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If the Vice President Cares for the Poor’s Dwelling – She Should Not Have Resigned as Housing Czar

Vice President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Vice President Jejomar Binay was in the same spot as Leni Robredo nowadays. She might be able to get the second highest position of the land, but she’s not favored by the president. The only difference is, Binay sincerely advocates for the power and make the most of his power as Housing Czar to alleviate their lives. Whereas Robredo resigned immediately to retain her pride after being told by the president not to attend cabinet meetings anymore.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Leni Robredo is a resigned housing czar – does she have the right to give advices?

Binay’s Time

ex-VP Binay almost finishes the whole six-year term as a cabinet member or Housing Secretary and Vice President at the same time had he not ran for president. With that span of time,  there was no such anarchy as it is today. Perhaps some complaints and small demonstrations. Unlike today that an organized group of poor people, Kadamay forcibly took over housing projects created for the military or other public officials.

Robredo’s View

Robredo’s view in solving the problem of homeless families is very shallow. She said that such housing problems can be solved by properly planning a housing project that is cheap but of quality. Does she really know what she’s talking about? In life, you get what you pay for.

On-Site Relocation

Vice President Robredo also suggested that part of an effective plan must consider the location when giving free houses to the poor. This is allegedly so because they end up going back to where they are transferred from if they cannot make a living where they are relocated. So, meaning to say, if they are squatters from Makati, she will build relocation sites in Makati. Binay would surely debate on this. That’s not anymore helping- that’s making them dependent on the government or even a way of spoiling them.

More than Putting a Roof on Someone’s Head

When Robredo is right that the job is more than just putting a roof on someone’s head, she should have geared more on giving them livelihood projects or training to acquire the necessary skills to be a responsible citizen someday. Perhaps, Robredo need some training from Binay if she has no decency to resign from the contested post.

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