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The Country Benefits from Du30’s Continuing of Ferdinand Marcos’ Foreign Policies


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Elena Grace Flores

President Du30 is just in time to continue the late Ferdinand Marcos’ forwarding foreign policies that open a new avenue to the unknown in the free world. He befriends China just as when the World Bank economists applaud what they see as China’s miracle. It has lifted out of extreme poverty 800 million of its citizens from 1988 to 2013. The very pro-American Aquino regime’s filing of a case against China over its claims in the South China Sea made the Chinese see us as the US proxy in a dispute. Despite this legal battle with China, Du30 managed to warm up to this Asian superpower. Now, Japan that is a notable US ally follows suit.

Youtube Video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Former Senator Francisco Tatad, information minister under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, recalls the start of diplomacy between the Philippines and China during the Marcos regime. Diplomatic ties between the two countries began on June 9, 1975, exactly 41 years ago.

South China Sea Dispute

China puts the arbitration decision behind the continuing business cooperations. China pledges during the President’s state visit $9 billion in low-interest or soft loans for our infrastructure projects. The total Chinese economic assistance promised by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Duterte is estimated at $24 billion. Bongbong Marcos was with the President in China during the visit.

Japan Follows Suit

Now, the other economic superpower in Asia, Japan, which also has serious territorial disputes with China, can’t help it but woo the Philippines. It rushes to extend to the country a similar magnitude of soft loans.

The President’s Diplomacy

The longtime city mayor whom detractors describe as somebody who wouldn’t understand international geopolitics proves to be adept in diplomacy. The essence is for the country to take advantage of such deals at the maximum level.

Beneficial Ties with Japan

During a summit in Tokyo with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reaffirms Tokyo’s commitment to providing economic cooperation. It is worth ¥1 trillion over the next five years. The move seems like an economic assistance race against Beijing to strengthen the relationship further. Abe tries hard to win Du30 over in dealing with territorial disputes in the South China Sea. However, the Philippines remains a key diplomatic player.

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