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US Election Polls: Neck to Neck in North Carolina but find out where Trump is leading

US election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Presidential bets in the US Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not surprisingly having a tight race – actually neck and neck in North Carolina, but Trump managed to gain a 5-point margin in the state of Arizona.

Arizona chose Trump at 435, while Clinton is only at 38%, Clinton is at 44% in North Carolina and Trump is at at 43% which is very close.

Clinton votes came from white people with degrees that made her 8 points more than Trump in North Carolina, but Trump 42 points lead from non degree holder whites is far greater than his rival leading analysts to believe the the undergraduates there stand at 50 points. In Arizona however, Trump gained an advantage momentum from both groups at 2 percentage points among those with degrees and a lot wider range at 30 points among white voters without degrees.

Independent voters also helped Trump’s lead in Arizona backing him up by a 41% to 27% margin. In North Carolina, independent voters are divided equally, 40% Trump to 38% Clinton were the figures. This poll only shows that there are lots of people who are inspired by unconventional ways of Trump but hopefully, they will not be disappointed if ever he becomes the president of America – that is still far from happening.


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