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US Careful not to Provoke Duterte with their Separation Answer


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As President Rodrigo Duterte says Goodbye to the United States during his China state visit, the US is careful not to provoke him. But will seek explanation of what he means by his announcement that has given mixed emotions to the world.

Youtube video by: News ThatMatter

[VIDEO]: Speaking in Filipino, listen to President Duterte’s explanation why the separation from the US is necessary to be an independent nation.

OFWs Around the World

Why would Filipinos go elsewhere to work overseas and leave families behind? Faces of poverty confront the nation in a daily basis despite the dollar earnings of many. This is because of the lack of guidance by parents.

Corruption overpowers Talented Filipinos

Many exceptional Filipinos made it abroad. But in the country, their toughest competition is corruption. Under the table moneys are prioritized over talent. This is why bright people go out of the country for better opportunities.

Prioritize Mindanao says Duterte

Mindanao will explode, it’s just a matter of time; Duterte said. Duterte never heard of any presidentiables who will prioritize Mindanao. This is the very reason why he thought he needs to be president. He did not expect to win but now that he has, he thought that many share his views.

US cannot be as Harsh as Duterte

There had been an active internal debate in recent months on how far to go in criticizing Duterte’s government on human rights. But the measured tone adopted was not as strong as some aides would have liked. This is to not provoke President Duterte. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel, was due to visit Manila this weekend. He would seek to clarify Duterte’s comments, the State Department said.

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