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See How Robredo Twists the Law for Calling Bongbong Marcos a Thief on Wealth Issues


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Elena Grace Flores

It is evident in today’s politics that deception is the name of the game for self-serving politicians. This is very obvious in the wealth issues against the Marcoses. VP Leni Robredo, a lawyer always refer to Bongbong Marcos as a thief. She uses the alleged hidden wealth cases of his late father former President Ferdinand Marcos. If the older Marcos who is also a lawyer but a very brilliant one at that vowed to take care of his people even after his death, how much more he would do for his own family? Just think of this, criminal liability, if there’s any, is never inherited, according to the law.

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More than 30 Years of Politicking

After 30 years of trying to nail the Marcoses down, no courts here and abroad can. Only the one in America orders the alleged Martial Law victims to be compensated. However, such compensation distribution is the jurisdiction of the government. It is not anymore in the hands of the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos said.

Update on the Alleged Wealth Deal

Malacañang the Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque clarifies that the government and the Marcos family do not have wealth issue agreement yet. Bongbong Marcos also said so. Lawyer and Marcos loyalist Oliver Lozano is not the family’s representative. He submits a draft compromise agreement to the office of chief presidential legal counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo. According to lawyers, his intention is actually good for the case in favor of the government. It’s a win-win situation for both parties if the people’s welfare is a priority.

Cannot Inherit Criminal Liability

The laws in the Philipines imply that no liability can be passed on to the heirs of the accused. It is also true that obligations of persons are the obligations of the heirs. This only pertains to the right to succession of inheritance. Specific provisions of the country’s criminal laws remain. Therefore, the crime of the father cannot be inherited by the son, contrary to what VP Robredo campaigned for.

Just Compensation and Settlement

One sensible insight on this comes from President Du30 himself as a lawyer. He suggests that the government needs to craft a law to detail the arrangements of a compromise deal. Particularly with the heirs of late Marcos. He indicates to include the possibility to waive the family’s criminal liabilities. However, we now know that it is not anymore necessary. Bongbong Marcos already said that he is not accused of anything but it has been the family’s stand to settle whatever is needed to be settled.

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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law Compensation is the Government’s Jurisdiction


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos earlier said in an interview with CNN’s The Source, that it has been the family’s intention to settle cases regarding the wealth of his late father. However, when it comes to the alleged Martial Law Human Rights victims’ claims, it’s the government’s jurisdiction. Recently, the court denied claimants of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government.


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[VIDEO]: CA, kinatigan ang pagbasura sa petisyon ng Martial Law victims na ibigay sa kanila ang $2-B

Compensation Using Sequestered Wealth

The government is working on awarding compensation to claimants using the $10 billion in Marcos wealth awarded by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in 1997. This was the account transferred to the Philippine treasury by the Swiss Federal Court in 2004. This follows after the Supreme Court here ordered to forfeit the Marcos family’s Swiss deposits in 2003.

$2 Billion Motion Lacks Merit

Thousands of human rights victims under the rule of former President Ferdinand Marcos are again denied of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government. The Court of Appeals in its January 3 decision junked the martial law victims’ motion for reconsideration of their claim, for lack of merit. In its July 7 decision, the Court of Appeals rules that the 1995  U.S. Hawaii District Court $2 billion award for damages to the alleged 10,000 victims of human rights abuses under the Marcos’ regime cannot be enforced in the Philippines. The Makati Regional Trial Court said the same thing in 2013.

PCGG Knows Better

The only son of the late President Marcos stresses that with regards to the overall amount of these cases, PCGG ex-chairman Andres Bautista knows better. The former Senator also said that the government can have what they can find.  He suggests asking ex-PCGG Chairman Andres Bautista to account what they have sequestered. He floats the idea that the Chair deposited some big money in small rural banks under the watch of his allies.

Cases Over 30 Years

Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) Acting chairperson Reynold Munsayac reveals 282 pending cases against the Marcos family and cronies. Bongbong Marcos believes that these are dragged for over 30 years now due to political reasons. These cases must be settled with the cooperation of all parties involved. Although, he rejects the idea of immunity because he’s not the accused here. It’s also a case of double jeopardy if the heirs face a criminal trial. Double jeopardy is a defense that prevents the accused from another trial on the same charges and on the same facts after a valid acquittal or conviction. It’s the settlement in the case of the Marcoses.

Bongbong Marcos’ Reply on How Much Wealth the Family is Willing to Settle?

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Hontiveros Aims to Discredit Du30 on No Election, Bongbong Marcos on Wealth Issues


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Senator Risa Hontiveros questions the “sudden talks” on a no election scenario in 2019. She stresses on Du30’s term extension with Du30’s Federalism goal. The proposal to enter into a compromise deal on the alleged ill-gotten Marcos wealth also did not escape her prying eyes. She said that the government tries to measure the public by “mind conditioning” that her political party is famous for. Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos explains that the compromise deal by the late Ferdinand Marcos estate’s lawyer, Oliver Lozano got nothing to do with him. He doesn’t need immunity because he has no particular case on this issue.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that immunity is not necessary for him because he’s never accused of anything.

No Election Scenario, Wealth Issues

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez floats the idea of a no election scenario.  Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III also said that it is possible to extend Du30’s term with the federal form of government if necessary. However, the administration’s spokesperson clarifies this by reminding the public that the President is looking forward to retiring very soon. This even worries his detractors more because the likely successor is Bongbong Marcos when he wins his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Thus, the reason for the wealth issues to resurface.

Hontiveros vs. Social Media

Hontiveros further said the Du30 government tries to push its “twisted political projects” with the help of fake news. Hontiveros recalls the President’s “revolutionary government” threat. Then, dismiss his own idea days later. The LP members even made a media stunt to call on Facebook. They assume that it supports Du30’s campaigns. Not to realize that the people’s passion is the ultimate component of a news to become viral.

LP Street Protest

This quote from the bewildered Senator just proves how out of tune she is with current events: “If anything, this regime bows to strong public opinion and pressure. Let our voices be heard. Let us show our strength in the streets. The fear of public opinion by authoritarian leaders points to the potential of our voices as a force of good. We must not be intimidated and silenced,” Hontiveros said.

Hitting Two Birds in One Go but to no Avail

The Senator can only frustrate herself. Despite the success of the old LP black propaganda on cha-cha against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it’s not working. Then, the revival of the alleged hidden wealth versus the late President Ferdinand Marcos to hopefully discredit the son, but still, LP fake news-makers cannot nail down President Du30 and Bongbong Marcos. The irony is, they blame social media for their own wrongdoings. This clearly shows their ignorance of its functionality which is a big shame for politicians in their rank.

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Marcos’ Lawyer, Lozano Negotiates with PCGG on Wealth Not Judicially Decided as Ill-Gotten


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Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Oliver Lozano, lawyer of former President Ferdinand Marcos proposes a compromise agreement on a part of the wealth sequestered by the government. These are “not judicially decided as ill-gotten.” A cut of the amount in exchange to drop all cases against the Marcoses. Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo confirms that he has a copy of the proposal.

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[VIDEO]: How much has PCGG recovered from Marcos?

PCGG’s Jurisdiction over Marcos’ Wealth

Under Executive Order No. 1, the PCGG has to “recover all alleged ill-gotten wealth from the late President Marcos, his immediate family, relatives, subordinates, and cronies. This is why Lozano’s proposal is forwarded to the PCGG, he said.

Similar to President Du30’s Advice

Lozano includes a draft House bill in his proposal to grant immunity to the Marcos family. A draft compromise agreement between the Marcos family and the government goes with it. This is similar to President Du30’s advice to the Marcos family on the wealth of humanity that the former President Marcos deposits at the World Bank using gold certificates. However, Bongbong Marcos said that they are not liable for any wrongdoing because they are not stolen. The government can have them if they can find them, he added. The family cannot solely access them because they are for the welfare of humanity. The Senate should start the proceeding.

Media Propaganda

Many media influencers speculate that former President Marcos starts to amass ill-gotten wealth from the government from 1965. An alleged study reveals that Marcos got an around $5-billion to $10-billion in his 21-year regime as President. However, not a single case can stand in court against him. Besides, the government cannot have that much money.

The Ultimate Power Grabber

Former President Corazon Aquino establishes the PCGG through Executive Order No. 1. This is to run after Marcos’ wealth. Marcos won the snap elections in 1986 but Aquino became President after the black media propaganda turns a mutiny into the so-called People Power Revolt in 1986. That ends up to be a hoax.  The agency recovers over ₱170 billion. The Senate calls for its audit since many high-valued paintings and pieces of jewelry went missing.

Ex-PCGG Chief Bautista: Alleged $10B Hidden Wealth of Ferdinand Marcos Estimate has NO Legal Basis

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Bongbong Marcos on the Aquinos: Who Else Would Want to Destroy Us through Wealth Scam?


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong claims in a media forum that the UPLB event on Marcos wealth is a “political action.” Its mastermind is someone who has a “political agenda.” “Someone spent a lot of money on it. There are planners and meetings to organize that,” Marcos added. “Who malign the Marcoses? Who in the past, I don’t know how many years? They have done nothing but destroy the Marcoses” When he refuses to name names, a reporter asks if that may have something to do with the Aquinos. Marcos replied that the family might have a hand in the event.

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[VIDEO]: Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday alleged that the Aquinos may have a hand with the recent event at University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). Thousands are made to believe that they will be given cash share from the gold bars of the Marcoses’ wealth.

A Classic Fake News

Marcos warns the people earlier of “unscrupulous individuals.” They use the Marcos family for personal interests. An investigation is ongoing on who is behind it. The scheme attracts thousands of subscribers across the nation. The gathering at UPLB is organized by the so-called One Social Family Credit Cooperative. He added that this is an example of a classic fake news. That is a clear political move.

Martial Law Abuses and Ill-Gotten Wealth

Marcos said; We’re used to fake news. My family suffers from them for 30 years. The former Senator is the only son and namesake of the late Ferdinand Marcos. The great leader was accused of Martial Law abuses and ill-gotten wealth. He was never tried in a proper court. His widow, Ilocos Norte 2nd District Representative Imelda Marcos, and their children maintain their innocence.

Reaction from the Aquino Camp

Lawyer Abigail Valte, spokesperson of former President Benigno Aquino II reacted: “Apologies to Bongbong Marcos that we cannot jive into his fantasy to entertain his accusations.” Valte said that if Bongbong really wants to protect his father’s “legacy,” he should condemn those that fooled the people. ” Which he did if she is cautious enough to look behind her shoulders.

Recount Timing

It cannot be denied that the battle between the pro and anti-administration stalwarts is on a red light. All these coincide with the VP recount. That is about to happen in November. The Aquinos had their time for two long terms in the presidency. Their blocking Bongbong Marcos who has the President’s support cause all the chaos. Now that their terms are over, there’s no way that this administration would give in to their manipulation. They can use the media all they want but people can only retaliate through social media. Time to fight back, Filipinos!