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Trillanes Uses Priest for Alleged Re-awakening of Lascañas over DDS – just to Block Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

One does not have to be a psychologist to conclude that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s story is a bluff. He alleged that church people approach him for retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas’ confession. Lascañas reverses his testimony in a press conference that Davao Death Squad does not exist. Now, he implicates the president with it after some sort of re-awakening, according to Trillanes. This just comes very timely with Senator Leila de Lima’s arrest. Quite a distraction really which is a must that the administration hints for a possible cabinet position for Bongbong Marcos if not yet the Vice Presidency.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – Senator Antonio Trillanes IV revealed that a Catholic priest approached him to facilitate the presentation of retired SPO3 Arthur Lascañas to the public.

Trillanes is a Notable Liar

People already know that Trillanes is a notable liar. In fact, he is only out on bail for his libel case against Former Vice President Jejomar Binay. He might have succeeded in ruining Binay’s chances to become president but now, the Liberal Party is being punished with Du30’s reign. It is not a secret that the president wants to install Bongbong Marcos immediately as soon as he wins the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. The public knows that Liberal Party members will do everything to block that.

Lascañas Lost His Credibility

A witness cannot swear under oath for one testimony and swear again under oath to reverse it. He can be charged with perjury for that describes as the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. Senator Richard Gordon does not support the DDS re-investigation saying that in any case, the witness lies one way or the other and senators would not know which one to believe.

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Kidney Transplant Leads to Reawakening?

When it’s true that in one point in people’s lives, one can be guilt-stricken and wishes, to tell the truth, for a clear conscience. In Lascañas’ case, the timing is just so right. The time when by De Lima’s imprisonment confronts Liberal Party members. Trillanes can even follow as the hint from the pro-administration supporters at the Quirino Grandstand Freedom rally is known. They respond after DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II asks the people who would they want to go to jail next to De Lima?

Attacks on the President are for Bongbong Marcos

The Liberal Party’s biggest concern is actually not the president but his loyalty with Bongbong Marcos. Vice President Leni Robredo, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Raissa Robles, and even Pnoy himself express their aim to block Marcos from the executive office. Since they know by experience that the president can influence Marcos’ takeover, they have to start now to discourage that. Unfortunately for them, few people power-like attempts ultimately fail. The “Bihomadu” or the Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Du30 alliance is too large and influential for them to beat. This is evident in the official EDSA celebration on February 24 and the Freedom Rally at the Luneta on the 25th.

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