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Thinking Pinoy Asks Bongbong Marcos on Alleged Election Fraud and Recount Status


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is thankful for the expert journalists and social media practitioners who initiate the talks with him on the different issues. This gives him the chance to explain his side on issues like the COMELEC’s role in the 2016 election fiasco, his kind of leadership, most especially, the current status and progress of his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Youtube Video by; Viral News

[VIDEO]: 3 Karambola journalists and Thinking Pinoy take turned in asking Bongbong Marcos about the current status and progress of the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo.

Recount Preparation

The Marcos Camp is more than ready when it comes to the preparation of the upcoming recount. However, the Supreme Court has not set a date yet for it to happen. The venues, teams, and processes are already in place but COMELEC’s logistics and other responsibilities are delayed. Thus, the excuse of the SC.

National Youth Commission

The National Youth Commission authored by Marcos even before the millennials existed. He believes that the youth must be empowered for the future of the country. Future progress lies on how well the young ones are nurtured.

Federalism Views

Transfer of power can be a challenge because of the stronghold of current authorities like the mayors, governors, and barangay chairmen. There’s no concrete platform for it yet but it is worth scrutinizing. Federalism can work for the Philippines when properly implemented.

Priorities as VP

If a calamity is in the forecast, Marcos would always prioritize his constituents than personal affairs. On BBL, the President’s remedy for it is likely Federalism as he understands it. This should address the separation of state issue. A party conference is about to happen with China that would strengthen the country’s relationship with them diplomatically. The ties with America remains but not anymore exclusive.  He believes that open trade is the answer for economic problems. Marcos is committed to aiding President Du30 in all his undertakings.