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VP Leni Robredo: Not Happy with EDSA Revolt’s Quiet Celebration – Insists to Make it Dignified

Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo reacts on the government’s announcement that it’s time to move on from the People Power Revolution. She stresses that the country should not “move on” from the lessons learned during the 1986 EDSA Revolt. It could end up repeating the same mistakes if we do so, she said.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Simple People Power Revolution Anniversary this year is going to be held at Camp Aguinaldo. Robredo and Leah Navarro are not happy with this.

Connected with Marcos Hero’s Burial?

Leah Navarro is very unhappy with the decision not to make the EDSA celebration extravagant just like the years of the two Aquino administrations. She suspects that this is connected with the Marcos Hero’s burial since the President is friendly with the son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Bongbong Marcos.

People Power Anniversary is the Day the Marcoses Hate?

Navarro speculates that because of the president’s friendship with the Marcoses, the administration downplays the EDSA Revolutions memorial celebration to downplay the significance of the day that the Marcoses hate. It topples their patriarch’s 20-year rule in the country.

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VP Leni Robredo’s Sentiments

According to Vice President Leni Robredo, the People’s Power Revolution anniversary is an event that deserves a more dignified treatment than just a ‘quiet celebration,’ in the disguise to ‘move on. Robredo announces her sentients in a speech delivered before the Ateneo de Manila University students recently.

Low-Key Celebration

The EDSA Revolution anniversary is celebrated every February 25 previously with momentous activities. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella discloses that for a change, the celebration will be low-key this year. Robredo, Leah Navarro, and other Liberal Party members are not happy with that.

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