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The Truth Sets Marcos, Binay Free


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The media propaganda awareness has worked. People are now vigilant in searching for the truth. News can’t be manipulated anymore because of social media. Rumors can be cross-checked even directly from people concerned. This results to the emergence of truth involving the Marcoses and the Binays.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Marcoses remain a strong political name after 30 years of media propaganda against them whereas the Binays suffer the same faith but both are set free with the emergence of the truth. Now people are hopeful for the Marcos Vice Presidency supported by the Binays.

President Duterte Favors Marcos

President Rodrigo Duterte with his iron fist made it a point that Marcos found favor in his eyes. Knowledgeable about the truth in history with his own father who serves in the late Marcos’ administration’s cabinet, the president vows to make the truth known surrounding the Martial Law era.

Jojo Binay’s Retreat from the Aquinos

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay who has served well under the two administrations of the Aquinos cannot anymore handle the plight of the marginalized poor and ended up criticizing the Noynoy Aquino presidency after resigning from his cabinet. He himself is a victim of Liberal Party’s media propaganda accusing him of corruption.

Cases Won By the Binays

The Binays won all cases that stand in court. Jojo Binay won over his former Vice Mayor Mercado who stands as a witness on the alleged corruption allegation. Senator Antonio Trillanes III is also under warrant of arrest and is ordered to pay fines for his bad mouthing the Binays. Former Mayor Elenita Binay and her son, Junjun Binay are also acquitted of all charges against them.

The Truth Sets Good People Free

Despite the massive media propaganda for decades, the Marcoses and the Binays emerge the victorious. Due to the experience, they have become stronger, wiser but still ver forgiving to their detractors. They remained loyal to the country and are giving better lives to their constituents. Most knowledgeable Filipinos are hopeful for the Marcos Vice Presidency and the Binays’ are into more than that. They endorse Marcos for President – the same as Duterte.