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Bongbong Marcos on the Aquinos: Who Else Would Want to Destroy Us through Wealth Scam?


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong claims in a media forum that the UPLB event on Marcos wealth is a “political action.” Its mastermind is someone who has a “political agenda.” “Someone spent a lot of money on it. There are planners and meetings to organize that,” Marcos added. “Who malign the Marcoses? Who in the past, I don’t know how many years? They have done nothing but destroy the Marcoses” When he refuses to name names, a reporter asks if that may have something to do with the Aquinos. Marcos replied that the family might have a hand in the event.

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[VIDEO]: Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday alleged that the Aquinos may have a hand with the recent event at University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). Thousands are made to believe that they will be given cash share from the gold bars of the Marcoses’ wealth.

A Classic Fake News

Marcos warns the people earlier of “unscrupulous individuals.” They use the Marcos family for personal interests. An investigation is ongoing on who is behind it. The scheme attracts thousands of subscribers across the nation. The gathering at UPLB is organized by the so-called One Social Family Credit Cooperative. He added that this is an example of a classic fake news. That is a clear political move.

Martial Law Abuses and Ill-Gotten Wealth

Marcos said; We’re used to fake news. My family suffers from them for 30 years. The former Senator is the only son and namesake of the late Ferdinand Marcos. The great leader was accused of Martial Law abuses and ill-gotten wealth. He was never tried in a proper court. His widow, Ilocos Norte 2nd District Representative Imelda Marcos, and their children maintain their innocence.

Reaction from the Aquino Camp

Lawyer Abigail Valte, spokesperson of former President Benigno Aquino II reacted: “Apologies to Bongbong Marcos that we cannot jive into his fantasy to entertain his accusations.” Valte said that if Bongbong really wants to protect his father’s “legacy,” he should condemn those that fooled the people. ” Which he did if she is cautious enough to look behind her shoulders.

Recount Timing

It cannot be denied that the battle between the pro and anti-administration stalwarts is on a red light. All these coincide with the VP recount. That is about to happen in November. The Aquinos had their time for two long terms in the presidency. Their blocking Bongbong Marcos who has the President’s support cause all the chaos. Now that their terms are over, there’s no way that this administration would give in to their manipulation. They can use the media all they want but people can only retaliate through social media. Time to fight back, Filipinos!

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NBI Probe on Marcos Legacy Scam Ordered but Organizer Insists on Wealth Legality


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos, son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos distances his family from the gathering organized by One Social Family Credit Cooperative that uses alleged inherited wealth in their propaganda. He describes the event as “a scam, pure and simple.” Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said that he would order the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the activities of the group that organizes it at the UPLB.

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[VIDEO]: Coalition organizer of alleged Marcos legacy scam at UPLB Insists that the inheritance for distribution is not ill-gotten Wealth.

Justice Secretary’s Move

Aguirre II vows to let the National Bureau of Investigation look into the activities of a group that lured thousands of people to the campus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It promises of a P1-million share each from the alleged inheritance of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This can’t be true knowing the security measures imposed to the wealth for humanity by the late Marcos himself.

Not Tolerating the Scam

The Justice Secretary added: “We should not allow them to do what they are doing because they are fooling thousands of people. It’s not good,” Aguirre told the Inquirer. “We will prosecute those behind it if the evidence warrants.” This is after Vice Presidential Protestee, Marcos confirms that they have nothing to do with it. Many speculations arise that this can be a propaganda to malign the namesake.

Old Scam using Wealth to Attract Targets

A certain group already used a similar modus operandi in the past. It was charged with syndicated Estafa by the NBI in 2013, Aguirre said he would direct the agency to check if the people linked to that case are involved in the said UPLB event. Money hopefuls flocked to the University of the Philippines Los Baños campus. They hope to claim their share as promised to them by the cooperative. This is allegedly in exchange for a P30 booklet on Marcos’ “achievements” they had to buy voluntarily.

NBI Welcomes Law Suits against Organizer

Aguirre also urges those who want to sue the UPLB event organizers to go to the nearest NBI office and bring a complaint. “If there is such a criminal complaint filed, we will definitely act on it,” he said. Marcos welcomes this move. Filipinos must be aware that the wealth for humanity is not for distribution. Even the Marcos family cannot access them in cold cash. A Senate and a Congress proceeding may be necessary to reassign the funds only for public projects that are beneficial for the people.

NBI probe Marcos ‘legacy’ scammers

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UPLB Tolerates Wealth Scam that can Discredit Bongbong Marcos


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos warns the public against scams that involved alleged gold money being given away. “It’s a scam pure and simple. I have repeatedly warned the public against unscrupulous individuals who have been using our family to advance their personal interests,” Marcos said in a statement.

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[VIDEO]: The alleged Marcos wealth distribution was listed on the Bulletin board at the UPLB. This triggers people to ask why the university allows such assembly. Bongbong Marcos calls it a scam.

Media Reports

Marcos’ denial follows reports that thousands of people flocked the open grounds of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) in Laguna. This was after they were allegedly promised to be given gold bars from the Marcoses’ wealth. The former Senator denied their involvement in the assembly.

UCPB Admin Approved the False Marcos Wealth Event

UPLB Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) said that the administration approved the letter of Jeffrey Fortuna. He is from the National Inspectorate of One Social Family Credit Cooperative. He requested to hold a general assembly meeting at the field inside the campus. “Chancellor approved in the past many sectoral groups. In the past such as the Lumads, peasants, boy scouts, sports events, plus others from communities to use UPLB grounds as community sharing,” Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs Jamias said.

Advisory for the Expected Crowd

The OVCCA also released an advisory for motorists as four events held simultaneously at UPLB led to heavy traffic.

Tolerated by UP, Supported by Mainstream Media

The notably anti-government school and anti-Marcos media seem to have a common goal in staging a public scam that can destroy the reputation of Bongbong Marcos, the preferred heir to the Presidency. The connivance can’t get any more obvious than this.

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Bongbong Marcos: Humanity Wealth is for People’s Welfare NOT for Distribution


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Elena Grace Flores

One coordinator from Cavite who organizes the UPLB gathering said that they are from the “One Social Family Credit Cooperative.” He is allegedly the OSFCC chairman but refuses to give his name. The unidentified man said that the funds are from the “immortal legacy of President Marcos” and “treasures of the Japanese imperial forces.” Bongbong Marcos, however, clarifies that this is a clear scam. The wealth for humanity is for the people’s welfare and not for distribution. He himself cannot access that alone without the government’s cooperation.

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[VIDEO]: Desperate people are often victims of scams because they have nothing much to lose when they are fooled. This is the case in the alleged Marcos inheritance distribution at UPLB that Bongbong Marcos denied having any involvement.

Another Kind of Propaganda

A booklet about “The Life and Achievements of Ferdinand Marcos” has the label of “Bullion Buyer LTD.” The unnamed chairman said that it contains “all the achievements of President Marcos during his time.” The gathering happened just two days after the 45th anniversary of Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law. It is also the National Day of Protest for both pro and anti-administration groups. Is this some kind of propaganda to discourage Marcos supporters in poverty?

Money is the Motivator

Some who turned at the campus grounds as early as 3:50 a.m. They were told to bring the pamphlet to receive money. A woman who came all the way from Malabon said she attended the event because they were told that Marcos’ money will be given to them. The so-called chairman of the group denied this by saying that the distribution of funds will be through a government bank. However, he cannot blame the people for hoping that they will get their share immediately.

Not Registered

OSFCC’s chairman claims that his group is a“legitimate humanitarian cooperative.” It is an affiliate of Bullion Buyer Ltd., he added. In March 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Bullion Buyer Ltd is not a registered firm. The entity supposedly requires members to pay P30 in exchange for the P10,000 per month grant, as well as to recruit other beneficiaries. He disputes this saying that the payment is voluntary.

Logic on the Wealth

Bongbong Marcos is the first one to know if they can distribute the wealth for humanity in cold cash. Unfortunately, this is not the case. They are well-documented that only a legal international proceeding can make that work for the people following the guidelines set by his late father. Desperate people can only hope for the best but it can’t happen that way.

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Ferdinand Marcos’ True History is Just About to Continue through His Namesake


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Elena Grace Flores

The Marcos loyalists are hopeful that the realization of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ prophecy is about to happen in the near future. His daughter, Imee Marcos reveals; “When we were all in tears and everyone said, ‘The end is nigh, it is finished, we are dead and doomed’, he said ‘No, children. To my family and everyone, history is not done with me yet’.”

Youtube Video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Bisperas ng ika-100 kaarawan ni ex-Pres. Marcos, dinaluhan ng kanyang kaanak at Marcos loyalists.

Corruption Allegation in History was a Lie

Marcos was accused of ill-gotten wealth in billions of dollars from state coffers. Despite the government’s inability to have that much money. The anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International in 2004 named him the second most corrupt leader of all time, next to Indonesian dictator Suharto. However, no member of the Marcos clan has ever gone to prison.

Stunning Political Comeback

His son and namesake, Bongbong Marcos narrowly lost the vice presidential election in 2016. His widow Imelda Marcos sits in the House of Representatives. Daughter Imee Marcos is governor at Ilocos Norte. President Du30, a family friend, says Marcos is the country’s best-ever president. He stuns the nation last November to allow Marcos’ remains at the national “Heroes’ Cemetery.” This is despite the anti-Marcos outcry.

Wealth of Humanity Handover

Du30 also said that he considers a Marcos family proposal to start to hand over the wealth of humanity to the government. He even suggests for them to seek for immunity from prosecution in return. This proves that the President is trustworthy enough who serves for the good of the country.

True History is from FM to FM

Bongbong Marcos is definitely set for the Vice Presidency. That analysis can come out from recent developments. It is just a matter of time. Once again, another prophecy of the late President Marcos is about to happen. Ferdinand Marcos’ history just starts with him but will continue with Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. Remember that it is Du30’s hope to resign once the younger Marcos becomes his VP. The country might not only have a new VP but it is likely to have a new President.

Winter has not come for Marcos legacy – Imee