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TV Reality: No Revenue Forced Sesame Street to Stop Airing in New Zealand

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sesame Street that remained children’s and parents’ favorite until now on TV has to disappear from New Zealand screens because it cannot earn as much as other reality TV shows like the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” showing the personal daily lives of the family whether good or bad. Many cannot believe that it is not earning enough to survive but that is life’s reality.

Good shows that children can learn from and at the same time be entertained while giving some few minutes to parents to take care of themselves as they get ready to head out of home or at least have a short break – are not just advertisers’ choice of slot. They are not controversial or intriguing enough to capture the paying audience. Perhaps, this one needs a better marketing strategy because parents would pay anything for the good of their children, don’t they?

Air time on TV is quite costly also for producers to maintain. So, unless they are compensated, they cannot afford to continue airing it on free channels. Pay TV will not be handy for short regular sitcoms like that for children to freely access. It perhaps can go back to airing if a generous sponsor could afford that. This is really how TV Media works.


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