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Techno Global Team Bridges Offshoring Cultural Gaps in the Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Philippines’ exposure to different cultures particularly to the West has made it the appropriate venue for offshoring offices housing foreign presence in the country. Foreign investments have paid off with their local operations benefiting from affordable but highly educated work force who are natural providers of customer service.  This is evident in the obvious expansions of such businesses.  However, looking closely as to why these companies continued to be successful after giving work opportunities to locals, it comes down to their taking care of their people.

Peter Hammon

As Peter Hammon of Techno Global Team explained that they never pay their staff less than Php 30,000 Pesos which is a minimum range for a small family or even singles in the office working group to live comfortably without worrying for their daily sustenance.

Left Wing Work Cubicles

Aside from following deliberately what the Philippine labor law mandated when it comes to providing employee benefits like SSS, Philhealth and other mandatory provisions, they made sure that employees can afford to be treated fist class when sickness or accidents strike. This is  on top of the minimal government health insurance through Philhealth. Being able to get medical services from the country’s top hospitals like Makati Medical Center is a big plus into their loyalty program.  As Peter stressed out, “we want to keep and give more opportunities to capable people and most Filipinos are”.  This is on top of them assuring that their work place is not only convenient for business operations but also promotes camaraderie and further growth as drivers for international commerce in the country through training and seminars.  They are equipped with the telecommunications infrastructure available in the strategically developed BGC area  which is so far the best  in the Asia Pacific region to guarantee their clients with good connectivity, providing efficient communications between the principals overseas with their employees locally throughout their offshoring operations.
Work Desks

Unlike other giant BPO companies that cater to the outsourced department of a multi national establishment, Global Techno Team allows small foreign businesses particularly Australian entities to expand their operations in the country without much hassles in setting up the office and the legalities that come with it like company registration and all that. The trust factor is also showing relevance in the progress of their existence in the Philippines. Here, Australian business people can be represented with another Australian organization to get the best of both worlds. The technology and know-how from the Australians coupled with the long years of experience of Australians embracing the Filipino culture, made the joint-venture work.

Their meeting facilities and a workshop room  essential for meet ups and brain storming from the beginning of partnerships up to performance evaluations as they go along – are witnesses to deals that help investors make the most of their investments and empower Filipinos to be skillful enough do more in their profession.

Techno Global Team’s pantry signifies their understanding of Filipino ways and they have used this to even make this part of the office experience of their employees more homey, as Peter commented; Filipinos love to eat and the venue allows them to talk with peers about their family back home. That’s Filipino’s love of food and family captured in one corner of the facility.


The Pantry has a dining area as well as a small snack outlet for employees to use during break time.

Resorting to Outsourcing services such as Techno Global Team can cost money because running such professional facility is not cheap. However, this setup will save the investor for sure in a long run because of the following:

  • No office set-up cost
  • No office rental
  • No need to purchase office tools and furniture
  • No need to install own industrialized internet connection and other communication devices
  • Seminar and training are value added services
  • Low manpower with HR and recruitment assistance
  • Ready facilities for meetings and workshops when needed at cost
  • Legalities, accounting, taxation are inclusive
  • Salaries and staff benefits are quoted in the package

Work Cubicles

Australian companies with existing online outsourcing setup can have their remote staff be employed by the Techno Global Team to make them as legitimate employees – but they remain the exclusive staff of the client.  The package can be quoted for the number of seats needed and the number of long-distance staff needing the benefits without daily physical reporting to the office. OICs can also oversee the staff of the client in a weekly basis or whatever is necessary as arranged with a dedicated but flexible work place during the visit. This will indeed stop online companies to be just the training ground for talented Filipinos so,  what is spending more or less 40% of your usual revenue for your local office with prestigious address when you can make a lot more businesses with your efficient, reputable and worry-free offshoring set-up with Techno Global Team – that is surely bridging cultural gaps in the work front?


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