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Vice President Leni Robredo Neglects OFWs, Seeks Stories of Hope to Dominate Social Media

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

While OFWs face challenges overseas, Vice President Leni Robredo launches a search for inspirational stories that aims to “change the national conversation.” This is amidst the divisive political debates online, she claims. “Istorya ng Pag-Asa” is a project that accepts moving life stories that are collected in a coffee table book and on social media. Robredo’s launch happens in Cebu City as her response to youth groups that are allegedly too tired of the negative and hateful conversations online. At the same time, Former President Jejomar Binay may have to return as adviser for OFW affairs since the Vice President’s office neglects this area unlike during Binay’s time as VP.

Youtube video by; PhNews Review
[VIDEO]: “ISTORYA ng Pag-asa,” a project initiated by Vice President Leni Robredo, is now here in Cebu.
Speaking at the Cebu City Hall on Saturday, Robredo explained that it was the youth sector who inspired her to change the everyday conversation in the country as they were tired of hearing negative news every day.

Solve Poverty through Drama?

Could you believe that the project is part of the Office of the Vice President’s flagship anti-poverty framework “Angat Buhay” (Uplift Lives)? Among the stories, Robredo narrates that of Hidilyn Diaz’s journey from her pure hardships in Mindanao for being poor to her becoming a silver medalist in weightlifting in last year’s Rio Olympics. She then urges more people to tell their own stories of survival.

Playing Politics by Brainwashing the Youth

The Vice President said: “In the midst of lies, let us give them the truth. In the midst of darkness, let us give them light.” What else does she mean by this? Who are they who are giving lies? Is that her own Liberal Party co-members?

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Hope Comes when you Deal with Problems Head On

Instead of more dramas to cover up the sentiments of real people against her on social media, why not deal with the truth that she is hated by many? Why brainwash the youth by telling them not to know what’s going on in the current administration? Can the poverty problems go away by compiling such dramas?

VP Leni Robredo must Learn from Former VP Binay in Alleviating Poverty

Dramas cannot fill up an empty stomach. Vice President Leni Robredo should know that. She should learn what the former VP Binay did when he was mayor of Makati. He initiates urban planning, work with the private sector to raise funds, and allocate those in building schools, hospitals, health centers, create jobs, improve infrastructure, and conduct skills training. If the citizens have these public services for free, then it is easier for them to find good-paying careers when opportunities are abundant.

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