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Truth and Pressure won’t let Leni Robredo last in the OVP

welcome By: Hilario Andes
Leni Robredo with all due respect has been very good in retaining her image as a strong woman – ever since Jesse Robredo died in that unfortunate plane crash. But if you look through her eyes and smile, you can feel that she also has her bad if not worst moments.

Losing a beloved husband is tough enough in such circumstance but when people started to speculate that Jesse’s death might be staged for other people’s political interest then. it’s another pathetic story to bear. It is best to give her the benefit of the doubt; did she willingly submit herself to be used for some rewards or she has no clues at all on what’s going on?

Now, for the mean time that various religious groups are already in simultaneous meetings to discuss on what to do about the alleged election fraud that just happened last May 9, 2016 – she better be ready. She might not be the direct culprit but she is surely the main beneficiary of the cheating incidents may it be on ground or through the automated machine. The question is, given the truth that is about to come out and pressure from the masses including from her family, friends and constituents, will she be able to continue faking it?

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