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Truthful Comedy: Most Popular Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach with Most Popular Host, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The 65th Miss Universe coronation event on January 30, 2017,  is a great chance to clarify the mishap of Steve Harvey’s announcing Miss Columbia as the winner instead of Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines in 2015. Wurtzbach got the crown after 26 seconds when Harvey corrected his mistake. They just laugh at it now which is a very positive approach. She thanked Harvey for making her the most popular Miss Universe and in return, he thanked her for making him the most popular host. Very true and beautiful indeed!

Youtube video by; Paparazzi Pinoy Showbiz
[VIDEO] Steve Harvey’s JOKE to Pia and Ms. Universe Candidates 2017

Pia Wurtzbach In Defense of Steve Harvey

Pia Wurtzbach believes that Harvey is the perfect host. His energy and sense of humor bring the candidates at ease, making the competition less stressful than it is for many, says Wurtzbach. This ex-Miss Universe is now an IMG talent. IMG is a talent management company based in New York that holds the event franchise to Miss Universe.

Better Be Right or Cannot Leave the Philippines

Just before announcing the 2nd runner up that went to Colombia, whom Harvey announced initially as the Miss Universe winner in 2015, he reminds himself that his announcement must be right – or else he cannot leave the Philippines, he adds jokingly!

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Wurtzbach Gives Harvey some Help

Wurtzbach as funny as she is aside from being so confidently beautiful, and intelligent, glides towards the stage and offered Harvey his vernaculars, a hug, and a kiss. That leads the audience to be overjoyed. Haiti is first runner-up and the reigning Miss Universe is Miss France.

Greatest Audience in the Miss Universe History

The great comedian, Steve Harvey, the Philippine pride Pia Wurtzbach who is one remarkable woman, according to Harvey. The beautiful country and the greatest audience in the Miss Universe history. All these elements made the 65th Miss Universe coronation event stands out from all the other Miss Universe events in the past years. The woman of substance that the pageant aims to look for is definitely found in the person of Miss Frace, Iris Mittenaere.

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