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There’s NO Question on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest Win but on Timing


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is confident that he can prove his allegations against the victory of Vice President Leni Robredo through his electoral protest proceedings. He cites the very high undervotes of over 4 million in his chosen priority areas for the recount. Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo disputes this by saying that Marcos cannot claim those votes because the people also have the rights to not vote. Marcos stresses that though undervotes do happen, it cannot be as much as 4 million. Only fools can accept that, he said.

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Expected Target Dates

Atty. George Garcia of the Marcos’ Camp discloses the expected target dates for the proceedings. Mid-August is the start of the recount. Revision of votes is expected in October after the recount. Finally, by February 2018, recount results from the key provinces .can already decide the fate of Marcos’ protest.

Marcos Supporters are Fed up with the Wait

In the entire experience of the Supreme Court, Garcia’s estimate on the schedule can be the fastest ever electoral protest that the PET handled. This is first of its kind. No template can be followed yet because its nature is original. However, Marcos supporters cannot understand why the recount can take that long when votes can be cast and counted the same day.

Recount is More Tedious

The recount process is more tedious than the election itself. It involves the retrieval of ballot boxes, manual counting, and tallying them with COC’s or other results to determine the anomaly. Given the distance of the 3 pilot areas, logistics can also add to the length of the process. Transport, security, and handling of ballot boxes from Iloilo, Camarines Sur, and Negros Occidental are things to carefully consider.

2019 Senatorial Race

If the final recount results estimate falls in February 2018 yet, the electoral protest can ultimately coincide with the 2019 Senatorial race. Delays can very well happen given the circumstance of the protest. By now, Marcos can already decide to run for another term as Senator or leave it to his sister, Imee Marcos so as not to jeopardize his VP fight.

Bongbong Marcos is Confident on Revision of Election Votes after Recount

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