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US-Russia War: China’s Position in the Syrian Conflict is Vital in Preserving World Peace

US-Russia War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Will China get involved with the US-Russia war? Russia directly intervened in Syria by launching air strikes to control rebel groups. Beijing tried to keep a distance from the conflict. It is firm in its standing that the fate of Bashar al-Assad’s government must be decided by the Syrian people themselves. , China opposed any interference by foreign powers – just like in its the South China Sea disputes.

Youtube video from; New China TV
[VIDEO]: Chinese UN envoy Liu Jieyi said that political solution is the only way out for Syria.

Salin Attack Reaction

Beijing is seen backing Russia by casting its sixth veto to protect Assad’s government from the Security Council action. It blocks a bid by Western powers to impose determined sanctions over accusations of a chemical weapons attack believed to be Salin substance. It was the seventh time Russia blocks Western-sponsored sanctions on Syria since the beginning of civil war six years ago. Tens of thousands of deaths and more homeless result from the internal war. It seems that this could escalate after the US’s missile strikes on a military base that allegedly carried out the Salin attack on civilians that moved the US president.

Freedom of Expression

China joined Russia in vetoing a council resolution. The case was drafted by France, Germany, Portugal and Britain. It demanded that Syrian authorities stop using armed forces against civilians and to allow the exercise of freedom of expression, including peaceful assembly and other human rights. Li Baodong, China’s representative to the UN, said that the resolution did not ease the situation in Syria.  and did not comply with UN principles of non-interference in internal affairs.

Military Training

Rear Admiral Guan Youfei, who is in charge of China’s Central Military Commission said that the PLA is willing to continue exchanges and cooperation with the Syrian military. They can provide training as well. China also named Xie Xiaoyan, the former ambassador to Iran, as its special envoy to Syria for its assurance in their commitment in the troubled country under Bashar al-Assad’s regime.


Assad welcomes companies from Russia, China, and Iran. He is grateful to these three countries that supported Syria during its destructive civil war. They should take part in the reconstruction of the country. Assad also acknowledged Beijing’s part in vetoing UN sanctions on Syria. He announced that China was directly involved in building various projects, particularly in the industrial sector in Syria. In fact, Chinese experts are still working in Syria.

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