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Unity & Reforms: Bongbong Marcos’s Quest in running for President come 2022

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos quoted what the Pope has said; who am I to judge? Marcos will do the same thing when he becomes the president come 2022. Unity is vital to the nation’s progress.

Youtube video by: Pinoy News PH

[VIDEO]: The Vice Presidency is just Bongbong Marcos’ stepping stone. Now, he’s getting ready for the presidency.

Fair Deal

The people of the Philippines must have equal opportunities when it comes to livelihood, justice. and lifestyle change. Basic standards for these public services must be available to all.

What Have you Done While in Power?

Marcos is sensitive to the public’s question for politicians. What have you done to make your citizens lives better while in power? When he’s the president, he will prioritize the welfare of the people through providing quality public services that they deserve.

Reforms to Alleviate Poverty

Agrarian reforms are vital in the production of crops like rice and others. Local productions can bring down prices of basic commodities. This is something that must be on the list of priorities of the presidency.

Destined to be President

The only son of the late and former president Ferdinand E. Marcos grew up alluding politics. But the people has expressed their sentiments for a Marcos come back in the executive level. He is up for the challenge.

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