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US Media’s Lies about Marcos were Triggered by his American Bases Change of Heart

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In Inquirer was quoted as saying; that former President Ferdinand E. Marcos “was a delusional fraud who had no qualms about making up stories about what he did during the war”.
Their claims were allegedly confirmed by the investigative reports by the New York Times and UPI, which exposed Marcos as a fake hero – to discredit him when he renegotiated with the existence of the American Bases in the Philippines.

In fact Ronald Reagan, genuinely cherished him. In 1969, then Governor and Mrs. Reagan even visited Manila. From then on, Reagan, was impressed by Marcos’s exploits as an anti-Japanese guerrilla, abnd referred to him as one of the world’s freedom fighters in stopping Communism.

However despite of twisted stories, American officials supported Marcos until Aug. 21, 1983 when Corazon Aquino came to power – but the U.S. media has yet to correct their stories. Dicrediting Marcos was essential because his existence was crucial in the world economy with the Philippines’ strategic location in South East Asia and his brilliance in negotiations that would always put the country first, than any other foreign entities – the reason why he had a change of heart with housing the American Bases in Subic. He questioned; why won’t Americans pay rent instead of giving aids?


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