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US China war with Russia considered by America in defense for Asia

US China War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Nuclear war first takers can be China, South Korea or Russia and the US has been preparing to counter act them in defense for South East Asia where the potential battle ground would be for Word War 3.

US-NATO military planning has progressed to enhanced joint military training with US allies as part of the American commitment with NATO. However, other wars aside from military warfare have also been observed to be happening. These conflicts include regime change, financial warfare and trade or economic sanctions. The US election is also not helping in this time of turmoil.

In the Asia Pacific region, China, North Korea and Russia are being watched closely by the US. Reviewing history of nuclear war threats in the Truman administration might be helpful in knowing how the trend would develop in the near future.

In line with Pyong Yang’s swearing to turn Washington and South Korea into humps of ashes, the Pentagon also had its history of threatening human existence as they used to scare the world by “blowing up the planet” using technology equipped weapons.

In fact, the Obama administration already proposed a one trillion dollar budget for a 30 year period in developing new age of nuclear weapons, coupled with bombers, submarines, and intelligent ballistic missiles that would hit Russia and China accurately with less human intervention.

Blowing up Russian cities into pieces is still is very much illustrated in the Pentagon’s drawing board. It also got a nod from US Congress. Therefor, any war that will be ignited by the South China Sea conflict, China will not be alone as the ultimate enemy but Russia will definitely join them – thus the possible occurrence of World War 3.


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