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US Aid for Philippines: $6.7 million law enforcement pledge might be taken back

US aid

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The ungratefulness and boastfulness of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte now start to take effect. As usual, most Duterte supporters will turn a blind eye to it. Just for the sake of argument. With the economy going down, another disaster is happening. US Aid might be withdrawn in terms of law enforcement pledge to the country.

US Aid Pledge to be Halted

US Aid

The United States may take back $6.7 million (P322 million) in law enforcement aid pledged to the Philippines. This is if the two countries fail to agree on how it will be used.

Stick to the Agreement

U.S. Embassy Press Attache and First Secretary Molly Koscina told CNN Philippines this. “The $6.7 million in funds can be used only after the agreement between the United States and the Philippines on their specific use. If no agreement is reached, the funds may be used in a country other than the Philippines.”

Not for Drug Criminals

The amount is part of the $32 million (P1.5 billion) Washington earlier pledged to Manila. However, the money is not meant to finance police operations to hunt down drug criminals.

“The funds will strictly comply with U.S. legal obligations and international law enforcement and policing standards,” Koscina said. “These funds are for programs supporting the rule of law, due process, and maritime security. The funds are not for law enforcement operations.”

Americans’ Exit from Mindanao


The U.S. government has expressed concern over alleged extra-judicial killings in the ongoing war on illegal drugs by the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It is urging the government to follow international human rights laws and standards in dealing with suspected drug dealers.

Duterte has accused Washington of trying to meddle in Philippine affairs, saying it had no right to “lecture” him about human rights.

Duterte should know that the Philippines is still dependent upon America.  It might be true that the US betrayed the country in the past but the fact remains. If this happens, he would definitely boost again to side with China. However, Duterte is not that dumb to rely on the Chinese when they have the tendency to be traitors as well.  Or is he?

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