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Treatments for Head Lice without Prescription

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Effective medications without prescription are readily available to treat head lice. These little black insects that are head parasites and dwell on the scalp. Children age two years and older can be treated with permethrin 1% cream rinse or Nix®. It will cure 99% the condition in a single application. Nix will remain effective until 2 weeks and destroys the eggs as well. It is advised to be applied the second time after seven days for more success.

The most commonly reported side effects of permethrin products include mild itching and stinging of the scalp. Another over-the-counter medicine is pyrethrin (Rid®) shampoo. It’s effective in 93% of people after one application and rarely causes any side effects. However, Rid doesn’t have long lasting activity or kill lice eggs. Click here to see direct source:

According to Make sure that hair is completely dry before using Nix or Rid. Do not use any cream rinse or conditioning shampoos before or for 2 weeks after using these products. This is because they will coat the hairs and protect the lice from the killing effect of Nix or Rid. A lice egg-removing comb is an optional product used after a lice-killing product. It can make removing lice eggs from hair easier, but isn’t necessary. Step 2 is applied to wet hair after rinsing out Nix or Rid. Leave it in the hair for 10 minutes, then rinse it off. Hair is then dried and combed with a special egg-removing (nit) comb. Metal nit combs are more effective than plastic and can be purchased separately. Step 2 can remove 93.5% of eggs.


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