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Bongbong Marcos’ Spokesperson Corrects Macalintal’s Misleading Election Protest Theory


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Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez reacts to Atty. Macalintal’s statement. He explains the reason why not a single election protest for president or vice president was successful. It’s because “no protest, in the era of the digital election, ever go through the preliminary conference.” Marcos is more determined now to see this through until the last ballot in the pilot provinces is manually put into account after the Prelim. This is to see if the real result reflects to eject the fake vice president,” stressed Rodriguez.

Youtube Video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The recount is set for February 2018. It can either bring closure or more disunity depending on the process. This is in connection with Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against VP Leni Robredo.

Macalintal’s Election Protest Theory

Rodriguez’s reaction comes after Robredo’s counsel, Romulo Macalintal, said that not a single election protest was successful locally. This was allegedly the case since the start of automated polls in 2010. There’s no reason why the recount for a national position would be different.They are both from the VCMs and the CCS; Macalintal added.

Marcos’ Protest Has Come So Far

“Marcos’ case is only the protest that has come this far. It is now in the conduct of manual recount and judicial revision,” Rodriguez said. Macalintal’s overconfidence has no basis. The current progress of the election protest against his client is the ultimate proof. Suspicions even arise after the recount month and estimate for the start date are mentioned by him.

No Such Thing as Fake VP?

Macalintal also reacts to Rodriguez’ comment; “There is no such thing as ‘fake VP’ but there is such a thing as a ‘fake protest.’ Like that of Marcos said the veteran lawyer. It can be fully exposed once the recount is done,” he added. This is basically what Marcos wants also. Win or lose, the truth shall prevail. Any result is acceptable to the Marcos Camp. However, Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake does not part with his millions if he’s not sure if he’s the real VP.

Recount Procedure at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court that sits as the PET, begins in February 2018 the recount of votes. It covers the three pilot provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. Marcos chooses them as the best provinces. He’s certain that he could prove the irregularities alleged in his protest there. Macalintal said that the first ones to count are the ballots from the clustered precincts in Camarines Sur. It’s the vice president’s home province. The ballot retrievals are set on January 22, 2018. The recount should start by the second week of February. This two other pilot provinces can then follow.

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Most Sought-after Election Lawyer of Bongbong Marcos, Atty. George Garcia on 3.9 M Undervotes


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The most sought-after election lawyer of Bongbong Marcos, Atty. George Erwin Garcia, who originally points out the large estimate of 3.9 million undervotes has a valid point of making this a big deal from the start. It is not normal under election standard to have such large number of boycott voters. Even the 3.2 M latest count of undervotes is still very questionable.

Youtube video from; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Panayam kay Atty. George Garcia, abugado ni Bongbong Marcos

Target of the Recount

Bongbong Marcos lists three pilot provinces for recount or revision that would allegedly show the merits of his election protest. He questions the victory of Vice President Leni Robredo during the election. The recount is about to begin but the Supreme Court has not ruled on the date yet. Marcos’ camp headed by Atty. Garcia targets on the authenticity of the undervotes when the ballot boxes are opened.


Atty. Victor Rodriguez, a spokesperson of Marcos, said that Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental are the pilot places for the recount. It is because they can show that the major discrepancies. This is the differences from the cast ballots and Vote Counting Machines transmissions. The tally can then be the basis of the Certificates of Canvass. These places had an enormous number of undervotes.

Competent Lawyers

To this date, it is evident in the courses of actions of Marcos’ lawyers particularly Atty. Garcia and Atty. Rodriguez that their strategies are well-thought of. From the designation of 3 legal officers that could administer the electoral proceeding in a speedy manner to actual media announcements that are factual. These are in contrast with the actions displayed by the opposing camp.


These lawyers are just like Bongbong Marcos himself. They do not open their mouth just to have something to say about the opponent. This is why they go quiet when there’s no development from the Supreme Court yet. This means to say that it is not certain yet when the recount would start.

Attorney George Erwin Garcia

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Vic Rodriguez: Macalintal cannot make own Rules – Robredo Violates Rule 33


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Atty. Romulo Macalintal and Atty. Maria Bernadette Sardillo said that the P66 million only covers the 36,465 clustered precincts and not the 92,509 clustered precincts in Marcos’ protest – but Bongbong Marcos made sure to comply first before asking to lower down fees. Very unlike Leni Robredo who refuses to pay and violates Rule 33 of the electoral protest.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Marcos, nagbigay na ng P36-M na paunang bayad para sa kanyang election protest vs. VP Robredo

Rule 33 Argument of Macalintal

According to Rule 33(b) of the Tribunal’s 2010 Rules, each precinct needs P500 cash deposit to bring back poll documents needs a cash deposit of P50. Thus, in all 92,509 precincts under the protection order Marcos should pay P185 million, said Macalintal.

Vic Rodriguez’s Response to Macalintal

The PET resolution also odered Robredo to pay P15.4 million cash deposit for her counter protest with the initial P8 M to be paid latest last Monday, April 17, 2017 but Robredo failed to pay. Therefore, their counter protest must be dismissed as per Rule 33.

 Macalintal’s own Rule

Macalintal maintained that they will comply with the payment when the need becomes necessary to retrieve the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia in the clustered precincts mentioned in their counter protest.

Comply First before Complaining

Marcos really shows a good quality for a leader. He already deposited P200,000 upon filing of his protest. The P36 M has also been paid. P30 million is payable on July 14. Marcos also asked the PET to defer the order for payment of the remaining deposit pending resolution of their plea to finally set the case for preliminary conference. Instead of further complaints and demands, Marcos has tried his best to comply first despite the tremendous financial burden laid upon him by the Supremem Court

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Delays on the Marcos Protest against Robredo can Drag it to More than 2 to 6 Years


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Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer, Atty. Vic Rodriguez earlier discloses that if there’s no delay on the electoral protest, after the 180 days manual recount, it can reach a decision in not more than two years. However, since Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp applied the delaying tactics in every move, there’s a chance that a verdict can only be issued just before the VP term ends. This is the case with Mar Roxas’ electoral protest against the former Vice President Binay. It did not matter, however, because the decision favors Binay.

Youtube video by; UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: The camp of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos has accused Vice President Leni Robredo of delaying the resolution protest.

Delay is the Name of Robredo’s Game

Rodriguez said that it becomes very obvious that “Delay is the name of Robredo’s Game.” They are very determined to drag the case further util the VP’s term ends. Nevertheless, no matter how it takes, the Marcos camp is also dedicated knowing the truth at the very end.

Marcos’ Reply to Robredo’s Opposition to the Preliminary Conference

In his reply, Marcos stresses that the preliminary conference is “a matter of course” consistent with the rules of the PET. It aims at discussing the order of trial and other procedural matters to aid the electoral tribunals like the PET to achieve a just, expensive, orderly and expeditious disposition of elections contests.

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Robredo’s Dilatory Opposition

In her opposition, Robredo raises several issues and incidents, which, she believes PET should eliminate first. This includes unused SD cards found to contain data. Diagnostics problems which caused the shutdown of the servers in the Sta. Rosa, Laguna warehouse of the Commission on Elections or Comelec is another occurrence. If SC tolerates this, the two-year target is not feasible. Instead, it can take as long as six years.

The Preliminary Conference is Overdue

Marcos clarifies that under Rule 29 of the PET Rules, the preliminary conference must take place after the last pleading is filed. He points out that the last pleading in the case happens as early as September 9, 2016. Is is more than five months ago already. So, Robredo already gained 5 months in office already.

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If PDu30 is Obsessed with Power Monopoly, VP Leni Robredo is Obsessed with Bongbong Marcos


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The Liberal Party headed by their highest elected official Vice President Leni Robredo announces to make LP strong again starting in provinces where LP candidates won. This is to counteract alleged power monopoly by the Du30 administration. In issues like death penalty and Senator Leila De Lima’s arrest over drug charges, Robredo criticizes the leadership of Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez in the lower house. This is when he threatens to remove deputy speakers from their position if they vote against the reimposition of the death penalty. On the senate front, Liberal Party chairmanships are also revoked by Senator Manny Pacquiao’s motion. Robredo just can’t help comparing these incidents to the martial rule of Bongbong Marcos’ father.

Youtube video by; DU30 News

LP Senators Removed From Chairmanships

LP Senator Franklin Drilon is removed from his post as Senate President Pro-Tempore Senator Ralph Recto replaces him. Three LP senators are also stripped of their committee chairmanships. Senator Cynthia Villar of the Nacionalista Party or NP takes over as chair of the Agriculture and Food committee from Senator Francis Pangilinan. Senator Francis Escudero replaces Senator Bam Aquino as chairman of the Education committee. PMP Senator JV Ejercito replaces Senator Risa Hontiveros as chair of the committee on Health and Demography. Aquino, Drilon, Hontiveros, and Pangilinan finally join Senators De Lima and Antonio Trillanes in the minority.

Removal Happens after EDSA Protest

The four senators who lost their posts actively support De Lima after a trial court issues a warrant for her arrest on drug-related charges. Robredo resignes from her role as the government’s housing czar after PDu30’s order to “refrain from attending all Cabinet meetings.” She denies participating in any move to oust the president despite videos of her anti-administration speeches circulating around. Pacquiao’s move happens after the four sentators express their EDSA views on TV their anti-administration sentiments.

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The President has No Hand on Senate Move

Duterte’s chief legal counsel, Salvador Panelo, denies that the Palace orchestrates the Senate reorganization. He said that the policy of the President is to not interfere with the other branch of government. Panelo added that the reshuffle is not an offshoot of the President’s meeting with the senators last week. He believes that it is not in that meeting’s agenda. It is definitely not an offshoot, he said

Robredo’s Obsession with Bongbong Marcos

Meanwhile, despite the tribunal’s ruling that Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo is ‘beyond dispute,’ Robredo’s legal team still delays the proceedings. This triggers Marcos’ lawyer Vic Rodriguez to say that if Robredo has nothing to hide, why delay the process? They are not satisfied with the cheating committed just to gain the vice presidency. Now they want to deprive Marcos of his day in court. The truth must  come out without delay, Rodriguez stressed.