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US and China war will bring Devastation to Asia – and world chaos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A research paper revealed that American and Chinese military training and preparations are ongoing for the  planned future conflict with a high magnitude such as global war but it has different forecasts for the aftermath if it happens now and after ten years.

It is said that if the expected war happens today, the US would win with basically few casualties, as experts predicted.

In the long run after 10 years and the war would break out then, it would result to the US paying a far higher price – as former chief intelligence adviser David Gompert of the Obama administration laid out the chilling scenarios for the speculated world war when both have satisfyingly hi-tech forces, technology wise, industrial might, and equipped personnel to fight across vast expanses of land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace.



Since much of the Western Pacific would serve as become battle grounds, China’s trade with along the channels and the rest of the world would obviously decline substantially.”

Chinese military acquired strategy over the span of time would make it  “increasingly difficult for the United States to gain military-operational dominance and victory, even in a long war”, the report noted.

Japan’s increased military activity along these war zones could have a considerable influence on military operations and if a long conflict will materialize, it could expose China to internal political divisions, it stated.


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