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Treatments for High Cholesterol without Prescription

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia occurs when the level of cholesterol in the blood is higher than usual. This can make a person prone to heart disease and stroke if worse comes to worst. Diet and exercise or lifestyle change sometimes do not work ad niacin is the usual maintenance drug although if the case is severe, might as well get a doctor’s prescription.

When used properly, niacin works very well to lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”). Niacin can also increase HDL-cholesterol (“good cholesterol”). Also called vitamin B3, niacin products are available in both regular and slow-release forms. Slow-release niacin may cause less reddening and flushing of the skin and upset stomach. Click here to see the direct source:

According to Unfortunately, slow-release niacin has been found to cause liver damage more often than regular niacin. For this reason, only people who experience uncomfortable side effects while taking regular niacin should use slow-release niacin. Niacin should be used to lower cholesterol only under the direction of a doctor. A recent review of scientific research showed that taking 10 grams of psyllium powder (such as Metamucil® or Perdiem®) every day, in addition to a low fat diet, can lower total and LDL-cholesterol an additional 4-7% respectively.


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