let me emphasize that the interests of our country are not necessarily the same as the interests of Du30,” Trillanes said. DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano has yet to get Rubio’s side. Given the strategic nature of Rubio in contrast with Trillanes’ out of tune attacks, he can be nailed with treason. It just depends on how Rubio would relay the context of their meeting. All these happen when the recount on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is about to start.

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Bongbong Marcos: Bloggers are Great Equalizers, Don’t Read if it’s Fake


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Elena Grace Flores

While the Senators are racing to think of a law to control alleged fake news among bloggers, Bongbong Marcos already has a sensible answer. Just don’t read the FAKE news. Bloggers are great equalizers. The good thing is – if you do not agree with them, you can respond and say so. You can also ignore and that would not make them survive the trade or passion. Who would want to write if there are no readers? He added.

Youtube Video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr says his family has long suffered from fake news. He also believes it is readers’ responsibility to avoid blogs and posts they think are making false claims.

Cannot Control Bloggers

Marcos believes bloggers, regardless of their affiliations, should not be suppressed. Instead, he thinks it’s the readers’ responsibility to stop reading blogs they believe are making false claims. He and his family have long been victims of fake news. However, in a digital platform, one can either agree or disagree with the opinion. That’s the beauty of social media.

Readers’ Responsibility

Marcos said bloggers should not be stopped from expressing their thoughts online – whether or not they spout truthful statements. He believes the responsibility rests on the readers to stop reading blogs and posts they know are making false claims. I think the approach is wrong, because why would you suppress bloggers? I’ve been saying to just let them be because the Internet is the great equalizer. For example, someone blogs. If you read the blog and you see it’s full of lies, then don’t read it! That’s an opinion. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion, he explained.

Senate Neutrality

Senator Grace Poe praises Thinking Pinoy blogger Rey Joseph Nieto for his “excellent research” and “neutrality.” Thinking Pinoy, a blatantly pro-administration blog, is among the sites accused of propagating fake news or disinformation online. “You know we may or may not agree with you. But if there’s anything, you do excellent research and that’s the truth. You do excellent research – sometimes against us, sometimes for us,” Poe said

Democratic Expressions

Poe admits that she follows Nieto’s page other senators should also check this site “so we know how people think.” “So I hope you keep the neutrality. Like if you’re on a board, you can be an independent director. You can be in government but an independent consultant,” Poe reiterated. Nieto is currently a social media strategist and consultant at the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs. It is only agreeable when Nieto said that if many netizens are saying something, public officials must listen.