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President Du30: Robredo – Bongbong Marcos Supporters to Pray for Succession


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is annoyed to the Liberal Party that pushes Leni Robredo to assume the presidency due to his alleged deteriorating health. It is not a secret he prefers Bongbong Marcos as successor. He then added to leave the succession through prayers. If he dies earlier, Robredo wins. If not, then Bongbong Marcos has the chance.

Youtube video from; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Naniniwala si Pres. Duterte na gusto lang marinig ni Sen. Leila De Lima na patay na siya.

Pathetic de Lima

The President is annoyed at unsympathetic speculations about his disappearance from the public’s eyes for few days recently. Hee could not stop himself to take a dig at a Liberal Party fighter like Senator Leila de Lima who’s in captivity due to his tremendous annoyance.


Du30 may not be incapacitated, but, as he says, he is confined to bed. Still, his reappearance in apparently fair capacity doesn’t make the issue irrelevant. The issue has been relevant since he admitted he was sick and under serious treatment – with, among other drugs, fentanyl, a potent opioid; he even intimated doubts about living through his term; said one LP media.

Marcos Succession

As Du30 refuses to reveal his precise state of health in a public medical report, he is compared to the late Ferdinand Marcos. The deceased strongman concealed his illness under martial law. He idolizes both Marcos and his martial law because of the good they have done to the country. This is why he prefers the namesake in the direct line of succession.

Constitutional Worry

It may be constitutional to address the concern of the people about the real status of the president’s health. However, it is human to understand that even Superman needs rest. Let alone a 72-year-old man who has gone through a lot of stress lately. It is now very obvious that the yellow faction twists the purpose of laws. They are meant to serve the people and not go against them especially when that person is the leader of the country. That is what democracy is all about. Give him the benefit of the doubt.