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Trillanes obsessed with Binay – Suggested for Tiu’s Hacienda Binay to be Rehab Center

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV cannot anymore hide his obsession with Jojo Binay that he cannot stop himself from asking the Duterte administration to sequester the so-called “Hacienda Binay” that belonged to Antonio Tiu who is a businessman in Batangas and use it as a drug rehabilitation and treatment facility instead. Trillanes’s intention is good but why the alleged Hacienda Binay? Is he starting a new gimmick despite Binay not anymore running for any position? Can this be another propaganda to go with the Ombudsman’s move in filing the case against Binay? When the environment there is conducive to such use, Trillanes, Duterte or even Binay do not have jurisdiction over the property. Why won’t Trillanes ask Antonio Tiu then?

Accordinf ro Inquirer: During the hearings conducted by the Senate on the anomalies involving then VP Binay, it was raised that the 350-hectare farm, allegedly owned by VP Binay, was illegally acquired and violated the agrarian reform law. The current administration must immediately act to sequester this land and put it into good use by converting it into a treatment and rehabilitation facility,” Trillanes said in a statement. The senator, who led the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee hearings on the alleged corruption in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building II, said that converting the property into a rehabilitation facility will support the Duterte government’s war against drugs.

It added: “There are thousands of self-confessed drug dependents who have surrendered to the authorities, but, aside from monitoring, the government has yet to implement a concrete program to ensure that these drug users will not return to their old ways. We do not have a concrete plan, as well as facilities, to rehabilitate them,” he said. “Any serious anti-illegal drug drive should include a rehabilitation program for drug users. We must treat and rehabilitate them, and prepare them for social reintegration,” the senator added. Last Thursday, the Office of the Ombudsman formally slapped Binay with charges of malversation, graft, and falsification of public documents for the allegedly rigged procurement for construction of the P2.28-billion Makati Parking Building II.


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