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Trillanes Attacks Duterte’s Tax Plans but Cannot Offer Solution Unlike Batocabe

Duterte's Tax Plans

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Trillanes calls the government’s suggestion to impose a P6 per liter tax on diesel and taxes on gasoline and cooking gas a “heartless” and “unreasonable” proposal. It is a “burden to the Filipino people,” he added. Trillanes may be right but as a senator, he should know that he is paid to do what’s right and not use that as a media showdown to boost his popularity.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO] In his first live television interview, incoming Finance chief Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez said the Duterte administration will push for a more equitable tax regime.

Not into Public Service but for Character Assassination

The libelous senator accuses the president of killing thousands of poor people in his war on drugs. He said that the President now intends to slowly kill many more Filipinos with his tax plan that would significantly increase prices on fuel, transportation, and basic commodities.”  “This just shows the President’s lack of sympathy to the plight of Filipino people, he added. The question is, can the president impose the fuel price hike if most senators don’t agree?

Offer a Solution instead of More Problems

AKO BICOL party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe said Congress price hike on gasoline tax must not be entertained.  He proposes that if the increase on taxes is diverted on the cosmetic/beauty industry, a multi-billion industry which, if taxed, the sales of which will not be affected. A ten to thirty percent increase will also not hurt because they are luxury items. If one can’t afford to be beautiful, at least he or she will not die.

Tax Raise Needed for Infrastructure Projects

Batocabe understands that the Duterte administration targets a spike in the excise tax on gasoline from P4.35 per liter to P10 to generate P180 billion in revenues a year. He is confident that the amount needed can be generated from the cosmetics industry. Many beauty practitioners disagree with this. Common sense dictates that increase on fuel is more devastating than in beauty products. It will not affect the marginalized poor as well.

Who is doing his job Efficiently then?

The libelous senator Trillanes who is still on bail with his libel cases against Binay is only concerned on how to discredit the president further. He is not doing his job as a senator by criticizing Duterte through media if he can’t offer a solution like Batocabe.

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