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Team Binay’s Victory in Makati shows that the Binays are not Corrupt

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mayor Abby, who was sworn into office by Supreme Court Associate Justice Diosdado M. Peralta was followed by the oath-taking of Makati’s elected officials officiated by Vice President Binay. Sworn-in were Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo, Congressman Monsour del Rosaario of Makati City First District, Congressman Luis Campos of Makati City Second District, and 14 out of 16 councilors of both districts.

As Manila Times indicated: 18 out of 20 officials of Makati City who took their oath of office on the occasion were Binay people. As the master of ceremonies put it, “We have proven to the whole world that Makati City is, and will always be, a Binay Country.” Now, that strikes me as nothing less than a phenomenon. Makati City is the one single domain of graft and corruption allegedly committed by Jojo Binay according to Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado. That allegation had been the subject of a yearlong Senate investigation which, ventilated as a conscious demolition job by Jojo’s enemies, merited wide media coverage and ultimately proved to be Jojo’s waterloo in the 2016 presidential fight.

Would the people of Makati have voted the Team Binay in the last elections overwhelmingly if they, as Jojo’s foes alleged, were victims of his alleged thieving in the city government? Either the people of Makati are a stupid lot or those allegations of Jojo’s thievery were all lies. The victory of Team Binay says it all.


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