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The President is NOT a Dictator – but the Installer of the People’s Choice


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President is sad about the Commission on Appointments’ (CA) rejection of Gina Lopez as Environment Secretary. Duterte laments, “I do not control everything.” He said that he has to abide by checks and balances – which shows that he is not a dictator at all contrary to his detractors’ accusations.

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[VIDEO]: resident Rodrigo Duterte said on that it was unfortunate that Gina Lopez was not confirmed as environment secretary.

The Problem with Lopez

No one can please everybody that’s for sure – but in Gina Lopez’ case, she’s only into her ways. She started wrongly when she organized her team for the DENR tasks when she hired her own staff believing that the existing employees of the department are useless. This is not effective leadership on her part. Being too harsh to mining investors also portrays her as authoritarian. Private and public sector partnership is crucial for progress but she killed it.

Replacement has Marcos Mentality

The Philippines’ new Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu said that he can allow responsible mining in the country. He vows to do his job well in the interests of the Filipinos. Climatu shares Bongbong Marcos’ stand to create comprehensive environmental guidelines for the miners to follow.

Too Liberal

The Liberal Party members are the ones dismayed over the rejection of Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary. This is understandable because Lopez’s policies are in line with the former President Noynoy Aquino’s anti-ming stance. Bongbong Marcos is critical on this.

Allies did not Support Appointment

The president’s allies are mostly the ones who did not support his appointment of Gina Lopez. Therefore, the country is assured that whatever the president decides upon, follow the rule of law. It is the time now for people to understand how real democracy works. It’s not about money or influence but the will of the people.

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