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Treatments for Wet Coughs with No Prescription

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A productive cough or wet cough with phlegm. Basically, an expectorant can efficiently relieve chest congestion and phlegm – easing the difficulty in breathing. Robitussin® is a common expectorant that does not need prescription containing the active ingredient guaifenesin, that loosens phlegm and mucus that are the culprits for this kind of wet cough.

A productive cough helps clear secretions from your throat, so unless your cough is bothersome or prevents you from working or sleeping, avoid using a cough suppressants that will stop your cough. Click here to see the direct source:

According to; Drinking lots of water helps hydrate your body and will also loosen phlegm. Unless your health care provider has prescribed a fluid-restricted diet, drink more water. See your health care provider if your cough lasts for more than one week or if you also have a fever, rash or headache.


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