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Villar: Bam Aquino, Hontiveros Use Social Media Blog to Destroy Pro Admin Senators

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Elena Grace Flores

Villar names Senators Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros who are avid social media users as the ones out to destroy them. Aquino earlier said that in practice, there was no need for a resolution to get the signatures of many Senators. This is why the online accusations are a bunch of lies because the seven pro-administration senators did not even see such resolution to investigate extra-judicial killings.

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[VIDEO]: Emotions ran high during the Senate session on Wednesday as some senators, who were criticized for allegedly not signing the resolution calling for an end to the killings, decried demolition job by certain individuals..

7 Senators vs. Senate Prostitution

Seven senators protested the “prostitution” of a Senate resolution. They allegedly did not sign it. It also urged the government to stop the spate of drug killings in the country, especially of children. Except for Sen. Gregorio Honasan II who did not take the floor, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, and Senators Manny Pacquiao, Cynthia Villar, Richard Gordon and Juan Miguel Zubiri made it clear that they were not aware of Senate Resolution No. 516. It was signed by mostly 16 of their anti-administration colleagues.

Unmasking the Social Media Senate Snakes

The Senate tasked the committee on public information and mass media chaired by Sen. Grace Poe to investigate the matter to resolve the issue. This is after the complaining senators demanded to unmask the people behind the misinformed blog. Sotto said he was not taking issue with the resolution. it’s “how the resolution was projected on  social media.”

Name Calling

Sotto was angry because the blog called him a “rapist, plagiarist and bigot.” He called the people behind the blog “stupid idiots,” and said he would resign from the Senate if they could prove that he’s a rapist. Sotto asked Pimentel to order an investigation into “the prostitution of the resolution.”“The resolution is being used to destroy us,” he said, adding he would bring a cyber libel case against those behind the blog.

Stupid Online Propaganda

Pacquiao said the resolution was apparently circulated to “select senators,” as it did not reach his office. He called those behind the blog stupid. Zubiri sought to “put the foul bloggers in their place” while Gordon slammed the blog as “cowardly.” Villar said she and the six other senators “were not asked to sign” so “we did not refuse to sign.”

7 senators angry at ‘prostitution’ of Senate resolution

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