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Trump’s flirting with racism and paranoid ideas in the eyes of Hillary Clinton as US election nears

US election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Hillary Clinton skewered Donald Trump for flirting with racism and paranoid ideas, that has no place in America – and he went back at her by labeling her as a racist with “criminal enterprise” referring to the Clinton Family foundation that is under scrutiny.

Clinton’s Reno, Nevada speech got uglier as she used tough language which was unusual for her as she recounted the discriminatory actions of the real estate tycoon now presidential rival, Donald Trump. The narration started when he was still a young developer who refused to let out black and Latino tenants, and discriminate black employees in his casino outlets.

She also criticized his choice for his new campaign chief Steven Bannon, that showed his tolerating the “alt-right” movement practicing extremist white nationalist stances.

“A man with a long history of racial discrimination who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far dark reaches of the internet should never run our government or command our military,” Clinton said.


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