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If Things Changed After Marcos, What Are Pro-LP Worried About on the President’s Martial Law

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President’s style is like no other. One has to know his heart to get him. The so-called Liberal democracy is lost in his unpredictable ways. They are wary and alarmed. Although LP members are always vigilant, authoritarianism is unlikely to re-emerge this time. The constitution has changed a lot since after Ferdinand E. Marcos’ reign with regards to Martial Law. They know that but still continue to find faults.

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False Accusation

Liberal people at one time convinced Filipinos what Marcos did in 1972 is a self-inflicted coup. His decree 1081 allegedly was to install himself as a dictator. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who orchestrated Martial Law disputes this. He has full knowledge of its implementation. Its purpose is to save the country from communism.

Never a Tyrant

Marcos’ personal biography never indicates that he has the tendency to be a tyrant. He is slow to anger, values the opinions of others especially Enrile, and very loving to his wife and family. Only media propaganda states that after September 1972, the country’s political blueprints changed. Marcos and the military allegedly drove out the opposition. They padlocked Congress, sequestered media outlets, and jailed dissenters. However, pro-Marcos Filipinos understand that the outlaws deserve those. They are forever grateful to the late President Marcos maintaining peace and order under the challenging circumstance.

Ferdinand Marcos is Back

Although it is impossible to bring back the dead, Filipinos are hopeful that Ferdinand Marcos is back soon. This is the real person of his son, Bongbong Marcos. They have the same name. The Liberal Party members are wary that he almost won as Vice President in the 2016 election. By which the President confirms that the Marcos trauma is gone.

Marcos Injustice

The Liberal Party’s defensiveness is really that obvious. But one thing is clear. They have something to fear of when the son of the late Marcos comes back. The electoral protest he filed against Leni Robredo is about to start on June 1. Once the first three ballot boxes are opened, many believe that it’s a done deal. The Philippines will have a new Vice President.

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