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Trillanes Strikes Again after anti-Marcos Protests Failed: Accuses Cayetano of Plotting to Oust Pimentel


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Just as when the anti-Marcos protests die down, The Liberal Party’s defender of their faith is again tasked heavily to initiate destabilization. This time, he betrays his accomplice during the malicious Binay probe, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. Cayetano is Pimentel’s rival for the senate presidency in the past. However, at present time, Cayetano takes over the Foreign Affairs cabinet post. Trillanes announces through CNN the alleged plot to oust Senator Koko Pimentel as Senate President.

Youtube video by; Pilipinas Cnn News
[VIDEO]: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV talks about opposition senators who are part of the Senate majority and on “speculation” of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s desire to become Senate President.

Who Trusts the Feelings of the King of Lies?

Senator Cayetano makes a move to topple Senator Pimentel as Senate President, Trillanes discloses. He justifies the recent senate stir involving him and Senator Zubiri as the indication for the alleged supporters of Cayetano for the said plot. Senators Richard Gordon, JV Ejercito, and Miguel Zubiri are mentioned to allegedly discredit Pimentel’s leadership. Wasn’t it Trillanes who triggers the past Pimentel-Zubiri cheating incident?

Does not Makes Sense for Cayetano

Cayetano denies Trillanes’ accusation”I am not attempting and I do not have any plans to get the leadership.” It does not make sense for him to steal the senate presidency since he’s more interested in the Foreign Affairs Secretary post. It’s in the bag once the appointment ban expires.

Malicious Mind

Trillanes is noted to have a malicious mind and libelous mouth. He uses those talents in campaigning for his Liberal Party faith. Since he owes a lot from former President Benigno Aquino III. He is a rebel who is only out of jail because of presidential pardon. He has no credibility whatsoever and a shame to the senate.

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Trillanes Chickened out on Cayetano’s Resign Challenge

Cayetano said he is willing to resign anytime. He dares Trillanes to do the same if he is not power hungry. “I can prove I’m not hungry for power by leaving the Senate now and helping in a private capacity. Can he do the same? Can he leave the Senate now?” Cayetano said. Trillanes’ response id for Cayetano to resign first which is a laughing stock. Why is this horrible person still a senator of the Philippines?

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