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Tribute to the Iron Lady of Asia from the Alliance that topple Liberal’s Reign

the iron lady

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, intelligent, witty and passionate for her country did not run for the Presidency in the 2016 election to win. It was not a secret that she was at stage 4 of lung cancer. But the iron lady played her part well. She ran to increase the votes of the opposition when counted together against the Liberal party bet or bets.

[VIDEO]: Thank you, Senator Miriam, for letting the Alliance win – you did great!

Binay-Marcos-Duterte Alliance

Senator Miriam is obviously an essential part of the Binay-Marcos-Duterte Alliance. She also wants Bongbong Marcos to be the next president of the Philippines. In fact, Marcos was her Vice President during the last election. In the presidential debate, the alliance was evident as people witnessed President Duterte acting like her lover and Binay, gentleman enough to escort her out of the stage and whenever she needed it. It’s because they know the real score of her health. But she was a fighter and never quits – that’s why she’s the iron lady of Asia. . All for the good of the country.

Strength of the Iron Lady

Cancer was nothing when it comes to service to the people. Until her last moments, the charisma, intelligence and grace were still evident in her every appearance. She laughs, get angry and made strong points on TV and that what made her exceptional but real. She is truly the iron lady of Asia.

Legacy of Miriam

Like a true Filipina, she finds humor in every difficult circumstance. Her meaningful jokes are not just for fun. They are teaching people how to deal with such things in life. If Miriam managed to make people laugh despite having cancer, then why can’t we make other people happy?

Our beloved Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, may you find the perfect life that you deserve eternally. We all love you and treasure your gift of knowledge. Philippines can be great again because of the sacrifices of people like you. You will be sourly missed!

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