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Discrediting Presidents for Killings is a Propaganda Trend – Just like the Las Vegas Shooting


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Elena Grace Flores

An anti-Trump liberal was initially rumored to be the person behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Google and Facebook platforms allegedly allow the quick circulation of such fake news. There seems to be some kind of media propaganda trend that aims to discredit Presidents like the American and Philippine leaders who are both unorthodox in their ways. They are accused of propagating such misinformation when it can be the other way around. They remain popular ever since they won the elections. That must be hard for their detractors.

Youtube Video by; TODAY

[VIDEO]: Shawn Henry, a former executive assistant director of the FBI, joins TODAY to talk about the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, along with former New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who agrees that Las Vegas police deserve credit for finding and eliminating the alleged gunman as quickly as they did.


Still Verifying Asian Companion

Police said Paddock had used Marilou Danley’s ID documents to check into the hotel, which initially led to speculation that she was in the hotel at the time of the attack. A Hyundai Tucson vehicle understood to be owned by Danley was also found by police. Her LinkedIn profile said she was a “gambling and casino professional” who lived in Reno, Nevada. Between 2010 and 2013 she worked as a “hostess” for the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. There is no listing for her employment since that date.

Deadliest in Modern America

One was a nurse who died protecting his wife. Another devoted her life to teaching children with special needs. They were people from different walks of life who had gathered to enjoy a country music festival in the glimmering heart of the Las Vegas Strip. A shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night left at least 59 people dead and more than 527 injured, making it the deadliest shooting in modern American history.


Husband Gave Life for Wife’s Safety

Sonny Melton, 29, a registered nurse from Tennessee, was shot and killed in Las Vegas on Sunday night, according to his place of employment, Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee. His wife, Heather Melton, an Orthopedic Surgeon at Innovative Orthopedics, survived the mass shooting, the statement reads.

Cannot Change Lifestyle

Tragic incidents like the Las Vegas shooting may hinder Americans from enjoying their lifestyle that they are accustomed to at least for a while. However, people cannot allow fear to take over their lives. The search for the truth must continue as to what triggers the slain assailant to do such a thing. Perhaps, this can shed light to all killings due to human vulnerabilities contrary to the propaganda against Presidents.


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Duterte is likened to Trump like a Wild Card by French Panels


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The insults of President Rodrigo Duterte directed to U.S. President Barack Obama are something that other governments should worry about. As per Obama, Duterte is just a colorful guy and policies will depend on what the officials in charge of certain issues will confirm. Philippine democracy in the Republic system dictates that it’s the people’s mandate that matters. Not the president’s decision alone.

Youtube video by: FRANCE 24 English

[VIDEO]: France’s political panelists comment on the issues between Duterte-Obama-Trump. Duterte and Trump are not taken seriously and considered as personalities that ignite the public.

Duterte and Trumo as Wild Cards

The French political analysts compared Duterte with trump. He said thar Obama has nothing to worry about when it comes to Duterte because he is just like Trump. Popular with crowds because of different approaches but they don’t hold policies detrimental to foreign relations.

Believe what theofficials say and not Dutertes Public threats

Duterte was noted many times to say something and then retracts or apologizes later on. Besides, policies of a democratic country will not rely on the President alone – but with the ca, binet, centae, congress and the people’s mandate.

Americans dont believe Trump

When Trump declared that he would charge Mexicans taxes or let them pay the wall that will serve as the bordeline of the 2 countries, people do not believe him but were excited to listen and see declarations and actions that are funny, provoking and different. In truth, people think that he does not have a concrete policy to be able to collect from the Mexicans.

Trump and Duterte

Trump and Duterte may be different from traditional politicians but one cannot be compared with the other. Their principles and mentalities are not the same. But truly both are crowd drawer.


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Filipino Values: Good Manners and Diplomacy are Essential in the Presidency

good manners

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many Duterte supporters justify the president’s foul mouth with the faults of previous leaders. This is not Filipino values. Majority of the citizens of the Philippines still believe that good manners and diplomacy are essential in the presidency despite Duterte’s victory. This is in line with Michelle Obama’s recent speech:

[VIDEO]: Michelle Obama hits it when she stresses out that a president must be the role model of the youth. How can Filipinos teach good manners to their children when they hear the President swears a lot? Youtube video by: Reflect

A matter of Expression?

Many have tolerated President Rodrigo Duterte’s swearing and foul words in public but this is still wrong. He is inspired to repeat them because of the crowd’s laughter and clapping. In truth, majority of Filipinos detest it. There’s no way teaching our children to do the same just because the president is doing it. Do you agree?

Far Too Noisy

Duterte’s ally, Senator Richard Gordon advises the president to mellow it down. Aside from destroying his image, it’s like he’s giving the International Criminal Court a reason to bring him to court. Any words spoken that incite or inspire killings is punishable by law. It is a crime against humanity especially when coming from a president.

Values over Idolatry

Some supporters of the President who are dismayed by the previous administration seek refuge in Duterte’s opposite style. His lack of diplomacy and carelessness in disclosing suspects in the illegal drugs trade were applauded. Only to know later that the drug matrix was not updated. Many were wrongly accused and his sorry cannot bring back anymore their ruined reputation.

Good Manners are still the Filipinos’ Priority

Filipino values have remained despite Duterte’s reign. His undiplomatic ways have actually divided the nation. Gong forward, it is important that the president takes this plea into consideration. The basic thing that Filipinos act is for him to be like a statesman – that can be a role model for our children. Is it too much to ask?

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Behavior Watch: Not fit for President when you call someone a Pig


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
First Lady Michelle Obama laid out the basic standards for leaders today. She criticizes Donald Trump who’s running for president but noted to throw hateful language on women. Shocking and demeaning remarks are not just acceptable.


Michelle Obama’s EPIC Speech on Trump’s sexiual behavior stressed that hateful and demeaning language belittling women is not acceptable especially coming from a presidentiable.

Sexually Related Bragging

A powerful man who wants to be president should not be bragging about the sexual assaults he has done. This makes women feel so small and uncomfortable. If he is elected, Americans are teaching their children that it’s okay to do so.

Children’s Bad Influence

Obscene talks, inciting violence and disrespects in Trump’s campaign trail shown on TV do not give good examples to the children who are watching. They are also worrisome to young men who are seeking for role models. Basic human decency is gone if Trump wins. They are mostly anti-Obama voters.

Enough is Enough

Voting for Trump is an insult to decent men everywhere. American families try so hard to educate children against vicious manners. To let Trump win means voters contradict their teachings on what it means to be a man. America can have a president that has better manners than a 4 year old behavior.

Hillary Clinton is Strong

A strong man does not have to let down a woman to glorify himself. Anti-Obama voters might not understand this. Even a six year old knows that one can’t be a president if he calls someone a pig. No one can be as qualified as Hillary Clinton as the next President of America. She is strong and never quits in her life especially when the going gets tough.

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US election – results of National Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 6 before debate

US election - results

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Hillary Clinton holds a solid 6-point lead over Donald Trump. The first presidential debate will be on next Monday. The US election – results is according to a new national poll released Friday.

Clinton Trump

The McClatchy-Marist poll found Clinton leading Trump 45% to 39%. This is  among likely voters in a four-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson garnered 10% support. Green Party candidate Jill Stein polled at 4%. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll this week found Clinton leading by a similar margin of 43% to 37%.

Clinton maintains lead

Clinton maintains a massive lead among black voters in the new poll, pacing Trump 93% to 3% despite high-profile efforts by the Trump campaign to improve its outreach to minority voters. Clinton also has a large advantage over Trump among Latinos, 74% to 16%, but her support shrinks to 60% when third-party options are included. US election – results shows both strengths and weaknesses of Clinton.

Both candidates continue to struggle with low favorability numbers — 40% of likely voters say they have a favorable opinion of Clinton, and 37% say the same about Trump.

Trump’s slight edge

Trump has a slight edge on the question of who is “honest and trustworthy,” as 44% of likely voters think he is, while 36% think that Clinton is. The two run about even when voters pick who “shares their values” and who “cares about people like them.” And Clinton beats Trump handily on “know how to do the job” and temperament.

Who has more stamina to be president

With the candidates’ health on the minds of voters following Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis earlier this month, respondents were asked who has more stamina to be president. 53% said that Trump does, while just 39% said the same of Clinton.
Voters gave Clinton the edge over Trump on a series of key issues. On terrorism (52% to 41%), immigration (54% to 41%), creating good jobs (49% to 43%) and trade (52% to 42%), Clinton is viewed as the better candidate.
The McClatchy-Marist poll that generated the recent US election – results was conducted through September 15 to 20, and surveyed 758 likely voters. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.6 points.

Sources: Localnews8


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