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Votes for Bongbong Marcos Show that Liberal Party’s Black Media Propaganda is Defeated by Social Media

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President of the Philippines openly divulged that there’s no more such thing as Marcos trauma. Bongbong Marcos could have won the 2016 Vice Presidential elections if he was not cheated. The millions of votes he garnered signify that Liberal Party’s successful black media propaganda against the Marcoses is already beaten by the people themselves via social media.

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[VIDEO]: The millions of votes for defeated vice presidential candidate and former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. could be an indication that there’s no longer trauma among Filipinos during the martial law years, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday.

Faded Memories

Memories of the alleged brutality of the late President Marcos’ martial law already faded. It’s only the Liberal Party mechanism now are trying to refresh such accusations. They refused to blame it on the direct person in authority at that time. Former President Fidel Ramos was fully responsible for the blames as the head of the Philippine Constabulary.

Back to the Limelight

The country’s next presidential election is still in 2022, but the Marcos name is back into the spotlight. Marcos’ son Bongbong Marcos who leads in the 2016 vice presidential race survey, is likely a presidential candidate. His electoral protest against the current Vice President Leni Robredo is set in motion in a preliminary conference on June 21, 2017.

Mainstream Media Loses Credibility

Gone are the days when whatever is in the new is believed to be the truth. Now, when someone refers an issue coming from a mainstream media channel, people just laugh it off. Politicians who use a media report as evidence to their claims in court are now deemed crazy or out of his or her mind. This is not the case in the past where people have nowhere to confirm or contest gossips.

Importance of Social Media

Social media changes it all. The false news circulated by the supporters of the Liberal Party are counter-acted by real people themselves. Trolls also existed to malign attackers or undesirable people in power. Many online publishers take the responsibility to report their own discoveries that dispute lies. Social media particularly Facebook has become the people’s media.

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