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US Learned: China Intelligence Traitor – own FBI employee

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
An FBI employee with top secret security clearance has pleaded guilty to acting as an “agent of the Chinese government”, the US says.
Kun Shan Chun, is a naturalised US citizen born in China and nicknamed Joey, disclosed sensitive information to a Chinese official based on his confession at the court. US Attorney Preet Bharara concluded that he has no doubt Joey betrayed his country that cradled him after migrating. Chun was remorseful of his mistakes but he will be sentenced only between 21 and 27 months due to the plea agreement.

‘Financial rewards’
Chun, is 46 years old who was employed by the FBI as an electronics technician serving from 1997 until he got arrested in March. He was conniving with a Chinese government official whome he met in Italy and France in 2011. They were meeting privately overseas after that.
He has covered his betrayal using another Chinese government official and Zhuhai Kolion, A Chinese technology firm which was the source of his financial gains.

Court papers in New York said in 2013 he sent an unnamed Chinese official a chart showing the FBI’s organisational structure and two years later sent photos of restricted documents about surveillance technologies.
His being a traitor to the American government has made him enjoy the luxury of traveling with bountiful allowances – but it was cut short when the agent whom he helped transmitted confidential information noticed his acting strange – leading to his arrest after being investigated.


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