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Tulfo: Comelec Insider Reveals – Recount Maguindanao and Negros Votes for Marcos’ Win


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ramon Tulfo’s direct source who is allegedly from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) reveals that Bongbong Marcos and his camp should check out the votes on Negros island and Maguindanao province where Leni Robredo’s lead is enormous. The Maguindanao and Negros votes would revert Robredo’s win to Marcos if a recount is administered, the Comelec insider discloses.

Youtube video by; BITAG OFFICIAL

Cheating Techniques

According to the source, the following fraudulent methods are used by the yellow army to cheat the opponent:

  •  ballots are pre-shaded
  • many voters are “delisted
  • some election officers are reshuffled days before the May 9, 2016 election.

There is a violation on the election ban for the reassignment of all government personnel during the election period.

Voting Data Hacked

The hacking of voters data results to hundreds of thousands of voters getting disenfranchised in many areas where the yellow army is confident that cheating would not be noticed, according to the source.

Roxas and Robredo Favored by the Cheating

The Liberal Party’s cheating team reverts votes for Mar Roxas as its presidential candidate and Leni Robredo as the vice presidential candidate.

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Local Comelec Official Abuse

The Comelec official in those questionable areas also has the habit of collecting under the table money for every voting decision document released. This for one makes the last election very dirty and must be investigated.

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